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Lots of judicial races set for November ballot.

Florida voters still have a lot of work to do in trial court races during the November general election, especially in circuit court races.

Ballots were cast in 90 county and circuit court races throughout Florida during the September 5 primary.

The much larger than usual number was mostly due to the legislature creating 55 new trial court judgeships this year and making them all subject to election instead of gubernatorial appointment.

There were 47 circuit court races on the ballot, and 24 of them wound up as runoffs for the November ballot. In the 43 county court races, 14 wound up as runoffs.

Besides those runoffs, voters will be casting merit retention votes for three Supreme Court justices and 17 district court of appeal judges.

Here, based on unofficial results, are the results for the circuit court races:

* First Circuit--Group 15, Terry Ketchel with 31.4 percent and Dixie Dan Powell with 28.2 percent made the runoff, defeating Mike Schofield with 19.8 percent and Michael T. Webster with 20.6 percent.

In Group 23, Gary L. Bergosh defeated Jeff Lewis 53.5 to 46.5 percent.

In Group 24, Ross M. Goodman defeated Jim Messer 57.1 to 42.9 percent.

* Fourth Circuit: In Group 33, Libby Senterfitt defeated Jeff Morrow 55.6 to 44.4 percent.

In Group 34, John Merrett and David Thompson made the runoff with 41.4 and 25.7 percent respectively, defeating Jack Bettman with 19.6 percent and Wes White with 13.3 percent.

In Group 35, Dan Wilensky defeated Thereasa Hunnewell McCaulie 57.8 to 42.2 percent.

* Fifth Circuit: In Group 7, Michelle T. Morley defeated Scott Wynn 61.5 to 38.5 percent.

In Group 29, Edward Scott and Sandy K. Hawkins made the runoff with 45.1 and 35.9 percent respectively, defeating Peyton Bush Hyslop with 19 percent.

In Group 30, Michael Takac defeated Mike Gourley 53.8 to 46.2 percent.

In Group 31, Daniel B. Merritt, Jr., and Jeff Kirk made the runoff, with 49.3 and 33.5 percent respectively, with Sabato "Sal" DeVito, Jr., getting 17.2 percent.

* Sixth Circuit: In Group 9, Christine "Chris" Helinger and Glenn Martin made the runoff with 44.1 and 28.4 percent respectively, defeating Mary Handsel with 27.4 percent.

In Group 32, Pat Siracusa and LeAnne Lake made the runoff with 49.3 and 29.4 percent respectively, defeating Mark Schleben with 21.3 percent.

In Group 45, Jack Day defeated Robert "Bo" Michael 69.3 to 30.7 percent.

* Seventh Circuit: In Group 27, Clyde Wolfe and Luis Bustamante made the runoff with 38.3 and 23.8 percent respectively, defeating Joe Horrox with 18.5 percent and John M. Selden with 19.4 percent.

* Eighth Circuit: In Group 4, Stephen Pennypacker and Stan Griffis made the runoff with 44 and 36.7 percent respectively, defeating Lorraine H. Sherman with 19.2 percent.

* Ninth Circuit: In Group 5, Jennifer Davis and Mary Ann Etzler made the runoff with 43.7 and 34.1 percent respectively, defeating John Gray with 22.2 percent.

In Group 42, Tim Shea defeated John Pare 51.4 to 48.6 percent.

In Group 43, Bob Le Blanc defeated David Mellen 51.2 to 48.8 percent.

* 10th Circuit: In Group 27, David R. Carmichael and Ernest M. Jones made the runoff with 43.6 and 39.7 percent respectively, defeating Jon Kevin Adboney with 16.7 percent.

In Group 28, John K. Stargel defeated Nathanial White 54.8 to 45.2 percent.

* 11th Circuit: In Group 25, Dennis J. Murphy defeated Josie Perez Velis 56.6 to 43.4 percent.

In Group 42, Lawrence "Larry" Schwartz defeated Fina Mendez 51.5 to 48.5 percent.

In Group 78, Valerie R. Manno Schurr and Jose R. Sanchez-Gronlier made the runoff with 41.1 and 33 percent respectively, defeating Rima Catherine Bardawil with 25.9 percent.

In Group 79, Antonio "Tony" Marin defeated Marie Abigail Davidson 56.6 to 43.4 percent.

In Group 80; Catherine "Cathy" Parks and Marisa Tinkler Mendez made the runoff with 40.9 and 30.3 percent respectively, defeating Mario Garcia, Jr., with 28.8 percent.

* 12th Circuit: In Group 13, Lee E. Haworth defeated Susan Hartmann Swartz 65 to 35 percent.

In Group 16, Donna Berlin defeated Franklin Roberts 75.3 to 24.7 percent.

In Group 21, Preston DeVilbiss, Jr., and Rochelle Taylor Curley made the runoff with 37.5 and 26.8 percent respectively, defeating Connie Mederos-Jacobs with 23.1 percent and Geoffrey Profitt with 12.5 percent.

* 13th Circuit: In Group 25, Robert A. Foster, Jr., defeated Catherine Williams Real 59.5 to 40.5 percent.

In Group 32, Bernard C. Silver and Elizabeth (Betsy) Lynn Hapner made the runoff with 31.8 and 30.5 percent respectively, defeating Cris Debock with 7.9 percent and Caroline Jeanne Tesche with 29.8 percent.

In Group 43, Kimberly Fernandez and Paul T. Jeske made the runoff with 46.8 and 36.4 percent respectively, defeating Mitchell L. Fraley with 16.8 percent.

In Group 44, Samantha L. Ward and Emily Peacock made the runoff with 30.1 and 28.6 percent respectively, defeating Jesse V. Dominguez with 21 percent and John (Jay) F. Rudy with 20.3 percent.

In Group 45 Ashley Brooke Moody and Gary S. Dolgin made the runoff with 39.1 and 31.7 percent respectively, defeating Pat Courtney with 29.2 percent.

* 14th Circuit: In Group 11, Elijah Smiley defeated Christopher N. Patterson 53.6 to 46.4 percent.

* 15th Circuit: In Group 13, Jerald S. Beer and David E. French made the runoff with 37.5 and 28.5 percent respectively, defeating Kenneth D. Lemoine with 12.3 and Art Wroble with 21.6 percent.

* 17th Circuit: In Group 6, Charles "Charlie" Kaplan defeated Kenneth David Padowitz 61.5 to 38.5 percent.

In Group 57, Michele Towbin Singer and John C. Rayson made the runoff with 47.4 and 34.8 percent respectively, defeating Samuel Lopez with 17.7 percent.

In Group 58, Marina G. Wood and Mardi Levey Cohen made the runoff with 32.2 and 30.7 percent respectively, defeating Jordan H. Jordan with 11.1 percent and Jim Lewis with 26 percent.

* 18th Circuit: In Group 20, Charles G. Crawford and Patrice J. Pilate made the runoff with 41.4 and 26.5 percent respectively, defeating and Samuel Bookhardt III with 17.1 percent and Frank David Zilaitis with 14.9 percent.

* 19th Circuit: In Group 19, Bob Pegg and Laurie Ehler made the runoff with 39.9 and 31.9 percent respectively, defeating Tony George with 28.2 percent.

* 20th Circuit: In Group 9, Margaret Ogilvie Steinbeck defeated Kim Levy 62.7 to 37.3 percent.

In Group 14, Bruce Kyle defeated Steve Holmes 60.6 to 39.4 percent.

In Group 26, Joe Simpson defeated Larry Pivacek 60.4 to 39.6 percent.

In Group 28, Beth VanArsdale Krier with 53.6 percent defeated Stephen G. Kolody with 24.9 percent and William Grandon "Bill" Whitcomb with 21.5 percent.

In Group 29, Lynne E. Dailey and Miguel C. Fernandez III made the runoff with 42.1 and 33.4 percent respectively, defeating Robert Geltner with 24.5 percent.

In Group 30, Liz Adams and Franklin B. Mann, Jr., made the runoff with 42 and 38.1 respectively, defeating Scott Morris with 19.9 percent.

In Group 31, Keith Kyle defeated Emily J. Simeone 55.1 to 44.9 percent.

Here are the results, again based on unofficial tallies, for contested county judge races:

* Bay County--Group 2, Shane R. Vann defeated Hoot Crawford 57.4 to 42.6 percent.

* Brevard County: Group 10, Judy Atkin and Bill Powell, Jr., made the runoff with 40.4 and 35.2 percent respectively, defeating Jeffrey Thompson with 24.4 percent; and Group 11, John Murphy, with 55 percent, defeated Tony Hernandez III, with 24.4 percent, and Patrick A. Lepore, with 20.3 percent.

* Broward County: Group 29, Jill Levy, with 53.3 percent, defeated Nick Lopane, with 35.1 percent, and Stuart Yanofsky, with 11.6 percent; Group 30, Alan Marks defeated Robin Sobo Moselle 54.1 to 45.9 percent; Group 31, Arlene Simon Campione and Ellen A. Feld made the runoff with 29.5 and 26.5 percent respectively, defeating Mike Doddo with 13.8 percent, Michael Alan Mermer with 5.9 percent, and Chris Neilson with 24.4 percent; and Group 32, Terri-Ann Miller and Brenda Di Ioia made the runoff with 33.7 and 31.1 percent respectively, defeating Garrett Elsinger with 9.9 percent and Randy A. Fleischer with 25.3 percent.

* Charlotte County: Group 3, Paul Alessandroni with 51.8 percent defeated John L. Burns with 20.9 percent and Bob Segur with 27.3 percent.

* Collier County: Group 6, Mike Carr, with 50.2 percent, defeated Jacqueline J. Buyze, with 30.6 percent, and Jim McGarity with 19.3 percent.

* Duval County: Group 17, Dawn Hudson and Virgina Norton made the runoff with 36.5 and 33 percent respectively, defeating Steven P. Combs with 18.4 percent and Kevin Sanders with 12.1 percent.

* Gilchrist County--Group 1, Edward "Ed" Philman, with 60.7 percent, defeated David Miller "Duke" Lang with 39.3 percent.

* Hamilton County--Group 1, Sonny Scaff, with 54.8 percent, defeated Richard B. Davis, with 37 percent, and Donald K. Rudser with 8.2 percent.

* Lafayette County--Group 1, Darren K. Jackson, with 52.9 percent, defeated Leenette W. McMillan, with 47.1 percent.

* Lee County: Group 8, Tara Pascotto Paluck and Diane M. Dramko made the runoff, with 37.7 percent and 21.8 percent, respectively, defeating Robert E. Tardif, Jr., with 20.5 and David Friedman with 20 percent.

* Leon County--Group 3, Ronald "Ron" W. Flury and John D.C. Newton made the runoff with 38.9 and 32.9 percent respectively, defeating Lisa Raleigh with 28.2 percent.

* Marion County--Group 2, Sarah Ritterhoff Williams defeated Robert E. Landt with 64.7 to 35.3 percent.

* Miami-Dade County--Group 1, Patricia Marino-Pedraza defeated Shirlyon J. McWhorter 53.6 to 46.4 percent; Group 4, Robin Faber defeated Ivan Hernandez 52.4 to 47.6 percent; Group 9, Victoria del Pino defeated Joel Jacobi 58.5 to 41.5 percent; Group 10, Ana Maria Pando defeated Sari Teichman Addicott 66.6 to 33.4 percent; Group 11, Karen Mills Francis defeated Stephen T. Millian 56.5 to 43.5 percent; Group 12, Steve Leifman defeated Juan F. Gonzalez 56.4 to 43.6 percent; Group 14, Gloria Gonzalez-Meyer defeated Michael J. "Mike" Samuels 51.4 to 48.6 percent; Group 27, Sheldon "Shelly" Schwartz defeated Migna Sanchez-Llorens 51.8 to 48.2 percent; Group 39, Bronwyn Catherine Miller defeated George A. Alvarez 55.5 to 44.5 percent; Group 40, Don S. Cohn defeated Bonnie Lano Rippingille 50.8 to 49.2 percent; and Group 43, Jose L. Fernandez and Michael Aaron Bienstock made the runoff with 41.7 and 32.9 percent respectively, defeating Cecilia Armenteros-Chavez with 25.5 percent.

* Nassau County--Group 1, Granville C. "Doc" Burgess and Clyde Davis made the runoff with 44.8 and 43.7 percent respectively, defeating Hugh "Mac" McCarthy with 11.5 percent.

* Okeechobee County--Group 1, Jerald D. "Jerry" Bryant, with 51 percent, defeated Shirley M. Brennan with 49 percent.

* Orange County--Group 6, Martha C. Adams and Bill Hancock made the runoff with 47.8 and 32.8 percent respectively, defeating Joe Johnson with 19.4 percent; Group 17, a new winner was announced September 11 after Orange County elections officials recounted ballots by hand. Maureen Bell edged out Jim Sears by 15 votes. Initial results September 5 showed Sears winning by 62 votes. In Group 18, Steve Jewett defeated Esther Whitehead 52 to 48 percent.

* Osceola County: Group 4, Hal Epperson, and Al Torres made the runoff with 42.5 percent and 36.4 percent respectively, defeating Neil R. Arthur with 21.1 percent.

* Palm Beach County--Group 2, Theodore S. Booras defeated Jane Frances Sullivan 50.5 to 49.5 percent; and Group 19, Frank S. Castor and Steve Brannock made the runoff with 45.4 and 27.3 percent respectively, defeating Peter Chontos with 11.9 percent and Art Pumpian with 15.4 percent.

* Pasco County: Group 6, Anne Wansboro and Bruce E. Przepis made the runoff with 42.2 and 30.2 percent respectively, defeating Frances Watkins with 27.6 percent; and Group 7, Candy VanDercar and Frank I. Grey made the runoff with 37.9 and 36.5 respectively, defeating Anthony Salzano with 25.6 percent.

* Pinellas County: Group 16, Lorraine Kelly defeated George H. Brown 57.1 to 42.9 percent; and Group 17, Susan Bedinghaus defeated Nat Kidder 55.3 to 44.7 percent.

* Polk County--Group 3, Rob Griffin, with 60 percent, defeated Steve Pincket with 40 percent; Group 10, John E. Kirkland, with 50.6 percent, defeated Robert Grizzard, with 30.2 percent, and Don Ratterree with 19.2 percent.

* Taylor County--Group 1, Stephen F "Buddy" Murphy, with 78.2 percent, defeated Angela M. Ball, with 21.8.

* Volusia County--Group 5, Dawn Fields and Frank Roche made the runoff with 48.5 and 29 percent respectively, defeating Jonathon Glugover with 22.5 percent.
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