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Lotka-Volterra and related systems; recent developments in population dynamics.


Lotka-Volterra and related systems; recent developments in population dynamics.

Ed. by Shair Ahmad and Ivanka M. Stamova.

De Gruyter


236 pages



De Gruyter series in mathematics and life sciences; v.2


Four mathematicians present some recent developments involving theories, methods, and applications of population dynamics as a branch of mathematics. Zhanyuan Hou (London Metropolitan U.) discusses permanence, global attraction, and stability; and Benedetta Lisena (U. degli Studi de Bari, Italy) discusses competitive Lotka-Volterra systems with periodic coefficients. Then in the central study of the volume, Marina Pireddu (U. degli Studi de Milano-Bicocco) and Fabio Zanolin (U. degli Studi di Undine, Italy) examine fixed points, periodic points, and chaotic dynamics for continuous maps with applications to population dynamics. The common feature of the studies is their direct or indirect relation to the well-known Lotka-Volterra systems, which offer a variety of mathematical concepts from both theoretical and application perspectives.

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Date:Dec 1, 2013
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