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Lost in a Good Book.

Jasper Fforde. 2003. Read by Elizabeth Sastre. 10 cds. 11.5 hrs. HighBridge Audio. 1-56511-757-3. $36.95. Cardboard: plot notes. SA

If you know any English major/SF readers, be sure and recommend this series to them, as the entire plot line concerns literature, with heavy doses of time travel/manipulation and police work. Our heroine is Thursday Next, whose job with SpecOps involves tracking down miscreants who mess with literature, whether trying to sell fake copies of original Shakespeare plays or whether physically entering into a book and changing the plotline or messing with characters. This is the sequel to The Eyre Affair, in which Thursday's work takes her into Jane Eyre, and would be difficult to follow without having read the first book, so purchase them as a pair and expect at least one more to follow.

The narrator does a fine job of reading the action-packed story with suitable verve, sounding rather like Renee Zellwegger as Bridget Jones. The gruff male voices can be a bit strained but otherwise it's smooth sailing and loads of fun as the fantastic cast of characters (all with witty names) comes to life. A visit to is well worth your time; it's fully developed and even the pop-up ads are Nextian. Carol Reich, Youth Svcs. Mgr., Hillsboro P.L., Hillsboro, OR
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Author:Reich, Carol
Article Type:Audiobook Review
Date:Sep 1, 2003
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