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Loss of tech colleges contributed to state of the UK today; Yousay IN YOUR OPINION...

IREAD Dr J Marsden's letter (You Say, December 7) regarding the now Cardiff Metropolitan University with more than a little interest.

The quality of the degree courses he catalogued is without dispute, although whether or not all the graduates eventually found relevant employment - or even just employment - is another matter.

What Dr Marsden did not catalogue was the number of vocational (craft) courses which were sacrificed in order that degree level courses could be offered.

As assistant registrar at what was then Llandaff "Tech" (later College of Technology), I saw craft course after craft course disappear in order that degree level courses could be offered in their place. While not disputing the value of some degree level courses, they should not be offered at the expense of craft courses.

I am sure many readers of the Echo will have attended the "tech", and left as qualified bricklayers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, all contributing to the essential needs of the public.

In my opinion, the loss of technical colleges across the nation, let alone in Cardiff, is a contributory factor to the state of the UK today.

It's all very well "knowing" a subject, it's a totally different matter being able to actually DO it, and that's what this country needs - people who not only have the knowledge in their heads, but, more importantly, have it at their fingertips as well.

* Norman Rendle Cardiff
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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Dec 12, 2011
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