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Loss of focus.

Dear editor,

The various interpretations of the communique issued by the Anglican primates in Northern Ireland serve to highlight the basic theological problems in the Anglican Communion and indeed in the whole Christian community. The authority of the Word of God as the basis of our faith, as outlined in the Scriptures, is challenged today as it was in the various provinces of the early church. The challenges led to the formulation of the doctrinal statements that are used as summaries as to what we subscribe as Christians today. As in the past, the discussion as to their validity and indeed whether the Bible is the enduring Word of God is what divides the church. It is unfortunate that our leaders do not seem to recognize this basic fact.

The same-sex marriage debate has given the opportunity for the secular community to enter into the discussion. The elevation of "political correctness" into the decisions taken by the bodies defining church polity has caused a loss in focus. The basic principles governing our behavior as Christians, as outlined in the Scriptures, are being modified by our elected and appointed governing bodies by the incorporation of current sociological ideas into church doctrine.

The clear and strong witness of our forefathers is being diluted by the adulterated gospel proffered by our "with it" ecclesia and sadly, biblically illiterate laity. As in the past, the Word of God will endure because He has said so and He is faithful. In the meantime, except for the direction of a faithful few, our lights will dim and we will just have to wander leaderless in the wilderness until, as always, we discover the hard way who Jesus is and why he died for our sins.

Karl Erdman

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Title Annotation:Letters
Author:Erdman, Karl
Publication:Anglican Journal
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Apr 1, 2005
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