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Losing no time.

Byline: Ashraf Ansari

The new government in Islamabad has no time to lose in order to put the country on rails. The successive governments, precisely speaking the two ruling the country for the past ten years ruined national economy and caused much damage to the social fabric of the nation. The new government will have to address immediate issues relating to economy as well as law and order. The government in the meantime set up experts' groups to suggest ways and means to resolve problems on short and long term basis. These groups may be tasked to briskly come out with their suggestions. The areas where such proposed groups may be set up include economy at the top with its offshoots like finance, industry, agriculture, horticulture, land use, irrigation, infrastructure, water reservoirs, water use and housing. Other areas where experts should work on are education, health, extremism, terrorism, law and order and enforcement of law. There is much to be done in the field of justice. There are many crimes being committed in the country which do not carry deterrent punishment with the result that such crimes are on the rise. The Chief Justice of Pakistan who is playing almost historic role in administration of justice, may do something for the reformation of our judicial system so that justice is readily available to the people, justice is not delayed and it can be seen being done.

There is also need for reforms in the bureaucracy, especially in cadres of civil service. The foreign service has to be reshaped in view of the modern challenges in the external affairs. The recent dismal results of CSS examination show the flaws and fallacies of our system of making selections for senior civil service positions. The need is to reset the criteria of eligibility and the mode of selecting candidates.

Environment is yet another issue needing our urgent attention. A strategy has to be evolved to safeguard it. Tree planting campaign must continue throughout the year.

Lastly, the overall objective of the government should be good governance. Good governance is dependent on efficient working of all institutions of the state including bureaucracy and law enforcement agencies. Local governments play pivotal role in a democratic country for welfare of the people. It is ironic that our governments in the past, particularly the Musharraf regime took very long time and spent lavishly to develop a system of local governments. Even then that system did not work. We should avoid inventing the wheel and learn from successful models of local government of the democratic countries. This is a rough outline of what seems to be done on urgent, most urgent basis by our new government.

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Publication:Pakistan Observer (Islamabad, Pakistan)
Date:Jul 27, 2018
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