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Lose the booze.

My parents drink every weekend, and I don't like it. I tell them, but they get angry. My mere denies she even gets drunk, and my dad just yells at me! I don't knew what to do.

Since you've tried in vain to talk to your parents, it's time to seek help. Alcohol abuse is serious, and it can be difficult on family members. Contact Alateen, an organization for teens who are affected by others' drinking. Call 1-888-425-2666 for a local support group or to speak to someone about the issues that are bothering you.

This boy wants to go out with me. I like him, but I've heard he's a cheater. When I asked him, he swore he's changed. Is he feeding me a line?

There's no way to know for sure unless you strap him to a polygraph. Feel out the situation by having a chat with him. If you believe he's sincere, give him a shot. After all, people do change as they mature. Also, you could be friends first or take things slowly. If you do date him, proceed with caution--keep an eye open for warning signs and be sure he treats you with respect.

My BFF has a new BF. I over heard him and his friends say they smoke pot. I told her, and she said I was just jealous. The next day, he hit on me. He's a great liar and has convinced my BFF I've made it up . and she believes that jerk!

Short of affixing a mini-spycam in your brooch, it could be difficult convincing your bud of her new boy's wily ways. She's probably so excited about having a

BF that she's missing the warning signs that he's way less than perfect. Sure, it stings that she trusts him over you. Still, hurt feelings aside because concern for her is what's important now. You two options: 1) Run with the spy theme and develop an elaborate plot to catch him in the act, or 2) give your bud time to wise up--which is what I'd do. Sooner or later, she'll catch on (or catch him). When this happens, restrain yourself from the "I told you so!" dance.

I have acne . and no confidence because of it. I used to be happy but, lately, I feel like curling up and crying. I want to try Proactiv, but my mom won't let me.

I'm sure you're still gorgeous, but acne can be a huge drag. Find out why your mom doesn't want you to use Proactiv. Maybe it's the cost, or perhaps she thinks there are negative side effects. Tell her how bad your acne makes you feel and ask if she'll set up a dermatologist's visit for you. She might be more comfortable if a doctor prescribes the best method for beating those pesky pimples. Meantime, focus on your lab wardrobe, beautiful eyes or killer sense of humor rather than a few blemishes.

My mother is marrying a guy she has only known for two months. I like him, but this is moving a Little fast for me.

While your mom might be sure this guy is "the one," it might take you a little longer to get used to seeing a virtual stranger pour o.j. in the morning. Let Morn know you're happy she's happy and that you like her fiancee. But tell her things are moving too swiftly for you. Maybe if the three of you were to spend some time together, it would be easier to get used to the idea of your Mom walking down the aisle again.

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