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Lose Weight with the Power of One.

Lose Weight with the Power of One

Stephen Moss

Moss Publishing

PO Box 68, Postal Station Victoria, Westmount, QC Canada H3Z 2V4

0973322802 $19.95

Lose Weight with the Power of One: A Motivational Journey To Nutritional Sanity is a diet book unlike virtually any other. It opens on a simple premise... all diets fail. Some diets are based on myths (such as the "food combining diet") or even bad nutrition, and are certain to be harmful. Some diets are nutritionally sound on paper, but they effectively tell the dieter what to eat and when, according to someone else's rules--and human nature, complete with its changeable tastes, cravings, and moods, will sooner or later resist the morass of tangled rules and regulations. Instead of providing the reader with a meticulous eating plan, Lose Weight with the Power of One offers eight basic strategies for healthier eating, such as "reduce one's daily fat intake as low as possible", "eat breakfast", "do not bring factory made snacks, meals, or refined products into the home--use foods that are as close to natural as possible", and "stop eating when you are approaching feeling full". These simple tenets can promote a nutritional lifestyle revolution. Each principle, and the reasons behind it, is explained in-depth in a dialogue format that almost resembles reading a novel. In a world horribly oversaturated with fad diets that ignore the basic needs and nature of the body, Lose Weight with the Power of One is an absolute "must-read" for anyon striving to make permanent, positive changes in their eating and health habits.
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Publication:Small Press Bookwatch
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Date:Jun 1, 2005
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