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Los Angeles Brewing launches Eureka.

Los Angeles Brewing launches Eureka

The Los Angeles Brewing Co. recently announced the introduction of Eureka Californian Lager, on June 1. For a limited time, Eureka will only be available in Los Angeles County. Eventually, distribution will be expanded to the remainder of California.

According to the beer's brewer, Eureka is a Bavarian-style lager beer brewed in compliance with the Reinheitsgebot. Additionally, says its producers, Eureka combines the best of both worlds-namely, the pure flavor and quality of the finest Bavarian-style beers, with the appeal of brewery fresh flavor.

As a testament to the beer's freshness, each bottle has a "pull date" on its label to inform the consumer of the date by which Eureka should be purchased to ensure superior taste. Each date is 60-90 days within the time the beer was produced to guarantee freshness, a brewery spokesperson said.

PHOTO : EUREKA BEER PRODUCED IN LOS ANGELES-The Los Angeles Brewing Co. recently announced the introduction of Eureka California Lager as of June 1.
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Title Annotation:Eureka California Lager
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Aug 6, 1990
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