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Lore of the corps.

(From the book "Ready for Sea, The Bicentennial History of the U.S. Navy Supply Corps" by retired Rear Adm. Frank J. Allston, SC, USNR)


As a LTJG, Carl Henri was involved in the Berlin Airlift. He later worked for ADM Hyman Rickover in the Naval Reactors Program, and served on the faculty of the Industrial College of the Armed Forces.

Henn was born in Cleveland, Ohio in February 1923 and entered Northwestern University in September 1941. He was class and fraternity president and earned academic honors.

He was returning to his fraternity house after a stint as a sorority house waiter on Sunday, 7 December 1941, when he learned of the sneak Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. In July 1943, he enrolled in the Navy V-12 Program at Northwestern and transferred to the Midshipman-Officer Program at Harvard University in March 1944. He graduated in February 1945 and commissioned an Ensign, Supply Corps, U.S. Naval Reserve. Northwestern University later gave him credit for his time at Harvard, and awarded him a B.S. degree in business administration.


ENS Henn's first duty was at the Naval Air Station Attu in the Aleutian Islands, where he reported in April 1945 as aviation supply officer In January 1946, he was promoted to lieutenant junior grade, and moved over to the Naval Operating Base, Kodiak, Alaska, as stores officer. He augmented into the U.S. Navy and returned to Harvard in June 1946 to complete studies at the Graduate School of Business, from which he was graduated with distinction and an M.B. A. in January 1947

Henn spent February to May 1947 with Trans World Airlines (TWA) in a Navy industrial framing program. He then reported to Naval Overseas Air Cargo Terminal (NOACT) at NASJ Alameda as air cargo officer. In November, Henn became Supply Officer, Naval Air Transport Squadron VR-S, deployed to Germany to augment U.S. Air Force efforts during the Berlin airlift, codenamed Operation Vittles He transferred front the squadron's terminal at Rhein-Main Air Force Base to the Headquarters Staff, Combined Airlift Task Force (CALTF) at Wiesbaden During this tour, he conducted special studies for the Bureau of Supplies and Accounts in air-ground coordination and air packaging

In October 1949, LTJG Henn was ordered to BuSandA for duty as assistant to the director. Air Cargo Section, Transportation Division, where the lessons learned in the Berlin Airlift were important in developing new Navy air cargo procedures. He then served at Westover Air Force Base, Chicopee Falls, Mass, from February to May 1950 as air traffic coordinator in the MATS aerial port of embarkation He returned to his duties at BuSandA, where he was promoted to lieutenant in January 1951 and severed until January 1953 During his three plus years at BuSandA. he attended night school at George Washington University and earned a M.A. degree in international economic relations with honors.

LT Henri was ordered to duty as Supply Officer, USS Menelaus (ARL 13), homeported at Naples, Italy, in February 1953. During his two-year tour, Menelaus served as aviation stores issue ship with the Sixth Fleet. In April 1955, he reported to Commander, Western Sea Frontier at Treasure Island, San Francisco, as project officer for Project PACE, a survey of logistics pipeline management in the Pacific Ocean, area.

Henri was a prime contributor to the final report, which CINCPACFLT termed "a major contribution in the field of logistics." He was promoted to lieutenant commander in July 1955 and was a member of the team the presented the report to Chief of Naval Operations and the Joint Logistics Plans and Joint Military Transportation committee.

LCDR Herm began a five-year tour in October 1957 with the administrative staff, Naval Reactors Division, Atomic Energy Commission. In that position, he had handled preparation and presentation of the budget of all nuclear ship development programs to the Department of Defense and Congress. He was also responsible for financial management projects that resulted in significant budget underruns and was promoted to Commander in July 1960.

In November 1962, CDR Herm reported as Supply Officer, Military Advisory Assistant Group, Paris, where he provided supply and logistics assistance in the acquisition and support of American weapons systems by the French Navy. He was awarded the Joint Service Commendation Medal for his performance in the marketing and subsequent support of U.S. fighter aircraft and missile systems purchased by the French.


He was promoted to Captain in July 1965, and in October was ordered to Naval Supply Depot Bayonne, where he was Head, Material Assistance Department (MAD). MAD was rolled over into a separate entity, the Navy International Logistics Officer (NAVILCO), at Bayonne when the Supply Depot was closed in 1967 as a centralized command for the operation and control of the Navy's portion of U.S. defense aid to friendly foreign. nations.

In June 1968, CAPT Henn reported to the faculty of the Industrial College of the Armed Forces in Washington, D.C. as an instructor in management, economics, and international affairs. He retired from the Navy in February 1970, and was awarded the Navy Commendation Medal.

In retirement, Carl Henn worked successfully for American Standard, Inc., and Shearson Lehman Hutton before setting up his own financial planning practice in 19S9. He also accepted a position with Integrated Energy, Inc./Concord Energy, Inc. He was an author, a speaker, and was involved in a wide variety of community, state, and professional causes.

This issue's Lore of the Corps focuses on retired Capt. Carl Henn, Jr., who completed 27 years of active service and retired in February 1970 after serving as an instructor at the Industrial College of the Armed Forces in Washington, D.C.
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