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Lorde Disses Taylor Swift's Celebrity Friend Group.

New Zealand pop star Lorde revealed Thursday to ( Sunrise , an Australian Yahoo! affiliate, that she doesn't see the appeal in being a member of Taylor Swift's squad. The "Greenlight" singer, who claimed to not "hang out with these people" she ( once called her "family," was an active member of the exclusive friend circle since it's early beginnings.

Swift's squad appears to have parted ways in the public eye, leading many to question its ultimate demise. What happened with Hollywood's favorite girl group?

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Swift's squad generated media attention in 2015, the year the singer debuted "Bad Bood" with her close-knit girl gang at the MTV's Video Music Awards. Social media quickly erupted with "squad goals" references. Since then, the group has shared some of its biggest moments through enviable Instagram photos and several other awards show appearances.

Swift told ( Vanity Fair in September 2015 that her close-knit group was like a "sisterhood." Selena Gomez, Lorde, Karlie Kloss, Lena Dunham, Ellie Goulding, Cara Delevinge, Martha Hunt, Jamie King, Hailee Steinfeld, Lily Aldridge, Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid were all part of the girl gang. However, this list has grown to welcome other notable stars like Ed Sheeran and Blake Lively. 

Two years later in 2017, the buzz around the group has died down. Fans were disappointed to learn that Swift didn't hold her annual celebrity-filled Fourth of July bash, despite the appearance of an ( inflatable waterslide  in the yard of her Rhode Island beach residency. Could the friend group be in trouble?

The "Style" singer has been more private with her latest beau, Joe Alwyn. Her relationship with Alwyn was rumored to be a key factor in the group's drift, and ( People reported in June that "she wanted to get to know him without any chaos." Since the famous squad tends to be a media magnet, bringing Alwyn into her friend group stir the "chaos" Swift referenced. 

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Gomez and Swift have both entered new relationships, and those appear to be their top priority at this time. Gomez's blossoming relationship with The Weeknd (aka Abel Tesfaye) could be a conflict of interest for her best friend Swift, as he was previously linked to fellow squad member Bella Hadid. While many speculated the friends may be at odds as a result of the relationship, Gomez assured worried fans that the friends on good terms after featuring a picture of Swift in her "Bad Liar" ( music video . 

Swift told ( Vanity Fair that the group includes "girls...who have dated the same people," with Gomez and Hadid the most visible of friends with overlapping relationships. The "Wildest Dreams" singer also dated Calvin Harris, who was previously linked to Goulding. 

Aside from rifts over past and current partners, the squad members' schedules don't seem to match up. Gomez is working on a new album and spends her spare time with The Weeknd, while Sheeran has been touring worldwide. Lorde was gearing up for the release of her latest album "Melodrama," and Lena Dunham wrapped up her final season of "Girls." Karlie Kloss is currently in Paris for Couture Week alongside the Hadid sisters. Swift, on the other hand, has been primarily low-profile - her return to streaming services and paparazzi shots with Alwyn are the most fans have seen from her in recent months.

Lorde, who recently ( referred to her friendship with the "Blank Space" singer as an "autoimmune disease," isn't the first person to separate herself from the famed squad. Disney Channel star Zendaya, who was featured in Swift's "Bad Blood" music video, notably made her exit in 2016 when she "liked" tweets supporting Kim Kardashian and Kanye West who were in a feud with Swift at the time, according to ( Us Weekly . 

Although Swift and company appear to be taking a hiatus from the squad, they will most likely reunite when the pop songstress unveils her much-anticipated sixth album. 

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