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Lord, Cynthia: Rules.

Lord, Cynthia RULES. ISBN 0-439-443682-2. New York: Scholastic Press, 2006. 200 pp. $15.99. "If the bathroom door is closed, knock (especially if Catherine has a friend over)!" "Chew with your mouth closed." These are some of the rules Catherine creates for David, her brother with autism. Catherine tries to keep her world as normal as possible, but it is not always easy. Then she befriends Jason, a paraplegic, and Kristi, the new neighbor. "Normal" takes on a whole new perspective. Catherine discovers much about herself and about rules. This is a real and sensitive story about differences. Ages 9-12. Reviewed by Terre Sychterz, Kutztown University, Kutztown, PA
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Author:Sychterz, Terre
Publication:Childhood Education
Article Type:Book review
Date:Jun 22, 2007
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