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Lord, Bissell & Brook Announces Dismissal for Midway Home Entertainment Inc. in Columbine Suit.

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On March 4, Lewis Babcock, the Chief Judge of the U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado, dismissed Midway Home Entertainment Inc., a subsidiary of Chicago-based Midway Games Inc., and other video game and movie defendants from a suit filed by the family of David Sanders, a teacher killed during the Columbine High School shootings on April 20, 1999. The suit alleged that Sander's death resulted from the shootings by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold and that their actions had been influenced by the violent content of video games and movies.

Gerald Sweeney and John Williams, of the Chicago-based law firm of Lord, Bissell & Brook, represented Midway Home Entertainment Inc., a leading publisher of interactive home video games.

"It is the result we expected based on an earlier decision rendered by the U.S. District Court in Paducah, Kentucky which we received in a similar case involving the Michael Carneal shootings at Heath High School," said Mr. Sweeney.

In both cases, the courts reached the conclusion that the video game and movie defendants owed no duty to the plaintiffs, the intangible ideas in movies and video games are not products, and the criminal acts of the shooters were the superseding cause of the deaths.

Founded in 1914, Lord, Bissell & Brook serves national and international clients from offices in Atlanta, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, and New York City. For additional information about Lord, Bissell & Brook contact the firm at 312.443.0700 or visit their Web site at
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Mar 5, 2002
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