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Loose Woman: Woman Hollering Creek and Other Stories, The House on Mango Street.

LOOSE WOMAN; WOMAN HOLLERING CREEK AND OTHER STORIES; THE HOUSE ON MANGO STREET. Sandra Cisneros. 2005. Read by the author. 10 cds. 10 hrs. Books On Tape. 1-4159-2414-7 $64.80. Vinyl; plot notes. SA *

The talented Cisneros has a fierce pride in her culture and gender. In this collection of three unabridged and unabashedly sensual works--a book of poetry, another of five short stories, and a novella, respectively--the author celebrates virtually every aspect of Mexican American womanhood with such warmth, beauty and emotional resonance that she not only teaches us about the richness of her heritage but gifts each of us with new eyes to appreciate our own. Though, strictly speaking, only Loose Woman is a volume of poetry, all three books are comprised of lyrical vignettes. These slices of life, from the poverty, promiscuity, superstition, jealousy, hope, and religiosity of the barrio Latina to the triumphs and failures of the urban sophisticate, should be savored and digested, like the best of meals, in small portions.

Cisneros has a highly expressive, chameleon-like voice: now a squeaky little girl, now a darkly passionate lover, now a hopeless teen romantic, she makes her women come alive in an altogether memorable listening experience. Francine Levitov, Attorney, New York, NY
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Author:Levitov, Francine
Article Type:Audiobook review
Date:Mar 1, 2006
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