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Loose Diamonds.

Loose Diamonds

Daria Karpova

Loose ID LLC

ISBN 1596320281 $3.99 ebook

Once in awhile I'm looking for a little something different to read, a moment to give my mind a creative break and just sit back with a glass of wine. I was looking for an escapade. Loose Diamonds delivers like a breath of fresh air. Thick with exotic settings, surreal locales, eccentric characters and sexy mystery, it more than pleases the short attention-spanned reader. For something saucy, Daria Karpova works her magic.

Sure there are the stories with the rogue guide who saves the pretty girl and whisks them away on his muscle-bulging body, basically playing hero. Well there's a little different scenario going on in Loose Diamonds, and she goes by the name of Cherise. Our vivacious and lust for life heroine is a girl after my own heart. With plenty of charisma, wit, and splashy dialogue, she makes the suave debonair Bond-style attitude work for her. While we do have the dashingly handsome rogue, Leif, he can't quite get a handle on the fashionable vixen and the two have more than a mere quarrel here and there. Things do get spicy somewhere ... but when and with whom I'll leave for you to explore.

Spicy however is an understatement as we are treated to a heist, an intriguing vampire, steamy erotica, and some rather expensive diamonds. Who has the diamonds and where is anybody's guess, and the reader gets the delight of being caught up in this wild goose chase. Daria Karpova brings back some fun to the literary forum with a dose of action mixed with adventure, opposites and attractions, and a little whodunit for good measure.

This is a quick read, fast paced, and keeps you glued to each word. Loose Diamonds is a sweet little package of a novella, guaranteed to bring a little color to your cheeks, a rush of adrenaline through your body, and a smile to your face. Daria Karpova incorporates a snappy style that I look forward to reading more of.
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Author:Jackson, Nancy
Publication:Reviewer's Bookwatch
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Date:Nov 1, 2004
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