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Looking towards youth.

Byline: Hamid Ghani

The young blood is bubbling in the veins of the promising youth of Pakistan. They are the future of Pakistan. They have to get hold of the reins of this country and steer it to the heights of professionalism. They have the requisite potential and spirit to become the proud custodian of our beautiful country. Cognizant of the country, their conscious to undertake the onerous task of rebuilding the image of the country can put us back on track. We have to put things right and look inwards to correct the attitudinal vacuums of our society. We have to manage the staggering youth into a well-knit and organized team and energize the dwindling structure of morality and focus onto the education and grooming of our youngsters.

The social and ethical norms fading out from the national scene will have to be revived with reinvigorated spirit to confront the daunting challenge of a formidable and stable Pakistan. Let us shun our petty differences for the better cause and contribute positively in the revival of the traditional ethos of the lost glory. The youth bulge is a big resource and we have to intelligently engage our talent in the required direction. We must have a thorough plan as to how many skilled workers, labor, IT and business graduates are needed in the market. The ratio between demand and supply has to be critically worked out to nurture our nursery to grow as a shady tree. The saplings planted today shall blossom in the springs to make our environment fragrant with the variety of flowers and shall display a positive image on the globe.

The huge potential has to be utilized constructively to take our country onto the treadmill of progress. The energetic youth is our backbone and we have to strengthen the edifice of our future on the solid footings. We have to train, groom, guide and educate them to emerge as responsible citizens to shoulder their enhanced responsibilities with dignity and pride. This useful asset will certainly reshape the contours of our geography and change the course of history to emerge victoriously to defeat its enemies with an iron will and determination. We the elders, are supposed to transfer the rich heritage of our golden traditions and ethos to our younger generation. Where they stand richly qualified to take the baton of progress to the new heights of excellence. The resurgence of faith in the capabilities and potential will provide an added fillip to the burning flame to lit the darkened spheres with the candles of hope and promise to rise and shine on the global hemisphere. The firm attitude to perform excellently with diligence is the key to success. Nothing remains cumbersome in front of the rocky determination of the youth.

The cemented thought to stand on our own square feet is the punch line and we will certainly achieve the sky rocketing status of a self-sufficientnation which is depending on the strength of its natural and human resource. We are blessed with the enormous potential and endowed with the reservoirs of the natural wealth of gold, copper, oil and other precious metals. We are blessed with the fertile land where we can produce six crops a year. We have the depth of the deserts, height of the mountains, sky rocketing peaks, golden plains and the best of the irrigation system of the world. We have age old educational institutions to provide beacon of illuminating light of knowledge to shed away the fog and mist of ignorance. We have to be united and rise above the petty and trivial issues of sectarianism. We have to understand the myth of planning of our enemies to destabilize us. We must differentiate between our friends and foes.

The dawn of the very bright future is emerging with rising sun of hope and expects us to make hay when the sun shines. The golden opportunity is knocking at our door and has to be accepted with open arms and then explored with dedication and enthusiasm to dig deep in the oceans to find the pearls of wisdom and prosperity for ourselves and for our future generations. We must stand victorious in the comity of nations as a proud and prosperous country. Let the whole world know and recognize our positive image of a humble, highly educated and civilized citizens who have regards for the national and international obligations and let the people around the globe realize that here is a nation which is highly committed to self-righteousness, fair play and social justice to walk in step peacefully with its neighbors and other countries with national pride and honor. The youth is charged with the enthusiasm and their energy must be channeled in a productive manner to make pronounced contribution in various fields for the growth of the country. The rich resource is a very costly asset and it has to be very wisely used in the uplift of the image of the country. The youth is to be induced with the spirit in specified direction to perform their positive role in the solidification of this great country.

A deliberate planning will enable us to reach a logical conclusion to decide on the fate of the productive youth. This time bomb of youth bulge will be converted into an opportunity of enormous potential and explore very intelligently to accrue the desired result of a prosperous and progressive Pakistan.
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Publication:The Nation (Karachi, Pakistan)
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Date:Jan 19, 2019
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