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Looking to the future.


Location: Mesa, AZ

Contact Name/Title: Graduate Advisor

Contact Phone: 480/727-1287

Contact E-mail:

Dept. Web Site:

Programs Offered: Advanced degree that includes work in management, sales, product marketing/ management, market research, communications, economics, and other skills necessary to provide and/or purchasing and handling of products / services to / from crop / livestock producers.


Location: San Luis Obispo, CA

Contact Name/Title: Jim Ahern, AGB Graduate Coordinator

Contact Phone: 805/756-5030

Contact E-mail:

Dept. Web Site: /

graduatePrograms / ProgramsOfStudy.asp

Programs Offered: MBA with a specialization in Agribusiness and M.S. Agribusiness. Designed to enhance the agribusiness management, commodity marketing, and technical skills of graduate students with interests in international and domestic agribusiness. Prerequisites: Bachelor's degree with coursework in intermediate microeconomics, macroeconomics, statistics, and calculus or business calculus.


Location: Fort Collins, CO

Contact Name/Title: Dennis Lamm

Contact Phone: 970/491-2074

Contact E-mail:

Dept. Web Site:

Programs Offered: Western Center for Integrated Resource Management Master of Agriculture. The Western Center for Integrated Resource Management (WCIRM) Master of Agriculture Program affords it students a unique opportunity to combine classroom training with abundant hands-on, problem-solving experiences. Through a modular format, students complete one two-week intensive course before another begins. Classes meet every day, eight hours a day, and combines traditional blackboard discussions with abundant hands-on, problem-solving experiences working with faculty and highly regarded resource managers in the field.


Location: Normal, IL

Contact Name/Title: J. Randy Winter

Contact Phone: 309/438-3563

Contact E-mail:

Dept. Web Site:

Programs Offered: The Agribusiness Sequence is designed to advance students' knowledge of the theories of agribusiness management and the science of agricultural production and their application to decisions made by agribusiness managers. The academic content at this sequence concentrates on agricultural economics and business management subjects.

* Thesis Option:

Students selecting this option will complete the degree core requirements of 9 hours, 12 hours of business courses, 3 hours of advanced agribusiness courses, 6 hours of Master's Thesis (AGR 499) and 6 hours of electives.

* Non-thesis Option:

This option requires a synthesizing experience consisting of three hours of Independent Study (AGR 400) under the direction of a major adviser and with the approval of an advisory committee. Students selecting this option will also complete the degree core requirements of 9 hours, 12 hours of business courses, 3 hours of advanced agribusiness courses, and 9 hours of electives.


Contact Name/Title: Lori Youngberg

Contact Phone: 800/747-4478

Contact E-mail:

Dept. Web Site:

Programs Offered: Masters of Agriculture, Master of Science in Agricultural Education, Master of Science in Agronomy, Master of Science in Seed Technology and Business, and the Community Development Master's Program.

ISU's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences offers many opportunities for professionals in Ag-Business to continue their education online. Through our online courses and programs, we give students the chance to continue to work full time while gaining important knowledge about many different areas of Agriculture Business.

With our award winning faculty and online programs, we give students the opportunity to learn from the best no matter their location. We offer in-state tuition and fees and top notch student services for all students involved in our online courses and programs. Our College of Agriculture and Life Sciences distance education options let you pursue Your Education: Your Way.


Location: Manhattan, KS

Contact Name/Title: Lynnette Brummett

Contact Phone: 785/532-4495

Contact E-mail:

Dept. Web Site:

Programs Offered: The Master of Agribusiness (MAB) program at K-State is an internet-based degree designed for food and agribusiness professionals. The program provides an opportunity to earn a master's degree for those who have a desire to obtain graduate level business and economics training while continuing their career. The cohort-style structure, along with the technology used to deliver course materials and multi-audio chat sessions, affords students support and flexibility and the opportunity to develop lasting professional relationships. MAB students are employed in all phases of the food and agribusiness sector and are located throughout the U.S. and more than 20 other countries--creating a diverse learning environment for all students.


Location: Mississippi State, MS

Contact Name/Title: Dr. Stan Spurlock

Contact Phone: 662/325-7995

Contact E-mail:

Dept. Web Site:

Programs Offered: Master of Agribusiness Management. The degree is designed for students who may or may not have an undergraduate degree in agribusiness. There are 20 hours of core course requirements, including a 3-hour internship. Then there are 14 more course hours that are based on the student's undergraduate background.


Location: Raleigh, NC

Contact Name/Title: Dr. Gary Moore

Contact Phone: 919/515-1756

Contact E-mail:

Dept. Web Site:

Programs Offered: Agricultural and Extension Education. The Department of Agricultural and Extension Education offers two graduate programs through distance education. The Teacher Education Certification Program in Agriculture is designed for students with a baccalaureate degree in an agricultural discipline or closely related field. After completing the program (typically 24 credit hours), the student receives a Graduate Certificate or Licensure in Education for Agricultural Professionals (LEAP) and a North Carolina Teaching License, honored in 40 other states. The Master's of Agricultural Education degree or GRAEDE (Graduate Agricultural and Extension Distance Education) is designed for agricultural teachers, extension agents and other agricultural professionals involved in education.


Location: West Lafayette, IN

Contact Name/Title: Luanna DeMay

Contact Phone: 765/494-4270

Contact E-mail:

Dept. Web Site:

Programs Offered: MS-MBA in Food and Agricultural Business

The MS-MBA program is a collaboration between Purdue University's College of Agriculture and Indiana University's Kelley School of Business. This 27 month program is mostly given via distance education and awards a master's degree from Purdue University and an MBA from Indiana University. Requirements for the program are: a bachelor's degree; 3 years of work experience; employer recommendation; The Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) or the GRE; and TOEFL for international applicants. Classes begin each August and applications are currently being accepted for August of 2010.


Location: Brookings, SD

Contact Names/Title: Dr. Van Kelley

Contact Phone: 605/688-5141

Contact E-mail:

Dept. Web Site:

Programs Offered: The Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Department has designed a curriculum to enhance a student's career options. Undergraduate degree programs are available in Agricultural Systems Technology and Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering. The faculty has expertise in the areas of bioenergy, water, environment and natural resources, and farm machinery. The department offers many hands-on laboratory classes and opportunities for students to work with professors on cutting edge research projects. Most students complete an industry internship as part of their degree program.


Location: College Station, TX

Contact Name/Title: Dr. Eluned Jones

Contact Phone: 979/845-6784

Contact E-mail:

Dept. Web Site:

Programs Offered: Master of Agribusiness. The Master of Agribusiness (MAB), an intercollegiate professional degree offered by the Department of Agricultural Economics and the Mays Business School at Texas A&M University, is uniquely focused on the food and agribusiness sector with an emphasis on applying economic analysis and quantitative methods as the basis for business decision-making.

Case-based research and team performance are the cornerstones of the integrated strategic management and finance capstone courses. The MAB focuses on developing analytical skills through team projects, presentations, and written analyses that develop competence and confidence, which quickly translates into performance in the workplace upon graduation.


Location: Gainesville, FL

Contact Names/Title: Allen Wysocki; Jessica L. Herman

Contact Phone: Wysocki 352/392-1826, ext. 403; Herman 352/392-1826, ext. 200

Contact E-mail:;

Dept. Web Site:

Programs Offered: Master of Agribusiness or Master of Science with Concentration in Aribusiness (two separate non-thesis degrees in Agribusiness)

The MAB and MSAB degrees are specifically designed for students seeking careers in sales, marketing, and management with organizations that operate primarily in the food industry and agribusiness sector. Students may elect to focus their studies in specialized areas such as strategic sales, international agribusiness marketing, human resource management and the futures market. The curriculum includes courses in human resources management, agribusiness marketing, finance, public policy, sales, risk management, and organizational behavior. The degree program the student enters is dependent upon their undergraduate background.


Location: Edmonton, AB, Canada

Contact Name/Title: Robin McClelland

Contact Phone: 780/492-4225

Contact E-mail:

Dept. Web Site:

Programs Offered: Master of Business Administration and Master of Agriculture. Develop your leadership potential in the growing and changing world markets for agrology, agribusiness and food industries. The University of Alberta MBA/MAg (Master of Agriculture) joint degree is designed for individuals interested in pursuing an advanced degree in agriculture with a strong management focus.


Location: Guelph, ON

Contact Name/Title: Patti Lago

Contact Phone: 888/622-2474

Contact E-mail:

Dept Web Site:

Programs Offered: On-Line MBA in Food and Agribusiness Management 4-year undergraduate degree and 3 years of recent Agribusiness experience or 3 year degree or diploma and 5 years of Agribusiness experience.


In these tough economic times, many students are considering staying in school for an advanced degree or picking up some extra online courses while working. If you find yourself pondering the thought of online education, here are a few things you may want to ask yourself:

Can I handle the workload? Especially if you're working at the same time. Taking on one or two classes at night can feel like you're working two jobs. If you just finished one degree are you ready to work on another one? Maybe you're not ready for the working world? What type of extracurricular activities are you involved in, and how much time do they take up in your week?

Can I afford this? If not you'll want to check into scholarship opportunities or maybe work a few years to save up the money to pay for extra degrees. Or you could talk to potential employers about tuition reimbursement programs their company offers.

What's the return I expect to get from this investment? What will picking up an extra degree earn you? Maybe its personal gratification, maybe it's so you can start in a higher ranking position or get a promotion, maybe it's a salary raise or because you think the degree will help you get a higher starting salary. Be sure you're doing it for the right reasons.

Would it be wiser to work first or continue your education? What's the value you place on work experience? Depending on the type of program you're considering, a few years in the working world may give you the training you need to be more successful in classes. Or maybe you won't be qualified for the position you want until you get the advanced education.

Editor's Note: Time to rethink your career direction? Feel as if it's time to bolster your educational background in order to make yourself more marketable? Agri Marketing magazine and AgCareers. com have compiled a list of universities offering advanced education focused on agribusiness management or agriculture economics.
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