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Location: Mesa, AZ

Contact Name/Title: Kristyn Pineda

Contact Phone: 480/727-1312

Contact E-mail:

Dept. Web Site:

Master's Specialization: Master of Science in Agribusiness. The Master of Science degree in Agribusiness enables students from a variety of backgrounds to develop a set of critical and analytical business skills that also fulfill the unique demands of the agribusiness industry. Graduates are well prepared for successful administrative or managerial careers with either government or private-sector organizations.

Students select either a research-oriented program (which leads to the completion of a supervised thesis) or a program consisting of course work only (non-thesis option). Both options require the completion of a common set of core courses, as well as agribusiness elective courses.


Location: San Luis Obispo, CA

Contact Name/Title: Jim Ahern, AGB Graduate Coordinator

Contact Phone: 805/756-5030

Contact E-mail:

Dept. Web Site: h t t p : / / w w w . c

Master's Specialization: MBA with a specialization in Agribusiness and M.S. Agribusiness. Designed to enhance the agribusiness management, commodity marketing, and technical skills of graduate students with interests in international and domestic agribusiness. Prerequisites: Bachelor's degree with coursework in intermediate microeconomics, macroeconomics, statistics, and calculus or business calculus.


Location: Fort Collins, CO

Contact Name/Title: Kraig Peel

Contact Phone: 970/491-6928

Contact E-mail:

Dept. Web Site:

Master's Specialization: Western Center for Integrated Resource Management Master of Agriculture. The Western Center for Integrated Resource Management (WCIRM) Master of Agriculture Program affords it students a unique opportunity to combine classroom training with abundant hands-on, problem-solving experiences. Through a modular format, students complete one two-week intensive course before another begins. Classes meet every day, eight hours a day, and combines traditional blackboard discussions with abundant hands-on, problem-solving experiences working with faculty and highly regarded resource managers in the field.


Location: Normal, IL

Contact Name/Title: Dr. J. Randy Winter, Graduate Coordinator

Contact Phone: 309/438-3563

Contact E-mail:

Dept. Web Site: / graduate

Master's Specialization: Master of Science in Agribusiness. Degree program offers sequences in agribusiness an agriscience. Both sequences offer thesis and non-thesis options. Program is 36 semester hours. Coursework includes appropriate graduate level courses in agriculture complemented by courses in business and economics for the agribusiness sequence and biology and chemistry for the agriscience sequence.


Contact Name/Title: Judy Strand

Contact Phone: 515/294-2702

Contact E-mail:

Dept. Web Site:

Master's Specialization: M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Agricultural Economics or Economics. M.S. 32 credits; Ph.D. 72 credits with specializations in Agricultural Economics, Environmental and Resource Economics, International, Financial, Industrial Organization, Human Resources, Macro, and Applied Econometrics.


Location: Manhattan, KS

Contact Name/Title: Lynnette Brummett

Contact Phone: 785/532-4495

Contact E-mail:

Dept. Web Site:

Master's Specialization: Master of Agribusiness. The Master of Agribusiness (MAB) is an industry-centered, distance-education degree program focused on the food and agribusiness industries that is delivered executive style to working professionals. Not an MBA, and not an M.S. in Agricultural Economics, but a professional degree aimed at training managers for peak performance in one of the most rapidly changing industries today. The program was developed to teach food and agribusiness professionals strategies for making informed decisions based upon a thorough understanding of current issues. Particular emphasis is given to blending classroom theory and applied project work to provide an unparalleled educational experience. MAB students earn a master's degree in 2 1/2 years while doing course work using the Internet, e-mail, DVDs and interactive chatrooms.


Location: East Lansing, MI

Contact Name/Title: Dr. Scott Loveridge, Director of Graduate Studies

Contact Phone: 517/353-6644

Contact E-mail:

Dept. Web Site:

Master's Specialization: MS Agricultural. Admission requirements: Intermediate microeconomics, calculus, statistics, GRE exam. Completion requirements: 30 to 33 credit hours, including quantitative techniques and subject mater courses. Students complete a research project that relates to their areas of interest in close collaboration with a faculty member.


Location: Mississippi State, MS

Contact Name/Title: Dr. Stan Spurlock

Contact Phone: 662/325-7995

Contact E-mail:

Dept. Web Site:

Master's Specialization: Master of Agribusiness Management. The degree is designed for students who may or may not have an undergraduate degree in agribusiness. There are 20 hours of core course requirements, including a 3-hour internship. Then there are 14 more course hours that are based on the student's undergraduate background.


Location: Raleigh, NC

Contact Name/Title: Dr. Gary Moore

Contact Phone: 919/515-1756

Contact E-mail:

Dept. Web Site:

Master's Specialization: Agricultural and Extension Education. The Department of Agricultural and Extension Education offers two graduate programs through distance education. The Teacher Education Certification Program in Agriculture is designed for students with a baccalaureate degree in an agricultural discipline or closely related field. After completing the program (typically 24 credit hours), the student receives a Graduate Certificate or Licensure in Education for Agricultural Professionals (LEAP) and a North Carolina Teaching License, honored in 40 other states. The Master's of Agricultural Education degree or GRAEDE (Graduate Agricultural and Extension Distance Education) is designed for agricultural teachers, extension agents and other agricultural professionals involved in education.


Location: West Lafayette, IN

Contact Name/Title: Luanna DeMay, Program Manager

Contact Phone: 765/494-4270

Contact E-mail:

Dept. Web Site:

Master's Specialization: MS-MBA in Food and Agribusiness. The Purdue University Department of Agricultural Economics and the Indiana University Kelley School of Business have collaborated to offer a dual-degree, distance-delivered program resulting in two degrees: Master's of Business Administration from Kelley School of Business, and Master's of Science in Agricultural Economics from Purdue University.

This program offers several key advantages.

* Focuses on the unique management challenges faced by managers in food and agribusiness firms.

* Two degree options:

* Dual-degree MS-MBA option.

* Single-degree MS only option.

* Online courses can be completed anytime, anywhere.

* Five weeks of residency over 27 months.

* No thesis or dissertation.

* Fully accredited program.

* Easy to apply.

* Financial aid available.


Location: College Station, TX

Contact Name]Title: Dr. Eluned Jones

Contact Phone: 979/845-6784

Contact E-mail:

Dept. Web Site:

Master' Specialization: Master of Agribusiness. The Master of Agribusiness (MAB), an intercollegiate professional degree offered by the Department of Agricultural Economics and the Mays Business School at Texas A&M University, is uniquely focused on the food and agribusiness sector with an emphasis on applying economic analysis and quantitative methods as the basis for business decision-making.

Case-based research and team performance are the cornerstones of the integrated strategic management and finance capstone courses. The MAB focuses on developing analytical skills through team projects, presentations, and written analyses that develop competence and confidence, which quickly translates into performance in the workplace upon graduation.


Location: Edmonton, AB, Canada

Contact Name]Title: Robin McClelland

Contact Phone: 780/492-4225

Contact E-mail:

Dept. Web Site:

Master's Specialization: Master of Business Administration and Master of Agriculture. Develop your leadership potential in the growing and changing world markets for agrology, agribusiness and food industries. The University of Alberta MBA/MAg (Master of Agriculture) joint degree is designed for individuals interested in pursuing an advanced degree in agriculture with a strong management focus.


Location: Gainesville, FL

Contact Name/Title: Dr. R. Jeffrey Burkhardt, Jessica Herman

Contact Phone: Dr. R. Jeffrey

Burkhardt, 352/392-1826, ext. 314; Jessica Herman, 352/392-1826, ext. 200

Contact E-mail: Dr. R. Jeffrey Burkhardt,; Jessica Herman,

Dept. Web Site:

Master's Specialization: Master of Agribusiness. The Food and Resource Economics Department at the University of Horida offers a Master of Agribusiness (MAB) degree for students seeking graduate-level training in agribusiness management skills. The program is divided into two tracks depending on a student's academic background. Track I is for students with an undergraduate degree and background other than economics or agricultural economics and track 2 is for students with an undergraduate degree in economics or agricultural economics.

Through rigorous practical coursework students are able to capitalize on the broad-based resources that the program provides as students look forward to careers as food marketers, commodity merchandisers, and agribusiness managers. Students may elect to focus their studies in specialized areas such as strategic sales, international marketing, human resource management and the futures market. The graduate faculty integrates research and industry expertise into the development of courses that focus on strategic decision processes.


Location: Guelph, ON, Canada

Contact Name/Title: Patti Lago, Manager CME Executive Programs

Contact Phone: 519/824-4120, ext. 56607

Contact E-mail:

Dept. Web Site:

Master's Specialization: MBA On-line Food and Agribusiness Management Program. The University of Guelph MBA offers an on-line graduate management degree with a specialization in Food and Agribusiness Management designed to prepare graduates for advanced careers in the food, agribusiness and production agriculture industries. Working with faculty of the Department of Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics (OAC) and the Department of Business (CME), participants complete advanced courses related to the food and agribusiness.


Location: Lincoln, NE

Contact Name/Title: Lance L. Cummins-Brown

Contact Phone: 402/472-5086

Contact E-mail:

Dept. Web Site:

Master's Specialization: MBA Agribusiness Specialization. From the farm gate to the gas station; on campus or all on-line, you can find AGRIBUSINESS ANYWHERE. The UNL MBA Agribusiness Specialization is uniquely designed so our students receive the core Business Administration courses that business leaders are looking for in potential executives, but also have the freedom to focus on their specific area of agribusiness that allows them to reach their professional and career goals. Farm management, bio-terrorism, community development and alternative energies are just some of the agribusiness frontiers our students are exploring.


Location: Knoxville, TN

Contact Name/Title: Roland K. Roberts, Graduate Coordinator, Department of Agricultural Economics

Contact Phone: 875/974-7482

Contact E-mail:

Dept. Web Site:

Master's Specialization: Master of Science in Agricultural Economics, Agribusiness Concentration. The agribusiness concentration is designed to prepare students to succeed in the public or private sectors of agriculture, including product manufacturing and marketing, natural resource management, farm management, and financial analysis. A candidate must complete a minimum of 31 hours of graduate credit in courses approved by the student's master's committee, including 3 hours of professional internship.


Location: Blacksburg, VA

Contact Name/Title: Dr. Doug Pfeiffer

Contact Phone: 540/231-4183

Contact E-mail:

Dept. Web Site:

Master's Specialization: Master's of Agricultural and Life Sciences. The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences has developed a new Master's of Agricultural and Life Sciences degree program that is offered entirely online. Courses for the program are divided into five different concentrations: Biosecurity, Bioregulations, and Public Health, Education, Environmental Science, Food Safety, Plant Science and Pest Management. Successful candidates in the program should be able to locate, access, and evaluate research literature. Describe the role that trade, marketing, or biotechnology has on agriculture and the life sciences. Delineate how global issues affect agricultural and life sciences. Describe in significant depth a specific topic that they chose for their project and report, and demonstrate both critical thinking and cogent analysis on this topic.

Editor's Note: Time to rethink your career direction? Feel as if it's time to bolster your educational background in order to make yourself more marketable? AgriMarketing magazine and have compiled a list of universities offering a master's degree in agribusiness management or agriculture economics.
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