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Looking forward to the autumn cover up.

Byline: HARMEET KHAIRA Sponsored column

IN warmer months many of us are happy to dig out shorts and skirts and bare our legs, but for others, it makes them self-conscious.

This is the case for some of my patients who suffer with patches of small broken veins known as thread veins.

Thread veins lie just under the skin's surface and have a blue or red appearance. They most commonly form on the inner thigh and around the ankles, but they can appear on the face and body too.

Thread veins can be easily treated with a procedure that reduces the visual impact of a cluster of broken veins.

While thread veins in themselves are superficial, they can be an indicator of an underlying venous issue. If the underlying issue is not treated, it doesn't matter how many times an individual undergoes treatment to reduce the visual impact of thread veins, their prominence will return.

As a consultant surgeon at Spire Little Aston Hospital, I want my patients to be happy and confident with the result of their cosmetic procedure. So, it is important for me to look firstly at the underlying cause and where a condition is found, we commence a treatment programme to correct the cause. This then enables me to perform the most appropriate thread vein treatment that includes the use of small injections directly into the thread vein.

The treatment of thread veins can not only investigate and eliminate an underlying cause, but it can also help restore confidence.

Mr Harmeet Khaira is a consultant vascular surgeon at Spire Little Aston Hospital in Sutton Coldfield. For further information please contact 0121 353 2444 or visit The content of this article is provided for general information only, and should not be treated as a substitute for the professional medical advice of your doctor or other health care professional.

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Date:Oct 1, 2015
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