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Looking forward to the European Coatings Show 2013: exhibitors highlight product solutions and technical expertise.

Trade shows offer exhibitors a real opportunity to introduce or re-introduce their capabilities to leading industry decision makers and refresh or establish relationships with a wide range of current and potential customers. The European Coatings Show (ECS), to be held March 19-21 in Nuremberg. Germany, is providing the coatings industry with such an opportunity. At the show, resin manufacturers, pigment and additive suppliers, and equipment producers are planning to introduce novel products and solutions, many of which are more sustainable alternatives that also provide unique performance features. A number of exhibitors are also taking part in the European Coatings Congress held in conjunction with the show in order to highlight the R&D efforts and expertise driving their latest product innovations.

Setting the Stage

In some cases, exhibitors at ECS will be doing more than highlighting their product offerings and technical capabilities. Companies like Clariant, Cytec Coating Resins, and BYK Additives & Instruments will he introducing attendees to the images by which they want to be recognized in the coatings industry.

Visitors to Clariant's booth will learn about the firm's Performance. People, Planet brand values and how its range of product and support solutions has been developed with these values in mind. Many new products focus on sustainability and ease-of-use concerns, such as increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved environmental compatibility, and often have been developed by drawing on the expertise within the company's numerous business units. "With this approach, Clariant is able to appreciate, and therefore better support, the global and specific needs of customers across the many market segments of the paints and coatings industry and develop sustainable and innovative solutions that create value," says Christian Kohlpaintner, a member of Clariant's Executive Committee.

Meanwhile, Cytec Coating Resins is inviting attendees to discover the "myriad of solutions" that it offers to the coatings industry. "We have a broad range of waterborne and solventborne, UV/ EB curable, and powder coating resin and additive technologies, and with our years of experience serving the coatings industry, we have also established a tremendous depth of knowledge and expertise. We want visitors to ECS to come and see how we really can help them find solutions to all of their coating challenges," notes Cytec's global marketing director Benoit De Becker. One of the ways that Cytec Coating Resins is underscoring that breadth of technical capability is through presentations at the Congress on some of the company's most recent advances in resin and additive technology. Topics range from next-generation high-performing polymeric grinding resins for decorative and industrial coatings to novel, solvent-free, sprayable hardcoat resins to formaldehyde- and isocyanate-free crosslinkers for ambient and low-energy cure coatings.

BYK Additives & Instruments has adopted the motto "The Essential Element" for ECS 2013, and is focusing specifically on the theme of water and aqueous coating systems. More than 40% of the additives produced by the company are designed for aqueous liquid coatings and printing inks, and over 50% of R&D activities within BYK are currently aimed at developing additives to help formulate more environmentally friendly products. Furthermore, BYK Additives & Instruments will be highlighting the ecological assessment that it uses for its products and has accredited by TOV Rheinland.

For Eastman, ECS is the industry event to meet with its customers and to present its capabilities and new product developments. It is also an opportunity to gain and share insights on market trends and needs that will allow the company to further develop products with innovative approaches that lead to practical solutions for its customers, according to Jeanine de Bos, marketing communications EMEA.

As a first-time exhibitor. GEO Specialty Chemicals is coming to ECS to promote the products of its Bisomer Monomer business, which it acquired from BASF. "The show provides a unique opportunity for GEO to present its expanded product offering to the European coatings and adhesives market," says Simon Haythornthwaite, sales & marketing director. Emerald Performance Materials is returning to ECS for the second time with the objective of showcasing its new capabilities. "We have made significant investments to expand our footprint in Europe. including new production facilities for K-FLEX" phthalate-free plasticizers and coalescents in Rotterdam in 2012, new R&D facilities, and the addition of commercial and technical staff to support key product lines globally and in Europe. Participating in ECS is another way to show our commitment to the industry and the European marketplace." Julie Vaughn. VP corporate marketing, explains.

What is exciting about ECS for Celanese is that the show offers a forum for the industry to gather, share ideas, and move innovative products and projects forward, according to Todd Elliott, vice president of sales. Urs Kammacher, sales director for Grinding & Dispersing Technologies from Buhler adds that, with such highly qualified attendees, very productive technical discussions can be held at the booth. In addition, since the demands of the coatings industry are constantly changing, Buhler finds ECS a good platform for demonstrating that the company is aware of and ready to meet that challenge. As Europe continues to face extreme economic challenges, it is likely that many European customers will be looking for solutions that will help them differentiate their products from the competition and grow their businesses, believes Mehran Yazdani, vice president of marketing, Sun Chemical Performance Pigments. That is why his company will be showing attendees at ECS how its various product lines can be tailor-made specifically to the needs of each individual customer.

New Resin Technologies that Solve Real Problems

Resin suppliers have responded to the growing need for higher-performing water-based chemistries and other more sustainable solutions that address not only final formulation properties, but processing issues as well.

Both Wacker and Lubrizol Performance Coatings are highlighting new resins designed specifically for the construction market. SILRES BS 1303 silicone resin emulsion from Wacker is a building protection product for facade paints and plasters that can be used as both a binder and an additive. As a silicone resin, it has low water absorption and high water-vapor permeability, but unlike conventional silicone resins, it does not lead to pronounced water beading, according to silicone construction chemicals marketing manager Sebastian Hock. This enables the formulation of coatings with moderately hydrophobic surfaces. Wacker will also be promoting its new VINNAPAS LL 3019 dispersion based on vinyl acetate-ethylene-vinyl ester copolymers as a versatile binder for high-quality paint and plaster applications that offers good pigment compatibility combined with improved rheology and excellent processing characteristics. Importantly, it does not require film forming agents or cosolvents and is ideal for the production of solvent-free, low-emission, matt interior paints and interior plasters, but is also effective in wide range of exterior formulations.

Lubrizol's Carboset CA600 self-crosslinking nano-polymer acrylic emulsion was developed for coatings applied to driveways, garage floors, sidewalks, pavers, and other masonry surfaces. It is compatible with clear, stain, and opaque formulations and, according to Lubrizol's Tom Zagore, global marketing manager for construction coatings, enhances the durability and aesthetic appeal of horizontal coatings in both residential and commercial applications. Carboset AE960 acrylic emulsion, meanwhile, is a water-based, 100% acrylic emulsion that strengthens and beautifies semi-elastomeric coatings and is ideal for "fresh" concrete or "hot" stucco applications because it provides excellent resistance to efflorescence, alkali, water and weathering.

Other resin emulsions that Lubrizol will be highlighting include its Permax 805 polyvinylidene chloride emulsion with enhanced shelf life stability and Carboset CR-795 polymer for improved chemical and corrosion resistance and adhesion in metal coatings. Additional products being featured are Carboset 2968 self-crosslinking acrylic polymer emulsion, Turboset Ultra Pro self-crosslinking waterborne polyurethane dispersion, and Turboset 2027 self-crosslinking polyurethane composite dispersion for wood coating applications.

Wood coatings are also the target application for the new binder that Eastman will be showcasing at ECS 2013. EASTEK is a 100% sulfopolyester resin designed for use in water-based wood primers that possesses several advantages over conventional binders, according to Ralf Taube, Eastman's market development manager for wood coatings. The resin is reportedly easy to apply and is fast-drying. It goes on transparent like a solventborne system so that it is possible to see the color develop immediately, which is not the case with acrylic emulsions. Furthermore, the dispersion is prepared at pH 6.5-7 and does not require any neutralization. Therefore, no amines or other bases are available in the applied coating to react with the tannic acid in the wood, which can lead to discoloration. "We have had very positive responses to the new binder, particularly for parquet and joinery applications," notes Taube.

Specific products that Cytec Coating Resins will be highlighting include new CRYLCOAT E polyester resins for powder coatings with excellent durability. RESYDROL advanced waterborne hybrid resins for wood stains, and UCECOAT 7200, a new, high-solids (68%) UV-curable polyurethane dispersion (PUD) for consumer electronics applications. "Our new CRYLCOAT resins are perfect examples of Cytec's commitment to the development of products that meet the evolving needs of our customers," notes De Becker. With the new RESYDROL advanced waterborne hybrid resins, it is possible to formulate wood stains that are easy to apply and provide extended weathering and durability, De Becker adds. UCECOAT waterborne UV resins, meanwhile, offer the advantages of higher performance. faster curing, environmental compliance, and ease of application for a wide range of wood and non-wood coatings.

In addition to its Bisomer Monomers (detailed below), GEO Specialty Chemicals will feature its Tri-Rez 1030-90 Polyester Polyol for the formulation of low-VOC PUDs using a solvent-free melt process. The low-viscosity, non-crystalline polymeric diol has very good compatibility with pre-neutralized dimethylolpropionic acid (DMPA). Most importantly, the polyols exhibits excellent film-forming characteristics, block resistance, and optical clarity, which are attractive properties for PUDs intended for textile, leather, and wood floor applications, according to Scott Smyth, director of business development with GEO.

Additives and Solvents that Make a Difference

Additives are critical components of a paint formulation and impact all aspects of the manufacture, application, and dry-film performance of coatings. Visitors to ECS 2013 will be pleased to see several new additive technologies designed to address cost-in-use and performance as well as sustainability issues.

Myriant, for example, will introduce ECS attendees to Myrifilm, a bio-based, ultra-low odor, broad spectrum, zero-VOC coalescing solvent that allows the formulation flexibility needed to meet increasingly stringent environmental compliance regulations, according to Alif Saleh, Myriant's vice president, sales and marketing. It can be used in a wide variety of resins systems, but works particularly well in higher Tg resins. Importantly, because it is highly efficient, very low use levels are possible in some formulations, resulting in a lower overall cost.

Emerald Performance Materials will also be promoting the newest products in its line of K-FLEX plasticizers and coalescents, including K-FLEX 500P, a low-VOC product ideal for use in architectural coatings where excellent gloss, scrub, block, and freeze/thaw characteristics are desired, according to Golnar Motahari Pour, K-FLEX product line manager for EMEA. In addition, the company has several new Hypro reactive liquid polymers (RLPs), including methacrylate-functional copolymers of butadiene and acrylonitrile. They improve toughness, impact resistance, flexibility, and adhesion at low temperatures, improve adhesion to oily metal substrates, and enhance toughness and impact resistance in acrylic adhesives, sealants, coatings, and vinyl-ester systems, according to Jeff Tyrrell, RLP product manager. Hypro 1300X33LC and Hypro 1300X43LC VTBNX also have an extended shelf-life and processing window.

Bisomer BZMA (benzyl methacrylate) is the latest addition to the Bisomer range of specialty methacrylates from GEO Specialty Chemicals. Its low viscosity, hydrophobicity, and high refractive index make it attractive for a wide range of applications, including adhesives, composites, sealants, and optical fibers, according to GEO's technical service manager, Tom Lane. "It is an excellent option for customers looking to reduce the styrene content in their formulations, and it has good compatibility with unsaturated polyesters, vinyl esters, and acrylic and methacrylic monomers."

Clariant, meanwhile, will be promoting two very different additives at ECS. Hostavin 3330 disp. XP is the first high-loaded triazine dispersion. It allows waterborne coatings to achieve the performance of conventional solventborne systems at optimized costs, according to Jean-Yves Desrats, technical marketing manager, Polymer Additives Coatings. Additionally, Ceridust 7820 TP and Ceridust 8330 TP are renewable resource-based wax solutions for powder coatings and printing inks, respectively.

The number of products being promoted at ECS that are derived from natural raw materials is a good indication of the growing interest in these types of solutions. Another such example is the cyclodextrins being offered by Wacker as both process aids and performance additives. "Bioengineered from renewable, plant-based raw materials, cyclodextrins offer a sustainable, innovative, and environmentally friendly alternative for many applications in the paints and coatings industry," notes Dr. Jam Winterfeld, director business line agro & pharma at Wacker Bioso-lutions. "With their unique shape, they can absorb and transport substances or protect sensitive molecules, stabilize interfaces, and selectively improve the properties of polymer systems."

Nanotechnology will be one focus for BYK Additives & Instruments at ECS 2013. For example, the company will be showing how glossy, aqueous, pigmented, and non-pigmented topcoats can be protected from scratching and abrasion with NANOBYK[R] 3620, the latest member of the NANOBYK[R] family.

The new CYMEL crosslinkers being highlighted at ECS 2013 by Cytec Coating Resins are designed to address a key safety issue--the handling of formaldehyde and isocyanates. The new crosslinkers have been specially designed for the formulation of formaldehyde- and isocyanate-free, ambient and low-energy cure coatings with the potential to meet the desired performance and appearance properties of current industrial systems, according to De Becker. "The market for industrial and general purpose coatings is dynamic, and both raw material suppliers and coatings manufacturers face many challenges in developing new coating formulations that provide the desired level of performance, meet the changing expectations of consumers. and comply with a wide range of regulatory requirements. We are engaged in the development of products that can meet this array of market challenges, and these new crosslinker solutions are excellent examples of the successful technology that Cytec is bringing to our customers."

Waterborne and solvent-free amine epoxy curing agents from Air Products have been specially designed to offer performance and cost advantages for industrial flooring and protective coatings, while also being worker and environmentally friendly, according to commercial manager Bruce Thoet. The company is also launching a new Airase Structured Siloxane Defoamer Line (SSDLTM Defoamers) including seven siloxane defoamers specifically designed for used in water-based formulations. Each Airase SSDL defoamer in the line has a different balance of defoaming strength and formulation compatibility, according to Christopher Henkee, market manager, Specialty Additives, and this consistent performance relative to one another allows formulators to take a systematic approach to defoamer selection.

Big Focus on Pigments and Pigment Dispersions

While the binder and additives are critical components of a coating, it is the color of a coated substrate that often catches the eye. In recent years, pigment producers have broadened their solutions portfolios to offer effective, high-performing pigments for the growing number of waterborne coating systems across the application spectrum. Increasing demand for pigment dispersions has also led to significant R&D efforts in this direction. The wealth of new pigment, pigment dispersion, and dispersing agent technologies on display at ECS 2013 reflect this emerging market dynamic.

BASF has added several new effect pigments to its offerings, including new extensions to its Glacier, Lumina Royal, and Firemist Velvet lines. The new additions to BASF's Glacier effect pigments range address the market requirements for attractive white and neutral achromatic shades with effects from soft to sparkling, according to Maria Giannobile, marketing manager, Pigments & Colorants, North America. The pearlescent pigments are comprised of synthetic mica flakes coated with titanium dioxide, which creates a highly transparent pigment that is free of natural impurities and gives a soft, deep luster that is characteristic of pearls and makes them the whitest effect pigments currently available on the market today, according to Giannobile. Glacier Silk White effect pigments offer a silky, bluish pearl appearance with maximized lightness flop, reduced graininess, and extremely high transparency, while Glacier Crystal White effect pigments create a bluish pearl appearance with a strong, vivid sparkle effect at all viewing angles with extremely high transparency. The mica-based Royal Copper Lumina effect pigments provide increased chromaticity at reflection angles as well as higher color purity and clarity and enable unique effect shades for new styling options that are not possible with other pigments, according to Giannobile. The new Firemist[R] Velvet Gold, Copper, and Bronze effect pigments are Ti[0.sub.2]/[Fe.sub.2][0.sub.3]-coated innovative glass flakes ranging in size from 5-100 pm. These pigments are specially formulated to imitate rusty, golden, or patinated bronze and copper surfaces for the creation of novel antique effects in combination with pearlescent or metallic effect pigments and are recommended for interior decorative paint applications.

BASF is also introducing the new bismuth vanadate Sicopal Yellow L 1130 pigment for decorative, industrial, and automotive coatings market. This pigment is a zinc-free, lead chromate replacement that offers potential cost savings due to its higher opacity, high color strength, and excellent durability, according to Giannobile.

In fact, there is great interest in the development of zinc-free anticorrosive pigments for protective coatings. "The coatings industry is continuously driven by the increasing ecological awareness of the end user as well as legislative requirements resulting in a growing demand for eco-friendly and sustainable product solutions," says Heubach's executive vice president Mrs. Birgit Genn. "Green technologies, high performance properties, and efficiency enhancements are still the major driving factors in the industry." Therefore, Heubach has developed a line of zinc-free products that exhibit high performance and broad applicability and will be highlighting these pigments at ECS. The company is also promoting new pigment preparations that combine the strongly diversifying chemical characteristics of organic and inorganic pigments that are easy to disperse and offer high reproducibility, quick tinting strength, and homogeneous color shades. Visitors will also learn about Heubach's new water-based, binder- and APEO-free AQUIS Colorants that are compatible with water-based, VOC-free and low-VOC paints and other waterborne applications.

Visitors to ECS will also have the opportunity to learn about a broad range of high-performance, metallic, and special effect pigments and dispersions from Sun Chemical Performance Pigments. The products are designed to meet sustainability needs, maintain high color strength, and provide added durability in automotive, industrial, and architectural coatings, even under harsh conditions. Of particular note are metallic pigments for waterborne coatings comprised of a wide variety of chemical passivation and encapsulation technologies, including Benda-Lute AQUARAL VOC-free, water-based pastes, AQUARAL WS pigments for extended gassing stability, and Benda-Lutz SPLENDAL aluminum platelet suspensions for waterborne coatings with premium mirror-like effects, Benda-Lutz STABIL SI aluminum pigments that provide a variety of optical effects for industrial waterborne finishes, Benda-Lutz MAXAL SI aluminum pigment grades for maximum surface reflectivity and travel in automotive coatings, and Benda-Lutz MAXAL EC encapsulated pastes for applications that require resistance to alkali and acid staining.

As increasing numbers of solvent-based formulations are replaced with waterborne alternatives, interest in pigment dispersion technologies has grown. Most companies now offer dispersions as well as traditional pigment pastes and powders. Sun Chemical, for example, will be highlighting its APE-, VOC- and resin-free Sunsperse ECO aqueous pigment dispersions for the in-plant production of ready-mixed colors intended for use in waterborne emulsion architectural paints. Clariant will be emphasizing its Easily Dispersible (ED) pigments, which offer the unique opportunity to combine cost reduction with operational efficiency by simplifying the pigment dispersion process for organic pigments.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to learn about two new dispersions from Emerald Performance Materials. Verdis Dispersions are O-VOC and formaldehyde- and APE-free dispersions for in-plant tinting, while Lucida Colors UV dispersions are energy-curable pigment dispersions for coatings and stains that have low odor and high pigment solids and color strength, and are pourable.

Many of these new pigment dispersions have been made possible by recent developments in dispersing agent technologies. Several additive suppliers at ECS 2013 will be promoting the very latest advances in dispersing aids for pigments. BASF, for example, will be offering its Dispex Ultra PX 4575 VOC- and APEO-free, low-odor dispersing agent for inorganic pigments intended for use in water-based systems. This product is based on controlled free radical polymerization technology (CFRP), which enables precise design of the polymer structure so that it is fine-tuned to fit specific pigment and resin chemistry, according to Keith Wade, business manager for BASF's Formulation Additives business. While it is particularly effective for transparent iron oxides and other inorganic pigments, it also works well with organic pigments including carbon black, and it is compatible with different resin systems used in industrial and architectural coatings. Wade notes that Dispex Ultra PX 4575 is now available in Europe, South America, Asia Pacific, and the NAFTA region.

Dispersogen PL30 for pigment preparations, which is being spotlighted by Clariant at ECS 2013, is one of the first products to be awarded the company's new EcoTain label, which represents Clariant's sustainability efforts at the product level. "A holistic approach expressed in a four-phase life cycle, EcoTain provides a means of assessing and understanding the ecological, economic and social impact of Clariant's products and business activities over the entire value chain," notes Silvia Ziebold, global marketing manager, Business Unit Industrial & Consumer Specialties. Mowilith LDM 1871 for matt paints and Mowilith LDM 1865 for satin and semi-gloss paints from Celanese Emulsion Polymers are VAE-based emulsions for solvent- and plasticizer-free interior paints. Lubrizol will also be promoting its new Solsperse M series of hyperdispersants, which have been developed to work smoothly with multimedia solvents, resins, and pigments for the industrial metal coatings market and are designed for operational ease and flexibility. They also offer excellent pigment wetting and enhanced pigment stabilization.

Finally, Cytec has focused its attention on the development of a universal ultra-low VOC and emulsifier-free grinding media that is suitable for both solventborne and waterborne decorative paints and coatings.

Technology Spotlight: Fire and Heat Protection

Technologies for fire protection coatings are advancing rapidly and making it possible to formulate coatings that are more visually appealing while still providing the required level of protection. On the additive side, Clariant, is offering its Exolit AP line of ammonium phosphate (APP) flame retardants for intumescent coatings, which Adrian Beard, head of marketing and advocacy for Flame Retardants, says make it possible to create an attractive architectural appearance while also offering excellent fire safety by considerably reducing the corrosivity and density of the generated smoke. In addition, no emissions are produced during processing, and the flame retardants are compatible with most binders. Mowilite LDM 1865 from Celanese Emulsion Polymers, while not designed for special fire protection coatings, does offer good fire retardant characteristics along with excellent durability and color retention in exterior paints, such as low emission masonry paints, weather protection wood paints, exterior plasters (ETICS), and textured coatings. Another additive, Solsperse 79000 hyperdispersant from Lubrizol, improves the fire resistance of pre-finished floor sealants and enables the development of formulations that meet industry standards for flame-retardant coatings. According to Dan Latas, global marketing manager, wood coatings, it was particularly created for wood floor coatings where fire retardancy is an essential characteristic.

Wacker, meanwhile, is promoting its new binder VINNAPAS LL 3112, a dispersion for intumescent coatings based on vinyl acetate-ethylene-vinyl ester copolymers that has improved adhesion combined with pronounced foaming and expansion upon exposure to heat, according to Dr. Markus Busold, strategic marketing manager Coatings for WACKER's Dispersions & Resins Business. The formed foam also has long-term stability, increasing the time that the underlying steel structures are protected from the excessive heat of a fire. Some highly fire-resistant coating formulations with VINNAPAS LL 3112 can achieve a class F120 rating (heat protection for up to 120 minutes). The water-based binder also does not contain any organic solvents or plasticizers and is APEO (alkylphenolethoxylate)-free.

SILRES MPF 52E, also from Wacker, is designed for heat-resistant coatings. This water-based binder component consists of an alkoxy-functional silicone resin emulsion that significantly improves the heat resistance of other binders. It also improves the hot-hardness of coatings, increasing their scratch resistance at elevated temperatures. Unlike solvent-based alternatives, though, it is not classified has a hazardous substance and enables the formulation of low-solvent or even solvent-free heat-resistant coatings, according to Dr. Ferdinand Pradl, who heads Wacker's Silicones Business Team Chemical & Textiles. When used as an additive in organic polymer-based coatings, the heat resistance can reach as high as 200[degrees]C, and aluminum coatings that contain SILRES MPF 52E as a binder can be processed at temperatures as high as 500[degrees]C.

Lab Apparatus and Equipment Highlights

New resin and additive chemistries often require new processing conditions and, in some cases, new processing equipment. Given the high activity in the pigment dispersion area, it is not surprising that Buhler will be featuring new predispersing solutions along with its new MicroMedian[TM] X bead mill series at ECS 2013. The company also will be highlighting its service capabilities, and particularly the customized services offered through its Global Service Network. Centers of Competence in Germany and Switzerland and Regional Application Development and Education Centers in the United States, Japan, and China are facilities where testing, analytics, and scale-up can be carried out, and trained field services are also provide tailored support.

On the testing side, Atlas Material Testing Technology will be featuring the latest enhancements to its Ci4000 Weather-Ometer, SUNTEST XXL+ and UVTest weathering instruments. For the Ci Series Weather-Ometer, attendees will learn about the LS-200, an independent, full-spectrum monitoring device to verify compliance with performance-based test methods; WXView (WeatherView) data acquisition software providing remote access for viewing of all test parameters; and more efficient RD-3T specimen holders that can reduce rack-loading time by more than 50%. In addition, a new fully functional user interface with access to an extensive selection of languages and a patented safe calibration process that reduces exposure to UV radiation are being presented for Atlas' UVTest devices. Finally, for the SUNTEST XXL+, the company is introducing an extra large 3081 [cm.sup.2] specimen tray for testing high-volume, large component, and three-dimensional parts, as well as economical non-aging filters.

The European Coatings Show will also provide a venue for attendees to learn more about the latest analytical testing tools and techniques. Brookfield will draw on its more than 65 years of experience to highlight its line of viscometers and rheometers for laboratory and on-line process control applications. All Brookfield viscometers employ the well-known principle of rotational viscometry; they measure viscosity by sensing the torque required to rotate a spindle at constant speed while immersed in a fluid. Q-Lab Corporation will also display its material durability testing products at ECS 2013. In addition to weathering, light stability, and corrosion testers, the company designes and manufactures standard test substrates. Those interested in contract test services will learn about the company's accelerated laboratory testing that is available in Florida, Arizona, and Deutschland.

Whatever the need, it is clear that the coatings industry will find a wide range of solutions at the European Coatings Show.

In the following pages, CoatingsTech previews some additional innovative products and services to be featured at the European Coatings Show.

Air Products Nederland B.V.

Hall 4, Stand 4-358

Air Products is recognized for its innovative culture, operational excellence, and commitment to safety and sustainability. The global supplier of choice for epoxy and specialty additives covering a broad range of applications and markets that value high performance, Air Products offers a full line of performance-oriented epoxy curing agents and modifiers for a wide variety of applications, including protective coatings, civil engineering, adhesives, and composites. Air Products is the market leader in waterborne technology and is taking the next steps in emission-free productive technology.

Alberdingk Boley GmbH

Hall 7, Stand 7-333

ALBERDINGK BOLEY is one of the leading producers of waterborne polymer emulsions and one of the few companies in the European market offering waterborne polyurethane dispersions. We also manufacture castor and linseed oil. As producers of copolymer dispersions on basis of vinyl acetate, styrene, and various esters of acrylic and methacrylic acids, we manufacture all kinds of dispersions for exterior and interior paints, primers, silicate coatings, plasters, and adhesives.

Atlas Material Testing Technology

Hall 5, Stand 5-343

Atlas is a recognized leader in material testing, offering a complete line of instruments and services for accelerated and natural weathering. In addition, the Atlas Consulting Group helps clients from various industries including photovoltaics, coatings, plastics, textiles, automotive and cosmetics develop the best weathering processes for their products. Atlas products are designed and manufactured to conform to international, national and industry standard test methods including ISO, ASTM, DIN, JIS and numerous others.


Hall 7A, Stand 7A-523

BASF is focusing business even more closely on our customers. Our segments, including chemicals, plastics, performance products, functional solutions, agricultural solutions, and oil & gas have been restructured according to related products, customer industries, and production processes. This will enable us to more effectively combine our competencies and knowledge and bring our products and system solutions faster to market. We combine economic success with social responsibility and environmental protection. We make our contribution to finding the answers for global challenges, such as climate protection, energy efficiency, nutrition and mobility.

Burgess Pigment Company

Hall 7, Stand 7-245

Burgess Pigment Company is a leading provider of functional anhydrous and hydrous aluminum silicates specifically designed to contribute key properties to your final product. Servicing specialty coating, plastics, rubber, and cementitious markets for over 60 years, Burgess Pigment Company understands customer performance requirements, and delivers specialized kaolins that provide function and value to formulators. Please take a moment to explore our site, download or request technical information, or help us understand how we can serve you better.

BYK-Chemie GmbH

Hall 4A, Stand 4A-614

BYK is an innovative, but also very service-oriented and customer-focused company. Our products always address current and future market trends. Now more than ever, as environmental concerns are becoming increasingly important and the development of eco-friendly coatings is one of the industry's top priorities, our "Greenability" product line gives our customers access to a full range of high-performance additives. The defining characteristic of BYK additives for environmentally friendly coating systems is that they are suitable for formulating eco-friendly, "green" end products without having to compromise the high level of performance that customers have come to expect.

Clariant International Ltd.

Hall 7, Stand 7-123

Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, will bring its brand values Performance. People. Planet to life at the European Coatings Show. Clariant will present a multitude of sustainable and innovative value-creating solutions for the global paints and coatings industry. Clariant will showcase new product and support solutions together with trusted innovations focused on meeting the specific needs and expectations of its customers in the market segments automotive, industrial, decorative, and wood Coatings. A major spotlight will be on "Sustainability" and "Ease of Use" of products where Clariant draws on the expertise of its various Business Units to offer comprehensive and viable opportunities to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the environmental compatibility of products.

CPS Color

Hall 7. Stand 7-157

CPS Color demonstrates why they are a step ahead of the tinting market. Visitors to CPS Color's booth will examine the new tinting equipment, software, and colorants that underline the company's integrated approach to tinting systems.

Emerald Performance Materials

Hall 1. Stand 1-246

Emerald Performance Materials, LLC produces and markets technologically advanced specialty chemicals for a broad range of food and industrial applications. Its products play a variety of roles in the products that are consumed and used every day enabling them to last longer, look, smell, taste or perform better. Emerald products are used in aerospace, food, beverages, cosmetics, toothpaste, household products, paint, tires, automobiles, sports gear and many other applications.

Evonik Industries

Hall 7A, Stand 7A-323

Evonik Industries, based in Germany, is a global leader in specialty chemicals. Evonik is known worldwide for creative and innovative solutions in the development of products for paint and coating components such as additives, coloring, crosslinkers, matting, resin components, and resins. Ranked among the leaders in the adhesives and sealants industry, Evonik provides solutions for the highest requirements in formulation.


Hall 7A, Stand 7A-223

Heubach is a world leading, independent, and globally active pigment manufacturer. A 200-year history of expertise in pigment production combined with ongoing innovations has enabled the outstanding growth of the Heubach group. We connect manufacturing with global access for high-performance pigments and downstream processing into preparations for coatings. Back integration into organic pigments and inorganic pigments allows for more economic and quality oriented manufacture of pigment preparations.

King Industries, Inc.

Hall 1, Stand 1-642

We add the "performance" to a vast variety of products that are part of our daily lives, from the car you drive to the chips in your computer. While our additive functions are technical by nature, these specialty chemicals impart desirable, value-added properties to the end uses. Whether it is a catalyst used to cure an automotive coating while saving energy or a rust preventive extending a lubricant's life. King's products add the performance that consumers expect from their product choices.

Langguth GmbH

Hall 5, Stand 5-121

Our machines are based on 70-years of "know-how" in the field of labeling technology. Since the company was founded, the name Langguth has symbolized quality for the domestic market as well as the international markets. For customers from very different industries, we design specially tailored solutions of the highest possible technical standard.


Hall 4, Stand 4-251

The Materials Protection business of Lonza Microbial Control provides innovative and cost-effective solutions that bring your products up to today's sustainability standards, while providing the protection you've come to rely upon. Visit us at the European Coatings Show and learn how we can become a responsible part of your environmentally preferred solution.

Omnova Solutions

Hall 7A, Stand 7A-122

OMNOVA Solutions is a technology-based company with 2010 pro forma sales (including the recent ELIOKEM acquisition) of over US$1.1 billion and a global workforce of approximately 3060. At ECS, OMNOVA will display its innovative emulsion polymers in dry powder and latex forms, specialty chemicals, and also decorative and functional surfaces for a variety of commercial, industrial, and residential end uses.


Hall 1, Stand 1-318

Rhodia is an international chemical company resolutely committed to sustainable development. As a leader in its businesses, the Group aims to improve its customers' performance through the pursuit of operational excellence and its ability to innovate. Structured around six Enterprises, Rhodia is the partner of major players in the automotive, tire, electronics, perfume, health and beauty and home care markets. Rhodia Novecare is one of the six Group Enterprises and provides high-performance products and solutions to a wide range of industries including paint and coatings, cosmetics, detergents, agrochemicals and oil, as well as industrial applications.

Troy Corporation


Troy Corporation develops and manufactures performance materials for industry. These materials are used and available in over 100 countries to produce high performing, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly products. Troy's customers include the leading manufacturers in their respective industries. Our objective is to provide superior products and technology to meet the needs of our customers by drawing on the knowledge and expertise that we have developed in over 50 years. Troy's special areas of expertise include:



As a globally operating chemical company and team of specialists, WACKER is focused on the market and is close to our customers. You can depend on our five business divisions' experts in fields such as silicone and polymer chemistry, specialty and fine chemistry, polysilicon production, and semiconductor technologies.


Hall 4,421

Vencorex is a newly formed JV between PTT Global Chemical, Asia-Pacific's leading integrated petrochemical and petroleum refining company, and the Perstorp Group, a world leader inthe specialty chemicals market. The company is the owner of key technologies and a major producer of aliphatic isocyanates and aromatic isocyanate used in polyurethane coatings, adhesives, elastomers, and inks.

Exhibitors (as of February 15, 2013)

20 Microns Ltd.    4-619
3M                 7-212

Aakash Chemicals                                             7A-230
Aako BV                                                       4-650
ABC Chemical Exports Pvt. Ltd                                 4-264
ABCR GmbH & Co. KG                                           4A-316
ABEL GmbH & Co. KG                                            6-152
Abrafati                                                      7-717
ACC BEKU GmbH                                                4A-532
Accoat A/S                                                    6-114
Aceto FineChem GmbH                                          4A-531
ACME Tech Co., Ltd.                                        7A-135.6
ACR Coatings Pvt. Ltd.                                       7A-230
ACT Test Panels LLC                                           5-137
Adacal Endustriyel Mineraller San. ve Tic. A.S.               4-660
ADDAPT Chemicals BV                                           7-112
Adeka Europe GmbH                                            4A-421
adhasion Kleben&Dichten                                       1-148
Aditya Birla Chemicals (Europe) Gmb                           1-218
ADMARK Polycoats Pvt Ltd                                     4A-616
AFCONA Additives Sdn Bhd                                      7-447
AGC Chemicals Europe Ltd.                                    4A-522
AGRANA Starke GmbH 1-233 Air Products Nederland B.V.          4-358
Akzo Nobel Chemicals AG                                       1-434
Akzo Nobel Functional Chemicals AB                            1-434
Akzo Nobel Pulp and Performance Chemicals AB                  1-434
Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry AB                               1-434
ALBA Aluminiu SRL                                            4A-212
Albemarle Europe sprl                                         7-245
Alberdingk Boley GmbH                                         7-333
Alpha Calcit Fullstoff GmbH & Co KG                           7-549
Alroko GmbH & Co KG                                           7-126
Altropol Kunststoff GmbH                                      1-249
Anadolu Mikronize Madencilik Tic.A.S.                  7-457
Anhui Annada Titanium Industry Co., Ltd                    4A-636.1
Anhui Shenjian New Materials Co., Ltd                      7A-635.3
Anhui Xinyuan Chemical Co., Ltd.                           7A-135.8
Anhui Xoanons Chemical Co., Ltd                              4A-605
Anton Paar Germany GmbH                                       5-345
APE Engineering GmbH                                          5-313
Arakawa Europe GmbH                                           4-640
Argon Kimya                                                   7-555
ARICHEMIE GmbH                                                7-239
Arizona Chemical B.V.                                         1-426
ARKEMA France SA                                             4A-424
Arpadis Deutschland GmbH                                     4A-205
Arranged BVBA                                                 6-453
Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corp. Performance Coating Materials     7-522
Asambly Chemicals Co., Ltd.                                4A-336.2
ASCOTEC Sarl                                                  4-271
Ascott Analytical Equipment Ltd.                              5-353
Ashland Service BV                                           4A-422
ASK Chemicals GmbH                                            1-210
Assoc. of Paint Manufacturers of CZ                           4-263
ATCOAT GmbH                                                   4-504
Atlas Material Testing Technology GmbH                        5-343
ATP Engineering B.V.                                          6-208
Aufbereitungstechnologie NOLL GmbH                            5-143
AVEBE U.A.                                                    4-472
AVL Metal Powders n.v.                                       4A-322
AZELIS Deutschland GmbH                                       7-455
AZO GmbH & Co. KG                                             6-331
B&B Benelux                                                   7-714
Bachofen, Willy A. AG Maschinenfabrik                         6-115
Barvy A Laky Teluria, s.r.o                                   4-263
BASF SE                                                      7A-523
Bassermann Minerals GmbH                                     7A-123
Baumhueter Extrusion GmbH                                     1-653
Baxenden Chemicals Ltd                                        1-353
Bayer MaterialScience AG                                     4A-624
BB Resins S.r.l.                                              4-441
BCD Chemie GmbH                                               7-535
BCH Bruhl - Chemikalien Handel GmbH                          4A-602
BellandTechnology AG                                         4-564C
Bema Kunststoffen B.V.                                        5-110
Benasedo, N. SPA                                              1-627
Berg Engineering & Consulting                                 6-245
Betterwear New Material Co. Ltd                            7A-537.5
BIBUS GmbH                                                    6-355
Biesterfeld Spezia lchemie GmbH                               1-540
Bio Pin Processing GmbH                                      7A-602
BIP (Oldbury) Limited                                         7-213
Birla Carbon Columbian Chemicals                              4-426
Bitoner Resin                                               7-655.5
Bitrez Ltd                                                    7-335
Biuged Laboratory Instruments (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.           5-128
BK Giulini GmbH                                               7-345
Bluestar New Chemical Materials Co., LTD                      1-130
Bluestar Silicones France                                     1-352
BNT Chemicals GmbH                                            4-635
Bodo Moller Chemie GmbH                                       7-521
Bohrmann GmbH                                                 7-512
Bollig & Kemper GmbH & Co. KG 7-166 Borica Co., Ltd.          1-649
Robert Bosch GmbH                                             5-149
Boud Minerals Limited                                         4-406
Brabender GmbH & Co. KG                                       5-247
Brabender Messtechnik GmbH & Co.KG                            5-247
BrainLight GmbH                                              4A-530
Bramar Chemie GmbH                                           7A-502
BRB International BV                                          1-144
Barentz Ravago Chemical Specialist BV                        7A-615
Brabender Messtechnik GmbH                                    5-247
BRCS B.V                                                     7A-615
Brenntag Holding GmbH 4-606 Brilliant Group, Inc              7-209
Brookfield E.L.V. GmbH                                        5-152
Bruchsaler Farbenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG                         7-225
Bruggemann Chemical                                           1-120
BRUNO BOCK Chemische Fabrik GmbH & Co.KG                      7-533
BTC Europe GmbH                                              7A-523
Bubbles and Beyond GmbH                                      4-564H
Buhler AG Nanotechnolog                                      7A-222
Bilhler AG Grinding & Dispersing Technologies                 6-211
Burgess Pigment Company                                       7-245
BYK-Chemie GmbH                                              4A-614
BYK-Gardner GmbH                                             4A-614

* Coatings Tech Advertisers appear In bold

C.E.B. IMPIANTI s.r.l                                         5-211
C3 Prozess- u. Analysentechnik GmbH                           5-319
CABO S.r.l                                                    6-238
Cabot Performance Materials                                   1-550
CALCIT d.o.o.                                                 7-150
Caldic Deutschland Chemie B.V.                                7-617
Cales de Llierca, S. A.                                      7A-511
Caltra Nederland BV                                           7-509
Cantarella & Molteni S.r.l                                    5-438
Cappelle Pigments NV                                          4-547
H.C. Carbon GmbH                                             4-564G
Cardolite Specialty Chemicals Europe NV                       1-322
Carlfors Bruk AB                                              1-418
Casone s.p.a                                                  5-125
Cathay Industries Europe n.v.                                 7-422
CCPIT Sub-Council of Chemical Industry                        1-637
CCPIT Sub-Council of Chemical Industry                           4A
C.C.R. SAS                                                    5-442
CEAC AG                                                       5-322
Sa CECA                                                      4A-424
Celanese Emulsions GmbH                                      7A-105
CelluComp Ltd.                                                1-209
Ceronas GmbH & Co. KG                                         7-515
CFF GmbH & Co. KG                                             7-636
Chameleon Colour Systems Limited                              5-307
Changzhou Tronly New Electronic Materials Co.               7-757.6
Chemguard, Inc 4A-606 Chemical Marketing Concepts Europe     7A-533
Chemical Partners Industry                                    4-663
Chemieland International Co., Ltd                             6-335
Chemipol S.A.                                                 7-622
Chemsfield-China Co., Ltd                                  7A-631.5
Chemspeed Technologies AG                                     5-418
Chitec Technology Co., Ltd.                                   7-213
Chromafio Technologies B.V                                   4A-406
CHT R. Beitlich GmbH                                          7-256
CINIC Chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.                          7-223
Clariant International Ltd                                    7-123
Class & Paint s.r.l.                                          7-719
CLiQ SwissTech (Netherlands) B.V                              4-425
CNNC Huayuan Shanghai Titanium Dioxide Co. Ltd             7A-135.1
CNP Polymer GmbH                                              1-257
Coatex S.A.S.                                                4A-424
Coatings Research Group, Inc.                                 5-448
Coatings World Magazine                                       1-146
CoatingsTech/ACA  Collomix Ruhr- und Mischgerate GmbH         5-223
Colltec GmbH & Co. KG                                         7-325
Color Guild                                                   5-448
"COLOR" S.I.M.                                                7-430
Colorana - RG Mineral AS                                      1-643
Colons Global Coloring Concept SAS                           7A-218
ColorLite GmbH                                               4-564A
Colortone                                                     7-205
Colux GmbH                                                   4A-322
ColVisTec AG                                                  5-225
com2C GmbH & Co. KG                                           7-521
Comec SRL                                                     6-255
Productos Concentrol, S.A                                     1-224
Con met GmbH                                                  1-613
Connect Chemicals GmbH                                       4A-629
Coperion GmbH                                                 6-232
CoRi Coatings Research Institute                              5-138
CPS Color B.V.                                                7-157
Crane Process Flow Technologies GmbH                          6-125
Cray Valley SA                                                1-147
Crenovo International Co., Ltd                              7-651.2
CRISTAL Belgium bvba                                          7-545
Croda Nederland B.V.                                          4-464
Cromatos s.r.l                                                7-512
CSB-System AG                                                 5-145
CSC JAKLECHEMIE GmbH & Co KG                                 4A-622
CTP Chemicals and Technologies                                7-351
CTP Egypt S.A.E.                                              7-151
Cytec Surface Specialties SA/NV                               1-312
Cznachem Group                                              7-659.6

D+G Verfahrenstechnik und Dosier-systeme GmbH     6-411
Dai Quan Trading Kunshan Co., Ltd.             7A-537.8
Daikin Chemical Europe GmbH                       4-640
Damolin GmbH                                      1-126
DASAG Gm bH                                       6-411
Datacolor AG Europe                               5-251
DATAPAQ Ltd.                                      5-127
ddchem srl                                        7-646
J. De Vree & Co. N.V                              6-440
DeFelsko Corporation                              5-444
Dennert Poraver GmbH                              4-641
DESO Development, s.r.o.                          4-263
Deuteron GmbH                                     1-114
Dewis GmbH                                        5-437
DFO e.V.                                          5-437
Diamac S.p.A                                      6-226
DIC Performance Resins GmbH                       4-451
Dingxi Longruan Biology Science                 7-745.8
Diransa San Luis S.A.                             1-330
Disperlux GmbH                                    6-433
DKSH GmbH                                         4-541
Dmitrievsky Chemical Plant                        1-652
DOG Deutsche Oelfabrik                            7-158
Dominion Colour Corporation                       7-514
Dongguan Rayton Chemicals Co., Ltd             7A-535.1
Donghui Powder Processing                       6-116.1
Dorfner, Gebr. GmbH & Co.                        7A-213
Dow Corning Europe S.A.                          7A-625
Dow Corning GmbH                                  7-533
Dow Europe GmbH                                  4A-414
Dreyplas GmbH                                     1-531
Dromont SpA                                       6-346
DSM Coating Resins BV                            7A-329
DSM Synres                                       7A-329
DuPont International Operations Sari              7-635
Dura Chemicals, Inc                               7-409
Dutch Polymer Institute                           5-236
Dynax Corporation                                 4-654
Dynea AS                                          7-312
Dyneon GmbH                                       7-212

E & R B.V                             6-215
E.R.C.A. S.P.A.                       4-548
Eagle Polymers                        7-643
Eastman Chemical BV                   7-536
EASYTEC GmbH                          4-564
Febsoft GmbH                          5-231
EC MN                                 7-405
ECEM BV                               1-624
eChem Ltd.                            4-654
Eckart GmbH                          4A-614
Ecopower Chemical                  7A-631.6
Ecronova Polymer GmbH                 1-330
EGE Kimya San ve Tic A.S.             7-629
EICL Limited                         7A-511
Elcometer Ltd.                        5-243
Elementis Services GmbH               1-430
Emerald Performance Materials         1-246
Enaspol a.s.                          4-263
ENTEX                                 5-225
EOC Belgium NV                       4A-609
EP Minerals Europe GmbH & Co. KG      4-635
EPOCAT sprl/bvba                      4-654
EPS Europe                            1-153
C.H. Erbsloh GmbH & Co. KG           7A-331
Erbsloh Lohrheim GmbH                7A-331
Erichsen GmbH & Co. KG                5-353
Ernisunion UAB                        4-341
EST + a.s                             4-263
Estron Chemical                       7-533
Eternal Chemical Co. Ltd.            7A-723
Euroceras Sp.z.o.o.                   7-515
Eurocolori S.r.l                      7-525
Eurofins Product Testing A/S         1-1246
European Coatings Vincentz Network    1-524
Euticals GmbH                         1-508
Everlight Chemical Ind                7-229
Evonik Services GmbH                 7A-323
EXAKT Advanced Technologies GmbH      6-314
Expancel                              1-434

Fachschule fur Lacktechnik                             5-431
Fangyuan Titanium Qianjiang Industry Co., Ltd       7A-635.1
FARBE UND LACKE                                        1-524
FARRL GmbH                                            7A-619
Fast & Fluid Management B.V.                           5-111
Feige Filling GmbH                                     6-338
Feistmantl Cleaning Systems GmbH                       5-426
Fenchem Biotek Ltd                                     7-506
Ferro GmbH                                             1-456
FIBRO System AB                                       5-3506
FIDI GmbH Recyclingtechnik                             5-124
Finma Chemie GmbH                                      1-623
Fischer. Helmut GmbH                                   5-453
Flow2grow - Ingenieurburo                              5-437
Fluid Solutions GmbH                                   6-325
FLUX-GERATE GMBH                                       5-213
Focus Chemical Limited                                 4-637
Forschungsgesellschaft for Pigmente und Lacke e.V.     5-227
Franklin International                                 1-257
Fraunhofer-Institut fur Fertigungstechnik              5-241
Fricke Abfulltechnik GmbH & Co. KG                     6-147
Frintrup. Hans GmbH                                    5-126
Fritsch GmbH                                           5-417
FrymaKoruma GmbH                                       5-108
Full Systembau GmbH                                    6-231
Fujifilm OXY Group BVBA Hunt Chemicals                 7-407
Future Carbon GmbH                                     5-443

Galactic SA/NV                             1-221
Galstaff Multiresine S.p.A.                1-617
Gaomi Yinying Telenogoly Co., Ltd       7A-537.6
GB-Chemie GmbH                             7-340
Gelest Inc                                4A-402
Gemini Dispersions Ltd.                    7-514
Gemini Techniek B.V.                       6-108
GEO Specialty Chemicals Ltd                4-659
Geotech International B.V.                 1-660
Geppert Ruhrtechnik GmbH                   6-333
GGink International Limited                7-638
Gharda Chemicals Limited                   4-340
Godavari Biorefineries Ltd                 7-152
GOhler GmbH & Co. KG Anlagentechnik        6-455
Gokkaya Makina Tic.Ltd.Sti.         6-144
Grace GmbH & Co. KG                        4-409
Graf & Co. GmbH Technologie Service        1-432
Grieser Maschinenbau und Service GmbH      6-155
GRIMM Metallpulver GmbH                    7-132
Groku Kunststoffe GmbH                     5-121
Grolman Group                             7A-511
GSI Europe-Import+Export GmbH              7-568
GTI GmbH                                   5-151
Guangzhou Silok Polymer Co. Ltd           7A-301
ailmer Madencilik Tic. A.S.         7-735
Guild CPO, Inc.                            5-448
GUTH Chemie                                6-355

HABICH GmbH                                   7-215
G.E. HABICH'S SOHNE GmbH & Co. KG             4-618
Hagedorn-NC GmbH                              4-412
HALOX, A Division of ICL Performance LP      7A-331
Hangzhou Brilliant Chemical Co. Ltd         7-745.4
Hangzhou Colorful Pigment Co., Ltd.           4-422
Hangzhou Dery Chemical Co., Ltd.            7-651.3
Hanzhou dimachema pigment Co., Ltd          7-667.1
Hangzhou Jingyi Chemical Co., Ltd          4A-336.1
Hangzhou JLS Flame Retardants                 7-429
Hangzhou Ruijiang Chemical Co. Ltd            7-641
Hangzhou Sino-French Industrial Co., Ltd      4-625
Hangzhou Synox Pigments Co., Ltd              1-122
HARKE Chemicals GmbH                          7-544
Hasler Deutschland GmbH                       5-112
Hauschild & Co. KG                            6-117
Hauthaway                                     7-438
HAVER & BOECKER OHG                           6-338
HDSG (Beijing) Technology Co. Ltd             4-239
Hebei Oxen Special Chemicals Co, Ltd.       7-567.5
Aug. Hedinger GmbH & Co.KG                    7-233
HELIOS, Tovarna barv, lakov in                7-640
Hellema Kleurkaarten B.V.                     5-428
Helm AG                                       7-358
Heraeus Noblelight Fusion                     5-133
HERO Europe S.r.l                             5-315
Heubach GmbH                                 7A-223
Hildering Packaging BV                        7-201
Hi nterwaldner Consulting & Partner           5-135
HOBUM Oleochemicals GmbH                      4-642
Hochschule Esslingen                          5-235
Hochschule Munchen                            5-132
Hochschule Niederrhein                        5-437
Hoffmann Mineral GmbH                         4-614
Holliday Pigments SAS                         1-614
Honeywell Belgium NV                          4-640
Hosokawa Alpine AG                            6-233
Hosokawa Bepex GmbH                           6-233
HOVER GmbH                                    5-421
HPF The Mineral Engineers Quarzwerke GmbH    7A-605
HSH Chemie GmbH                               1-546
HSH-Systeme fur Prozess-IT gmbh               6-331
Jiangsu Hualun Chemical                    7A-631.1
Hubei Bluesky New Materials Inc.              1-144
Hubei Greenhome Fine Chemical Co. Ltd       7-739.4
Hubei Xinjing Material Co., Ltd            7A-631.2
Huiyun Titanium Guangdong                     4-270
Hunan Jufa Technology Co. Ltd              4A-436.3
Huntsman Belgium BVBA                         7-563
Hurtz, Anton GmbH & Co. KG                    5-126
Hybrid Coating Technologies                  4A-407

IBU-tec advanced materials AG                 4-500
ICAP-SIRA Chemicals & Polymers SpA            4-640
Idealtec srl                                  6-110
IEC Plant Engineering Sdn Bhd                 5-316
IGM Resins B.V.                              4A-431
ILF Forschungs- und                           5-329
IMCD Deutschland GmbH & Co KG                7A-506
IMERYS Minerals Ltd.                          7-433
IMI Fabi S.p.A.                               7-214
IMPAG AG                                      4-654
Incorez Ltd.                                  1-508
Indian Chemical Industries (ICI)              7-644
INEOS Melamines GmbH                          1-650
INEOS Paraform GmbH & Co. KG                  1-650
INEOS Oligomers Services Belgium NV           1-650
INEOS Vinyls Sales GmbH                       1-650
Ingenieurburo Quade GmbH                      5-207
Ingtec-Pneumacon AG                           5-122
lnkmaker s.r.l                                5-215
Inner Mongolia Huasheng Kaolin Co., Ltd     7-745.5
Innova (Tianjin) Chemical Co. Ltd           7-659.3
lnnovadex GmbH                                7-513
Innovent e.V                                  5-136
lnnowep GmbH                                  5-450
Insight High Technology Co. Ltd            7A-537.1
Institut fur Holztechnologie                  5-433
Institut fur Lacke und Farben e.V.            5-329
Interpolymer GmbH                             7-507
Ionian Kalk S.A                               1-214
IOT - Innovative Oberflachen Technologies     5-114
IPEL Itibanyl Produtos                        7-656
Ipox chemicals GmbH                           7-114
IQChem Inc.                                   7-312
Industrias Quimicas del Ebro SA               7-512
Ircom-EKT                                     6-433
Iris Green srl                               7A-311
ISI PLAST S.p.A                               6-413
1ST Italia Sistemi Tecnologici srl            5-211
1ST Metz GmbH                                 5-447
1ST Pumpen und Dosiertechnik GmbH             6-151
ITALCEMENTI GROUP S.p.A                       7-319
ITOCHU Deutschland GmbH                       4-605

J Color Chemicals Corp., Ltd.        7A-635.6
Janssen PMP                             7-436
JAYSYNTH Europe Ltd.                    7-723
JDSU Flex Products Group                7-115
JECO Pigment EUROPE GMBH               7A-514
Jessberger GmbH                         6-141
Jiangsu Cale New Material Co., Ltd.   7-655.4
Jiangsu Multicolor                      4-609
Jiangsu Qingquan Chemical Co., Ltd.   7-745.1
Jiangsu Runtai Chemical Co. Ltd       7-745.3
Jiangsu Shuangle Chemical             7-757.1
Jiangsu Tianyin Chemical              7-757.2
Jiangsu Yabang Pigment Co., Ltd.      7-651.5
Jiangsu Yinyan Specialty                4-420
Jiangxi Tikon Titanium Co., Ltd.      7-655.1
Jobachem GmbH                          4A-429
Jordan Minerals Est.                    7-546
JUCHHEIM Laborgerate GmbH               6-409
JungSung-Polyester                      4-408
JYOTI Ceramic GmbH                      7-445
JUCHHEIM Laborgerate GmbH               6-409
JungSung-Polyester                      4-408
JYOTI Ceramic GmbH                      7-445

K&H Chemicals                          1-230
Karntner Montan ind ustrie GmbH        1-523
KAHL GmbH & Co. KG                     1-610
Kaltun Mining Company                  7-518
KaMin LLC                              4-640
Kaneka Belgium NV                      1-424
Keim-Additec Surface GmbH              7-515
KEMITEKS KIMYA SANAYI VE              4A-615
REM PRO KIM MAD VE DIS TIC AS          7-169
Kenrich Petrochemicals, Inc.          7A-619
KERNEOS SA                             1-555
KEYSER & MACKAY                        1-508
Keystone Europe Ltd                    4-440
G. A. Kiesel GmbH                      6-347
King Brother Chem Co Ltd              4A-219
King industries, Inc.                  1-642
King's Ceramics & Chemicals            5-427
Knoll Maschinenbau GmbH                5-328
Kochen, Alfred GmbH & Co.KG            7-115
Konica Minolta Sensing Europe B.V.     5-351
Kowa Europe GmbH                       1-628
Robert Kraemer GmbH & Co. KG           1-612
Krahn Chemie GmbH                     4A-516
Kraton Polymers Nederland BV           4-640
Krautzberger GmbH                      5-347
KREATE BVBA                            7-125
Kromachem LTD.                         7-136
Kronos International, Inc.             7-113
Kruss GmbH                             5-327
Kruse GmbH & Co. KG                   7A-123
KS Chemie GmbH                         5-425
KS CNT CO., Ltd.                       4-530
Kukdo Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.      4-413
Kuncai Fine Chemicals                  4-414
Kunshan PG Chem Co. Ltd             4A-636.6
Kuraray Europe GmbH                    1-454
Kusumoto Chemicals                    7A-331

L.U.M. GmbH                                        5-245
Labema                                             7-167
Labman Automation Ltd                              5-130
Lambert S.p.A                                      7-543
Lambiotte & Compagnie                              4-639
Lambson Ltd                                        1-125
Lang Farbe Powder Coating Technology Co., Ltd.    7A-531
Langguth GmbH                                      5-121
Langley-Smith & Co Ltd                             7-443
LANXESS Deutschland GmbH                           7-145
Lapinus Fibres                                     7-124
LARGO Innova AB                                    6-220
Laviosa Chimica Mineraria S.p.A.                   1-457
Lawter bvba                                       7A-308
LCY Chemical Corp                                  1-257
Lehmann & Voss & Co. KG                            1-416
LEL Group                                         7A-331
Leneta Company, Inc.                              4A-516
LEON ICE SA                                        5-322
LEUNA-Harze GmbH                                   7-364
Liaoning Liangang Pigment & Dyestuff             7-567.3
Liebau METOX Gesellschaft mbH                      7-215
Liebisch GmbH & Co. KG                             5-153
Lishui Nanming Chemical Co. Ltd                 4A-636.5
Jiangsu Litian Technology Co., Ltd                4A-220
Liwang Chemical (Nantong) Co., Ltd               7-745.7
Dr. Paul Lohmann GmbH KG                           1-222
Lona Industries Limited                           4A-215
Longhua, Shantou                                  7A-511
Lonza Microbial Control                            4-251
The Lubrizol Corporation                           1-554
Luengo Color S.L.                                  7-642
Luhne Messtechnik                                  5-452
Zibo Luhua Hongjin Chemical Co., Ltd            4A-436.1
Lutz Pumpen GmbH                                   6-246

M Pompe Sri.                                              6-226
Macn Chemicals SrL                                        7-648
Walter Mader AG                                           7-245
MAFLON                                                    1-220
Mallak Specialties Private Limited                        7-730
Marimex Industries GmbH                                   5-344
Werner Mathis AG                                          5-238
Mazda Colours Limited                                     7-250
Megara Resins S.A                                         1-450
Meghmani Europe Bvba                                      7-645
Menacliona SL                                            4A-534
Merck KGaA                                                1-616
Merris Engineering Ltd                                    5-324
The Metal Powder Company Ltd.                             1-324
Metalest FACT S.p.A                                       7-512
Michelman SARL                                            7-523
Micro Powders, Inc                                        7-144
Microbeads AS                                             4-272
Microfill K. Zafranas S.A.                                1-619
Microtrac Europe GmbH                                     5-228
MIFAR S.P.A.                                              4-615
MILTONIA doo                                              6-148
Minelco GmbH                                              4-519
Minerals Girona S.A.                                      7-115
Ming-Zu Chemical Ind. Ltd.                                7-202
Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic      4-263
Mirodur S.p.A 6-451 Miwon Specialty Chemical Co., Ltd.    4-415
Mixaco Dr. Herfeld GmbH & Co. KG                          6-225
H. Moller GmbH & Co. KG                                   7-243
Momentive Specialty Chemicals GmbH                       7A-231
De Monchy International BV                               7A-501
Mondo Minerals B.V                                       4A-621
Monument Chemical bvba                                   4A-630
Morchem, S.A                                             7A-302
Mount Packaging Systems Ltd.                              6-245
mtv messtechnik oHG                                       5-150
MONZING Chemie GmbH                                       1-446
MONZING Liquid Technologies GmbH                          1-446
MONZING Micro Technologies GmbH                           1-446
Muhr & Sohne GmbH & Co. KG                                5-423
Muster-Schmidt                                            5-451
MY-CHEM GmbH                                              7-367
Myriant Corporation                                       1-626

Nabaltec AG                                    7A-511
Nagase Europa GmbH                              1-648
Nanjing Chemicals United Industrial           7-659.4
Nanjing Sisib Silicones Co., Ltd.             1-637.6
NANO-X GmbH                                    7A-220
Nanophase Technologies                          1-418
Nantong Longxiang/Wellton Chemical Co. Ltd    7-663.7
Nantong Zhengyan Pigments Chemical Co., Ltd.    7-168
NCS Colour AB                                   5-446
Necarbo B.V                                     7-313
NETZSCH-Condux Mahltechnik  GmbH                6-318
NETZSCH-Feinmahltechnik GmbH                    6-318
NETZSCH-Geratebau GmbH                          6-318
Neuman & Esser GmbH                             6-228
Neuvendis Spa                                   7-306
New Eastern Chemical Industry                 7-567.1
Newchem AG                                     7A-116
Newport Industries Ltd                          7-330
Wilhelm Niemann GmbH & Co                       6-227
NIL                                             5-134
Ningbo Hongda IMP & EXP Co. Ltd               7-651.6
Ningbo Xinfu Titanium                        4A-636.8
Nippon Gohsei Europe GmbH                      7A-225
Cia. Nitro Quimica Brasileira                   4-540
Nitroil[R] Performance Chemicals GmbH          4A-201
Nobel NC Europe Ltd.                            4-248
NOLLSchattgutveredelung GmbH                    5-143
Nordkalk Oy Ab                                 7A-511
Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH                         4-640
NOVACHEM SRL                                    7-149
Novaresine srl                                  4-441
Novasol N.V.                                    7-323
NUBIOLA PIGMENTOS S.L.                         7A-229
NurnbergMesse China Co., Ltd.                7A-135.5
NurnbergMesse North America Inc.                    -
Nuplex Resins by                                7-133
Nyco Minerals Inc.                             4A-405

OAS AG                                 6-242
Obegi Chemicals Group                  4-417
OFRU-Recycling GmbH & Co. KG           6-234
Oil and Colour Chemists' Association   1-357
Oleon NV                               1-548
Oliver y Bathe S.A.                    6-432
OMG Borchers GmbH                     4A-625
Omnova Solutions SAS                  7A-122
Omya GmbH                              7-245
OpSyTec GmbH                           5-338
ORGANIK KIMYA                          7-463
Orgapaste S.A.R.L                      4-426
Orion Engineered Carbons GmbH         7A-131
Omega Minerals Germany GmbH            7-130
Heinrich Osthoff-Petrasch              7-128
Overlack GmbH                          7-235
OXEA GmbH                              1-516

Paint & Pintura and Construchemical     1-140
Paint Media LLC                         5-429
Paksoy Kimyevi Maddeler                4A-401
Pangang Titanium Industry Co., Ltd     7A-211
Panzhihua Taihai                        4-448
Patcham (FZC)                          4A-206
C Laborsystem GmbH                      6-317
PCI Paint and Coatings Industry         1-150
Penpet Petrochemical Trading GmbH       7-110
Perstorp Holding AB                    7A-623
PES Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH           5-231
Picassian Polymer                       7-425
Pidilite Industries Ltd.               7A-710
Pigmentan Ltd                           7-225
Pilvad-Diaf A/S                         6-126
Pirovano S.R.L.                         6-327
Pitture e Nernici                       5-348
Plastbud Sp.z.o.o                       4-651
PO.INT.ER S.R.I                         4-613
Z "Police" aklady Chemiczne S.A         1-123
Poly-Chem AG                            7-368
Polygon Chemie AG                       7-312
Polyrheo Inc                            1-645
Polystar LLC                           7A-232
Portasilo Limited                       6-119
Posichem                                4-514
Potters Ballotini Ltd                   7-624
PPG Industries, Inc.                    7-213
PQ Corporation                          7-624
Pera Technology LTD                     1-132
PRA Coatings Technology Centre          1-132
Prakash Chemical Intl. Pvt. Ltd         7-725
Prasad International Ltd                7-733
Precheza a.s. Prerov                    7-357
Pritty Pearlescent Pigments Co., Ltd.   7-414
Prochema Handelsgesellschaft mbH       4A-616
PROFARB                                 6-111
Profi L-Clip GmbH                       6-343
Profiltra Pigments B.V.                 1-429
Prom indsa SA                           1-344
Promitec GmbH                           6-243
Protec Systempasten GmbH                7-727
Protrade Asia Limited                4A-436.2
Provencale s.a.                        7A-117
NV Proviron Functional Chemicals        4-254
Pugh & Co. International s.a.           7-613
Puhler Feinmahltechnik Co. Ltd          5-430
Purac Biochem B.V.                      1-346
PURPLAN GmbH                            6-342

Q-Lab Europe Ltd.                       5-131
Qingdao Aspirit Chemical Co., Ltd     7-663.6
Qingdao Eastsun Chemical               7A-634
Qingdao Higree Chemical Co. Ltd       7-651.4
Qingdao San huan Colorchem Co., LTD  7A-631.4
Quaan GmbH                              7-309
QualityLabs BT GmbH                     5-140
Quantachrome GmbH & Co. KG              5-142
Quanzhou Sanwei Chemical              7-651.1
Quartz Business Media Ltd               1-136

R2 Group A/S                              7-558
RadTech Europe                            5-342
RAHN AG                                   1-316
Raimund Muller GmbH & Co. KG              7-213
RAL gGmbH                                 5-141
Ramdev Chemical Industries                1-127
RAS Materials GmbH                       4-564D
Reichhold Inc                             4-439
Reich hold Kimya San. TIC.A.S             4-530
D.W. Renzmann Apparatebau GmbH            5-425
Resin Chemicals Co., Ltd                7-739.5
Resinall Europe BVBA                     7A-611
RESITAN Co                                4-401
Respol-Resinas S.A.                       1-656
Retsch GmbH                               5-229
Retsch Technology GmbH                    5-229
J. Rettenmaier & SOhne                    7-344
Reverdia V.O.F                            4-671
RHE Handel Engineering                    6-209
RheoTec Messtechnik GmbH                  5-152
Rhodia Operations SAS, Rhodia Novecare    1-318
Rhoda Pollamide e Especialidades          1-318
Rhopoint Instrumentation Ltd              5-341
Rianlon Chemical Co., Ltd.                1-418
Richard Hess MBV GmbH                     5-151
RishiChem Distributors Pvt. Ltd           7-652
RK Print Coat Instruments Ltd.            5-353
Rocholl GmbH                              5-237
Rockwood Specialties LTD                  1-614
Rockwood Clay Additives GmbH              1-614
Rockwood Specialities Ltd                 1-614
ROHRIG gra nit GmbH                       1-326
Rokospol a.s.                             4-263
RokuPrint GmbH                            6-138
Rosin Chemical (Wuping) Co., Ltd.         1-149
Rotec GmbH & Co. KG                       4-501
Roundliner GmbH                           5-224
ROWA Lack GmbH                            1-609
Rowis System Spoke Jawna                  4-651
RPA Process Sasu                          5-112
RS Rohstoff-Sourcing GmbH                 7-116
RSW-Orga GmbH                             5-334
RUDOLF GmbH                               1-646
RUTGERS Novares GmbH                     7A-205
Russell Finex NV                          5-321

S&B Industrial Minerals GmbH                       7-310
Sachtleben Chemie GmbH                            7A-113
Sade GmbH                                          6-446
SAFIC ALCAN                                        7-313
Samsung Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.                   4-450
Sanhua Zhengzhou Technology                        5-323
Sanmu Group Jiangsu                               7A-305
Socita' Italiana per L'Industria                   4-612
Sartomer Europe, a division of Arkema             4A-424
Sasol Olefins & Surfactants                        1-644
Sasol Wax GmbH                                     1-644
SBS Steel Belt Systems S.r.l                       6-244
Schaefer Kalk GmbH & Co KG                        7A-129
Scheidel GmbH & Co KG                              1-559
Schill + Seilacher "Struktol" GmbH                 7-540
Schlenk Metallic Pigments GmbH                    7A-217
Schlieper & Heyng GmbH & Co. KG                   4A-622
Stephan Schmidt KG                                 1-615
Kurt Schneider                                     6-309
Schoeller Arca Systems                             6-146
Harold Scholz & Co. GmbH                           7-225
Bernd Schwegmann GmbH & Co. KG                     7-469
Schwelm Anlagentechnik GmbH                        6-449
Schwerdtel, Ludwig GmbH                            6-345
Schwinn Etikettiersysteme GmbH                     5-352
Scott Bader Co. Ltd                                1-651
SE Tylose GmbH & Co KG                            7A-325
Sekisui                                           7A-511
Sekisui Plastics Europe B.V                        1-623
Sewin (Shanghai) Packaging Materials Co., Ltd.  7A-635.5
SH Minerals GmbH                                   7-620
Shamrock Technologies BVBA                         1-235
Shandong Doguide Co., Ltd.                        4A-218
Shandong Jingjin Environmental Protection          5-116
Shandong Sunshine Pigment Co., Ltd              7A-634.2
Shandong Yuanli Science                          7-663.5
Shanghai Bluepard Instruments                      5-320
Shanghai Jiuta Chemical Co., Ltd                 7-567.2
Shanghai Qilong Chemical Co. Ltd                 7-655.3
Shanghai Sower Mechanical &                        5-219
Shanghai World-Prospect                          7-663.2
Shanxi Huachang Chemical Co., Ltd               4A-636.7
Shell International                                1-131
Sheng Shyan Machine Co., Ldt                       6-140
Shenghong Resin                                  7-739.2
Shenghua Group Deqing Huayuan                          -
Anhui Shenjian New Materials Co Ltd             7A-635.3
Shepherd Color International, Inc                  7-215
Shikoku Chemicals Corporation                     7A-511
Shin Etsu International Europe BV                 7A-325
Shin Etsu Silicones Europe BV                     7A-325
Shiraishi Kogya Kaisha, Ltd.                       7-245
SIAM                                               4-430
Sibelco Specialty                                 7A-313
Sichuan Lomon Titanium                          7A-537.2
Shanghai SIEHE Mechanical &                        5-325
Silberline Ltd.                                    1-118
SILCONA GmbH & Co. KG                              7-515
SiLi Sigmund Lindner GmbH                          6-438
SILIC0NI4[R]                                       7-146
SIItech Corporation                               4A-533
Silysiamont S.p.A.                                 1-623
Simon & Werner GmbH                                1-546
Simpsons UK LTD                                    1-119
Sincol Technology Corporation Limited              7-355
Sino-holding Chemicals                             4-434
Sinochem Jiangsu Co., Ltd.                        7A-207
Sinosteel Maanshan Glass                         7-739.3
Sioen Chemicals                                    7-329
SIR lndustriale S.p.A.                             4-526
SNCZ                                               4-640
Societa Chimica Larderello S.p.A.                  7-245
Solvadis chemag gmbh                               4-635
Solvay Bario e Derivati S.p.A.                     1-318
Solvay Chemicals GmbH                              1-318
Solvay Specialty Polymers Italy SpA                1-318
Sommer GmbH & Co. KG                               6-338
Sovitec, SA Beads Belgium                          7-744
Specialty Minerals Inc.                            1-508
Spolchemie                                         4-470
Spring Green Corporation                         7-757.4
Stahl Europe b.v                                   7-418
Stavebni vyzkum, s.r.o.                            4-263
Stepan Europe                                      4-242
Straetmans High TAC GmbH                           7-120
STW Schwarzwalder Textilwerke                      1-630
Styron Europe GmbH                                 4-640
Sudarshan Europe BV                                7-356
Suddeutsche Emulsions-Chemie GmbH                  7-245
PJSC Sun Chemical Performance Pigments             4-451
Sunkem Endustri Urun.                             7A-331
Suparna Chemicals Ltd.                             7-612
Surchem SR ZOO                                     7-312
Sympatec GmbH                                      5-253
Synchemie Co. Ltd.                              7A-135.3
SYNPO                                              4-263
Synthecoat slu                                     1-422
Synthesia, a.s.                                    7-357
Synthomer Deutschland GmbH                         7-143
Synthopol Chemie                                   7-363
Synthos S.A.                                       4-442
Synthron                                           7-528

TA Instruments                          5-233
Taizhou Yojoy Chemical Co. Ltd.      7A-537.3
Taminco NV                             7A-331
Tanatex Chemicals By.                   1-244
Tayca Corporation                      7A-106
Tekhpromsintez Ltd                      1-142
Tecos ag                                5-107
Teja Engineering Sp.zo.o.               6-433
Tennants Distribution Ltd.              4-615
Tennants GmbH                           4-615
Tennants Textile Colours Ltd            4-615
Ter Hell & Co. GmbH                     1-546
Tetrakem Kimya San Tic AS              4A-224
The Paint & Finishing News              1-530
Thermo Scientific                       5-120
Thor GmbH                               7-633
Tianjin Huge Roc Enterprises Co Ltd     4-258
Tianjin Jiuri Chemical Co., Ltd        4A-219
Tianjin Surfychem T&D Co., Ltd        7-663.8
Tianlong Chemicals Co., Ltd             4-650
TIB Chemicals AG                       7A-528
Timmer-Pneumatik GmbH                   6-351
Tinox Chemie GmbH                       4-448
Tinting Systems Company                 1-410
TITAN PJSC Crimea                       7-155
TMI Europe GmbH & Co. KG               5-350B
Tokan Material Technology Co. Ltd      7A-511
Tolexis Enterprises AG                  7-155
Tolsa S.A.                              7-245
Tongling Rely Technology Co., Ltd.   4A-636.2
Topwell Corporation Limited             7-355
Torso-Verlag e.K.                       5-249
TOSOH Europe B.V.                      7A-328
Toyal Europe S.A.S.0                   4A-516
TQC by                                  5-144
Tradicon GmbH                           1-324
Tramaco GmbH                            1-609
Triuni Danmark ApS                      4-646
Tronox Pigments (Holland) B.V.          7-135
TROY Chemie GmbH                       7A-125
Trust Chem Co., Ltd.                    7-625
TSRC (LUX) Corporation S.a.r.l          1-546

U.C.I.C. S.r.l.                       7-105
UBE Chemical Europe S.A.              7-524
UCON AG Containersysteme KG           6-320
Umicore nv                           7A-613
Umicore Specialty Materials          7A-611
UNI-FORDERTECHNIK GmbH                6-447
Unibrom Corp.                       7-745.6
Unichem Global Co., Ltd.           7A-135.3
Union Colours Ltd                     7-355
United Performance Materials Corp     1-257
Univar Europe Ltd.                   7A-625
Universal Mills GmbH                  4-629
Universitat Paderborn                 5-437

Vandeputte Oleochernica Is       1-124A
Vanora                            4-348
IPV Industrie-Pumpen              6-218
VB Technochemicals SA             7-544
Velox GmbH                        1-418
VENCOREX France SAS               4-421
Verdcol Ltd                      7A-511
Verder Deutschland GmbH           6-230
Vereinigde Oliefabrieken B.V.     1-230
Vibfast Pigments Pvt. Ltd        7A-101
Vibro-Mac SRL                     6-139
Vijay Chemical Industries         4-471
VIL Resins Limited                7-327
VILF e.V.                         5-435
Vinati Organics Ltd               1-611
Vinavil S.p.A.                    7-343
VIncentz Network GmbH & Co. KG    1-524
Vink Chemicals GmbH & Co. KG      1-223
VISCO JET Riihrsysteme GmbH       6-344
Viscotech Hispania, SL            5-250
Vliegenthart B.V                  7-201
VLM GmbH                          5-407
VMA-Getzmann GmbH                 6-311
VMI                               5-314
Vollrath GmbH                     6-425
VTA Verfahrenstechnische Anlagen  6-418

Wacker Chemie AG                        1-510
Wanlong Chemical Co., Ltd            7A-135.7
WeiKem Chemical Co., Ltd                7-426
Wellchem Flame Retardant Ltd.        7A-631.3
Westerlins Maskinfabrik AB               6427
Winterthur Instruments AG              5-350A
Wipp-Armaturen GmbH                     6-408
WIWA                                    5-337
WIWOX GmbH Surface Systems              5-311
Wollner GmbH & Co. KG                   7-315
The Wolf Safety Lamp Co. Ltd.           5-411
Wolftechnik                             6-431
Woodchem B.V.                           1-223
Worlee-Chemie GmbH                      7-533
WP-ARO GmbH                             6-150
WPC Technologies, Inc                  7A-511
Wuxi Acryl Chemical Co. Ltd            4A-616
Wuzhou Long Teng Chemical Co., Ltd.  4A-636.4

X-Rite Europe GmbH  5-346
Xemec Oy            6-149
Xtrutech Limited    6-415

Yamada Europe B.V.                     6-355
Yancheng City Kelan Pigment          7-757.5
Yantai Electrostatic                   6-142
Yantai Lingyu Powder                 6-116.3
Yantai Yuanli Machinery              6-116.2
Yaveon AG                              5-146
Yillong Chemical Group Ltd.            7-339
Yinchuan Baihong Chemical Co. Ltd     4A-403
Yipin Pigments Co. Ltd                 4-572
Yixing City Yuxing Pigment Factory    4A-216
Yong Feng Chemical Co. Ltd          7A-535.2
EURO-YSER. Prod Quimicos S.A.          4-664
Ystral gmbh                            6-145
Ytron Process Technology               6-112
Yunnan Zechang Titanium Industry       7-731
Yuron Chemical Industry             7A-135.4

ZaneIli S.r.l.                                        6-315
Zehntner GmbH                                         5-445
Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH Optical Sensor Systems     5-331
Zeochem AG                                            1-623
Zeppelin Reimelt GmbH                                 5-415
ZEYA Chemicals (Haimen) Co., Ltd                      4-428
Zhangqiu Metallic Pigment Co., Ltd.                 7-739.6
Zhejiang Fanyang Chemical Co., Ltd                 7A-537.4
Zhejiang Feidian Chemical Co., Ltd                  7-739.1
Zhejiang Genky Chemical Co., Ltd.                   7-659.5
Zhejiang Haishen Chemical Co., Ltd                   4A-208
Zhejiang Riwa Group Co., Ltd                        7-567.4
Zhejiang Ruicheng Effect Pigment                      1-525
Zhejiang Shengda Charter Win                          7-746
Zhengzhou Haiyang Fiberglass Co.Ltd                   4-653
Zhenjiang Great Honest Inc.                         1-637.1
Zibo Luhua Hongjin Chemical                        4Z-436.1
Ziegler & Co. GmbH                                    7-305

by Cynthia Challener, CoatingsTech Contributing Writer
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Title Annotation:EUROPEAN COATINGS SHOW 2013
Publication:JCT CoatingsTech
Article Type:Company overview
Date:Mar 1, 2013
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