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Looking for some absurd action? The fun Fraternity wants you... WANTED (18,114 mins) Action *****.

SOMETIMES the most fun you can have in a cinema comes from watching something ridiculous.

Just because The Matrix had some interesting theory behind its hyper-slick special effects doesn't mean it wasn't still absolute non sense, as the subsequent two sequelsproved.

But the greatthing about Wanted, unlike the Matrix films it apes, is that it never takes itself seriously.

Skint accountant Wesley(James Mc Avoy)discovers his girlfriend is sleeping with his best mate, so when sexy stranger Fox(Angelina

Jolie) offers torecruit him intoThe Fraternity - asecret society of assassin sunder the leadership of the enigmatic Sloan(Morgan Freeman) - he jumps at the chance to leave his life behind.

Sloan and his team trans form the shy office worker into as leek killing machine but as Wesley embraces his bloodthirsty destiny, he realizes his mentors might not be as noble as they seem.

Wanted is the English-language debut from Timur Bekmambetov, the visionary director behind Russian blockbuster Night Watch, and he brings his stunning visuals and wonderful imagination to bear here.

Between its superbaction set-piece sand gravity-defying a crobatics this escapist fantasy, full of adult humour and language, lashes on the violence at the expense of its supporting characters. But Mc Avoyunder goes a convincing transformation and his American accent is excellent, while the chemistry with Jolie bubbles undernicely.

The plotisabsurd a society of assassins descended from ancient weavers who tell the future in strands of thread!? but crucially Bekmambetov knows it Great big stupid fun
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jun 27, 2008
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