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Looking for queerer TV.

Tune in to television shows depicting teenage life, and you will see them struggling with romance. Oh, the crazy drama they can create! They teach us that youth is spent learning about ourselves by learning how to deal with others--unless you're gay.

Give me one show geared toward youth in America with a serious gay romance. It didn't happen while I was growing up. I didn't even know I was gay, because I didn't fit the stereotype. Never mind that I had crushes on boys; I had no clue how to act on them. Sure, if I had wanted to ask my classmates Suzie or Molly out on a date, I could have done what I saw boys on TV do when they had a crush on a girl. But there was nothing depicting a boy with a crush on another boy, nothing for me to learn from.

Now I am a student at the State University of West Georgia, and along with studying for exams, researching papers, and reading awful amounts of books, I have to learn how to date. But a serious relationship seems a fantasy to me, just like those relationships I saw on television. They never were quite real since they never spoke to my feelings. In fact, queer kids on TV didn't have relationships. They were the "good friend" to the leading girl or the kid who was beaten up. They got AIDS and died.

I just want to know how to have a relationship. And I want my misspent television-addicted youth back! I also want future queer youth to have something to identify with on TV. Give them cute, mushy, grade-school queer romances.
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Title Annotation:Generation Q
Publication:The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)
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Date:May 11, 2004
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