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Looking for laughs: silly sites and unique ideas.


Believe in God Instantly breath spray is one of those silly items you might find around a whimsical minister's office. Like my Moses action figure or my Jesus Heals Band-Aids, Believe in God Instantly breath spray is a thing of beauty for people that cherish a good piece of Christian kitsch.


In Bogota, Colombia there is a small, non-denominational church. It goes by the Greek name Pantokrator, which is usually translated "All Powerful" or "Almighty" in reference to Christ (ex. 2 Corinthians 6:18). According to its founder, Cristian Gonzalez, Pantokrator is an example of how Christ reaches beyond social barriers. But what makes this church unique is not just its name: it's the music. It holds two services: one "traditional" and the other ... all heavy metal.

FIND IT @ Search for "heavy metal church"


The Many Faces of Benny Hinn is a DVD collection of over nine hours of interviews, clips, documentaries and exposes on Charismatic miracle worker, Benny Hinn. Watch as Benny Hinn heals people en masse by hitting them with his expensive suit coat or spitting on them, and then watch him place curses upon his enemies. But no matter what ... don't miss Canada's own W5 putting Hinn through the ringer.

FIND IT @ the store of Wittenburg


Beauty Tips for Ministers by self proclaimed "stage mother to the American clergy" is a rare find. Written from the alter ego personality Peace Bang, this blog talks about everything from hair to contemporary culture to skin care and vestment choices. With just over five years under her belt in advising image-conscious ministers and a rather large following, Beauty Tips for Ministers isn't going anywhere soon. Sometimes serious and sometimes not, it's good for a chuckle from time to time.



Crummy Church Signs is a great site for a good laugh or for some signage inspiration. Unlike many other sites claiming to have funny church signs, this one boasts authentic signs found, photographed and submitted by real people. There are clever ones like "If God is your copilot--switch seats!," odd ones like "Jesus for President," and rare, bold ones like "Scumbags Welcome."


Rev. Bradley Childs is minister at First, Regina.
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