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Looking back, looking forward.

Dear IJME Readers,

Warm greetings from IJME as we end the year 2014! We are delighted to present to you three new articles in this December issue along with an art review, a film review, two professional book reviews, and two children's book reviews. The December issue is on open themes of multicultural education.

We are ending the IJME's 16th year as an open-access journal, the first eight years under a different title, Electronic Magazine of Multicultural Education. The journal has maintained its open-access status for all these years. This is no small feat. A senior editor of a major publisher was amazed that we have been able to manage not only to survive but also to thrive as an open-access journal for these years! Many parties are responsible for the journal's success. I want to express my special appreciation of Eastern University for its continuous institutional support. In addition, many volunteer hours of authors and reviewers have been vital to the life of the journal. Our committed editorial team, of course, has been the foundation of IJME. I am thankful for the dedication of all to the mission of opening the IJMEs entire content to the world without any cost to users. You readers also play an important role to the vitality of this open-access journal. You visit our journal website and cite our articles. Your usage is in a large measure indicative of the success of the journal.

As the journal has grown, the increasing number of submissions has created a challenge for the current staff to keep up with the editorial process expeditiously and effectively. So, the editorial team decided that the journal would benefit from expanding the editorial team and partnering with another academic institution. With additional support, IJME will be able to continue to publish three issues a year, including one special issue, and increase its reach in the world. We intend to extend our open-access status as long as possible. You will hear of more details in 2015. Please also anticipate our next special issue to be published in February 2015 with the topic, "Educational Leadership against Racism."

Please continue to support the journal by submitting high-quality articles, reading and citing the journal's content, and spreading the word about the journal.

We hope you enjoy this new issue!


Heewon Chang

Heewon Chang


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Title Annotation:Editor's Note
Author:Chang, Heewon
Publication:International Journal of Multicultural Education
Date:Jul 1, 2014
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