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Looking at a higher order.


Sir, - Regarding fox-hunting, the bloodlust and barbarity of the torture and killing of any of God's creatures is directly against the scriptural injunctions and regulative principles of the Vedic-revealed scriptures, propagated by the International Society for Krsna Consciousness.

The demoniac and cruel-hearted advance numerous arguments in the interests of continuing their unauthorised and iniquitous practice, all of which can be dismissed by sane and reasoned consideration.

These reprobates disregard the balance of nature and ordained presence of all life forms of the creation.

We see fishermen plundering the seas of their wealth of marine life, on considerations of short-term monetary gain, while begrudging the seal his allotted share of ordained foodstuff, which is fish. The ordained foodstuff for the human species is vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, milk and milk products.

They disregard the effect of killing the fox, which is an uncontrolled expansion in the rabbit population, which in turn becomes a 'problem' to the uneducated fools, whose bigotry and blind prejudice results in the persecution of other life forms (for example of birds of prey and the practices of gamekeepers, which still endure - a captive bred red kite was recently shot in North Yorkshire and in the last month a rare and protected goshawk was shot in Dalby forest, North Yorkshire).

They are sadly ignorant that every action has a reaction, good or bad; or that all thoughts, words, deeds and acts are witnessed, and punished, or rewarded in this life, or the next.

They cite instances of the taking of farm livestock and intrusion into (clearly) insecure property but ignore the obvious fact that if animals were not present in the fox's domain being reared as unauthorised food for man, there would be no problem of perceived conflict.

The fox is engaged in the hard struggle for survival and is concerned only with the daily problem of filling the hungry stomach, in precisely the same way as is mankind.



E Yorks.
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Title Annotation:Letter
Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Feb 7, 2001
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