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Looking after the planet while on holiday.

Eco-tourism company Discovery Initiatives claims to be the first tour operator in the UK to offer a "climate care" option.

The company, which last year donated more than ten per cent of its turnover to conservation projects around the world, is offering customers the chance to offset their contribution to global warming for an optional "small levy" on the cost of their flight (12.30 [pounds sterling] on a return flight to Zimbabwe, for example).

The scheme is being run in conjunction with the Carbon Storage Trust, which invests money raised through its climate care warranties into sustainable reforestation projects (which soak up atmospheric carbon dioxide), renewable energy projects and projects to increase energy efficiency.

"We recognise that this is not a solution to global warming," says Discovery Initiatives' director Julian Matthews, "but it is an affordable opportunity to `leave only footprints' and to enjoy your travels in the knowledge that you are not contributing any further to it."

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Author:McWilliam Fiona
Date:Jun 1, 1999
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