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Look who's back; Tina O'Brien tells us about her return to Weatherfield after eight years away and becoming a mum to two children.

CORONATION STREET Sun, Mon, Wed, Fri ITV Soap fans have been awaiting the return of Sarah-Louise Platt, Corrie's one-time gymslip mum, ever since actress Tina O'Brien announced she was coming back last autumn.

Since leaving the soap in 2007, Tina has had daughter Scarlett, now six, with her former partner Ryan Thomas - who plays Jason Grimshaw on the show - plus a baby boy called Bo, six months, with her current partner Adam Crofts.

"is older wiser but Weatherfield a little We caught up with Tina, 31, to get the inside story of her return to the cobbles. You'd just given birth to Bo when you agreed to come back. You must like a challenge! I jumped at the chance. There are things Tina hasn't finished with David, Jason and her mum, and now there's this whole new dynamic involving her daughter Bethany. It's exciting. I could have time with my little boy but knew I had something to go back to. Is it hard juggling a six-month-old baby, work and getting in shape? I'm not back in shape yet! The costume department has been fantastic. I've been like, "Can we just have some bigger trousers please?" My partner Adam has been amazing. We're having really early nights at the moment. To be honest, it's not very rock 'n' roll, but until Bo sleeps through it's the way forward.

You used to do some sexy shoots for magazines. Will we see you doing anything like that any time soon? Oh, those days are well and truly over, but I don't regret them at all. I look back and go "flippin' 'eck". I am not in any position to even get in a bikini now. I feel about 102! Lucy Fallon, who plays Bethany, looks just like you, as if you really are family!

Yes, people look at us and keep going, "Woah!" I think it's the cheeks that appear similar. We did a screen test before we started.

How has Sarah changed? She's a bit older and wiser. She's mellowed, but she's still outspoken. She thinks Weatherfield is a little bit beneath her... you know, she's been working in fashion!

Sarah struts back in and bags Callum [Sean Ward], the hottest guy on set.

Sarah and thinks is bit beneath her" Yes, I've got some kissing coming up. It's been so long since I have done actual romantic scenes, but it will be fine as Sean is lovely.

Was your real-life ex, Ryan, pleased you were back in the show? He's been really supportive. I discussed it with him right from the early stages and he said, "I think it will be really good for you". We are a very modern family, we spent Christmas morning all together this year for the first time and it was lovely.

Are you a different person to back in 2007? Completely. When I left I was 24 and had no responsibilities. Now I have two children. And I feel more content, too. I am very lucky to be a working actress and to have a job in something as massive as Coronation Street.

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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Mar 28, 2015
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