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Look what's new in CE.

ADAA offers a record number of new and revised courses in our roster of home study opportunities.

Just look at the list presented here and see the six new courses and then check out the revised courses as well--there are five!

If you haven't received your current copy of the Professional Development Catalog from ADAA's Continuing Education Council, you'll want to order one right away. Call, write, fax or drop us an e-mail.

And there are other good ideas for professional growth too. You can get a package of materials to prepare for all three national exam topics--chairside, infection control and radiation--and you can order ADAA's popular career video "Your Future in Dental Assisting," a 7-minute capsule to aid in career planning presentations.

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Newly Revised Courses:

* Dental Assistant's Management of Medical Emergencies

* Alginate Impressions and Diagnostic Study Model Techniques

* Prevention of Disease Transmission in the Dental Office

* Introduction to Computerized Dental Systems

* Designing a Comprehensive Health History

Package Pricing:

Purchase all three national exam prep courses and save:

#0109 (Chairside)

#0008 (Infection Control)

#9806 (Radiology)

If bought separately, cost $205; as a package, only $150; Non-member: $225

Code Number: 3-pack
Management of HIV/AIDS Patients in Dental Practice

(NEW) Since the first reported outbreaks of HIV/AIDS, great strides
have been made in the treatment of disease-related opportunistic
infections, neoplasms and neurological disorders. Combined use of
multiple anti-viral agents and preventive treatment for pregnant
women has increased the number of infected persons living longer and
seeking regular dental care. This disease continues to devastate
countries in Africa and Southeastern Asia and has increased
significantly in China and Russia. In the United States high-risk
groups have started to reject prevention schemes. Learn the
consequences for today's modern dental practice.

#0204 4 Credit Hours $36 Member $50 Non-member

Carbonated Beverages--The Pouring Rights Dilemma

(NEW) Learn why we are seeing an increase in soda drinking with
children and how it is affecting dentistry today. Includes the
harmful effects of soft drinks to enamel and supplies alternatives
to soft drink consumption. Describes the "pouring rights" concepts,
why schools are using it, and ways to combat the marketing methods
used by soft drink companies on and off school grounds.

#0207 1 Credit Hour $15 Member $22 Non-member

Gingival Health--Periodontal Assessment

(NEW) An introduction to finding, locating, and assessing periodontal
diseases. Included is the importance of the initial examination, the
recording of in-depth information in the patient record, and types of
clinical evidence that can be found on radiographs. Also covered are
the pitfalls involved with inaccurate sulcus depth readings, mobility
and furcation classifications.

#0208 2 Credit Hours $22 Member $32 Non-member

Radiation Biology, Safety and Protection for Today's Dental Assistant

(NEW) This summary demonstrates how the study of radiation biology
began and how radiation safety and protection measures evolved from
early research efforts to formally established organizations that
examine leading scientific thought and provide guidance and
recommendations on radiation protection and measurement. The
subsequent information will provide an overview of radiation biology
and the safety and protection measures that the dental assistant can
implement to reduce radiation exposure to dental patients as well as
minimize occupational exposure.

#0209 5 Credit Hours $45 Member $56 Non-member

Medications as Risk Factors for Periodontal Disease

(NEW) As our population ages, increased numbers of patients will
be using a variety of medications. These medications may benefit
the general health of a patient, but consideration must also be
given to the impact of these agents, both prescription and
over-the-counter, on gingivitis and periodontitis. The risk factors
associated with the use of various types of medication and
periodontal disease are discussed.

#0210 2 Credit Hours $22 Member $32 Non-member

Hepatitis: What Every Healthcare Worker Needs to Know

(NEW) This course provides an overview of Hepatitis A, B, C, D,
and E with a special emphasis on the bloodborne viruses. An
explanation of modes of transmission, epidemiology and prevention
of these potentially life-threatening infections is presented in a
clear and informative manner. Know which hepatitis viruses may pose
a risk in the dental healthcare setting and important precautions
for prevention of the spread of hepatitis, including the latest
vaccine recommendations, infection control precautions, and post
exposure management.

#0212 4 Credit Hours $36 Member $50 Non-member
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