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Look out Jordan! Peter's giant oak kept me satisfied all night Wong..; JUNGLE GLAMOUR GIRL'S POP STAR FELLA IS AN EXPERT IN BED SAYS HIS BEAUTIFUL EX-LOVER.


JORDAN will need all her strength to keep up with new boyfriend Peter Andre and his mighty oak in bed ... and that's from someone who knows.

Despite the I'm A Celebrity jokes about the "little acorn" in his pants, Peter will give Jordan a TREE-mendous time, says his ex Gillian Wong.

Gillian enjoyed two years of passion with the Aussie singer who is back at No1 this week with the re-release of his 1996 hit Mysterious Girl.

She said: "He has the body from Heaven and knows how to use it on a girl.

"Peter's so well endowed and can make love all night. Jordan will never have met a man like him."

Jordan - who is believed still to be waiting to make love to Peter - had earlier referred to the singer's manhood as "an acorn" on the ITV reality show.

But Gillian, 24, speaking exclusively to The People, told how Peter ...

MADE LOVE to her in a taxi as the driver watched in his mirror.

RAVISHED her on a beach as the sun set.

SMEARED ice cream over her naked body before licking it off.

LOVED to spank her bottom.

Gillian said: "Jordan will have a fabulous time. Once Peter and I became lovers we would do it in every position you could think of.

"There were so many I couldn't even remember which was his favourite. We tried them all. The chemistry was really strong. And so was his acorn."

Peter, 30, first met Gillian when she appeared in a video for one of his singles.

The former Bond girl, who is half-English, half-Chinese, said: "It was freezing and it was a long day. We ended up sharing Mars bars at three o'clock in the morning on the set.

"We had an instant rapport and he was always the gentleman before we became lovers."

The pair soon graduated from Mars bars on the film set to ice cream in the bedroom.

But Gillian reckons that if he tries the same technique with 34FF Jordan he may need more than a small portion.

She said: "He loved trying things like that. It was my birthday and we'd had a lovely meal. We'd been eating dessert and it ended up on my tummy. It just went from there and was very erotic."

Gillian, a former model just like Jordan, says her hectic career kept her and Peter apart for long periods as they flew all over the world.

But eventually they decided to rent an apartment together in New York.

Gillian said: "Peter was a real bottom man and adored to playfully spank me whenever he had the chance. He'd also love to playfully slap it when we were out together."

They even had to tell off the maid at their apartment for interrupting their wild sex sessions.

Gillian said: "The cleaner would come in and we'd still be in bed. We'd have to shout to stop her seeing too much. She'd pretend not to notice to save our blushes."

On another occasion they were in a spot that notorious publicity seeker Jordan is familiar with - the back of a taxi.

Gillian said: "We were fooling around in the back of the cab and I suspect the driver was watching. There's a little gap between the seats and that was quite risque.

"We were being a bit more intimate than we should have been but the excitement of being watched turned Peter on."

On a trip back to Australia to see Peter's parents, the couple made love on the beach.

Gillian said: "The sun was going down and it was very romantic."

But just like when glamour girl Jordan was told one of her Celebrity co-stars would be Peter, 5ft 5in Gillian didn't really know who the former pop flop was when she first met him.

She said: "I had only heard one song, Mysterious Girl. I didn't even know he had hits out before like Flava and I Feel You."

But Peter used a more romantic line with Gillian than he did with Jordan - real name Katie Price - in the Aussie jungle. The beauty who danced naked in silhouette in the opening shots of Tomorrow Never Dies said: "He gave me lots of flowers, designer clothes, handbags and jewellery.

"For one birthday he bought me something from Versace Couture."

After leaving the States, the couple set up home in Wimbledon, south west London in 2001, in a property paid for by his record company. Eventually the pair split up after Peter moved to Cyprus to join his family and Gillian moved back to Hong Kong. She was shocked when she came back to the UK to see Peter splashed all over the newspapers because of his frolics with Jordan in I'm A Celebrity.

She laughed: "I saw a short clip of the show this week for the first time and I couldn't believe the Bush Tucker trials he was doing.

"He has the biggest fear of snakes and spiders of any man I've known.

"Seeing him putting his body in a container with Huntsman spiders just amazed me because Peter hates them. Once we went to a zoo and he was even apprehensive about putting a snake around his neck for a photo."

Despite the creepy-crawlies, Peter disappeared into the toilets twice with Jordan in the jungle at Murwillumbah.

He climbed into her camp bed in the middle of the night and the pair kissed and cuddled in her sleeping bag until she realised they had been caught on cameras. Peter admitted he was getting aroused and told Jordan: "I love you."

Their romance has continued since they came back to the UK last month. They have gone on several dates although Peter denied reports they romped in a hotel on St Valentine's morning.

Gillian said: "Jordan's lucky. Peter is an ideal boyfriend, very attentive, very intimate and as far as I know he never cheated."

And that's not just a-corny line...


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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Feb 29, 2004

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