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Bragging isn't the usual Cheers style, but since three well-known bar and spirits writers will be joining our regular crew this year, I thought it was a good time to talk a little about the writers responsible for the stories featured here.

First, though, a warm welcome to our friends Gary and Mardee Regan, who inaugurate in this issue their regular column, "The Cocktailian," an examination of contemporary cocktail creation. Gary and Mardee have written for everyone from the San Francisco Examiner and Playboy to Malt Advocate and Martha Stewart Living. Their terrific books include "The Bourbon Companion" and Gary's latest, "The Joy of Mixology." They also run "Cocktails in the Country," an intensive two-day course on the craft of the cocktailian bartender, recommended for new-comers and seasoned professionals alike, held in upstate New York. We're lucky to have them aboard.


Next month, we will be adding the talent of Robert Plotkin, author of numerous books on bartending, cocktails, spirits and bar operations, the latest being "The Original Guide to Alcohol-Free Beverages and Drinks." Plotkin runs his own consulting company, Bar Media, which advises spirit suppliers and operators, and he'll be sharing some of that advice with you on such topics as bar training, management, service and profitability, starting next month.

As long as I'm bragging, let's shine a spotlight on some of our other regular contributors. Cynthia Nims, who provides us with two pieces this issue, is known best as the food editor of Seattle magazine and author of great books on Pacific Northwest cooking, including "Best Places: Seattle" and "Crab." Lew Bryson day-labors as managing editor of the influential Malt Advocate and has just published his second guide book on regional beer, called "New York Breweries. Alice Feiring, who frequently covers wine for us, is a winner of the prestigious James Beard journalism award and writes for the NY Times and Forbes, among others. Ken Collura is the head sommelier at Bern's Steak House and author of a nationally syndicated wine column. Dan Berger, a household name in Napa and Sonoma, covers the wine world from California for many publications. Michael Sherer, who writes about beer, spirits and operations for us, recently published the paperback version of his latest Emerson Ward mystery. Bob Keane is the founding editor of Cheers, a long-time beverage alcohol and foodservice journalist, and Cheryl Ursin has been writing for Cheers from the beginning about operations, training, service and systems. Sarah Minasian, in addition to writing for many of the food service trade magazines, consults for major food manufacturers on recipe development.

These are some of the seasoned journalists and beverage professionals who cover your world for Cheers; consider them a brain trust working on your behalf as they explore the intersection of beverage alcohol and food service. I believe their work stands out in our field, and I hope you feel the same way.

Jack Robertiello, Editor, Cheers
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Title Annotation:By the Way
Author:Robertiello, Jack
Date:Jan 1, 2004
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