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Look Out.

Producer: C-K Communications Inc., 219 North Summit Street, Toledo, OH 43604; 1989, 21 minutes, VHS videotape: $64.95 Reviewer: Mayer Nudell; Chairman, Terrorist Activities Subcommittee of the Washington, DC, Chapter

Security managers looking for a new tool to provide employees and their families with basic security awareness now have one. Under contract to OwensComing, C-K Communications has just released the first in a series of security awareness videotapes titled Look Out. This 21-minute videotape is well done and covers a number of important but often overlooked security concepts.

C-K and Owens-Corning set out to alert employees and their families to daily safety threats at home, school, the office, and while traveling. They wanted to use the video as a springboard for discussion and an introduction to more detailed presentations. In Look Out they have succeeded.

The tape begins in an average neighborhood where a latchkey child is home alone. It demonstrates how easily a criminal could take advantage of an unprepared child and goes on to present a number of tips for preventing such a tragedy. This theme is repeated throughout the tape, which covers topics such as women alone at home; children at school; and basic residential, office, and travel security. In every case, the points made are succinct, and tips are given in an easy-to-understand, nonthreatening manner.

The tape is broken into a number of self-contained segments so it can easily be used as part of a presentation and to stimulate reaction and discussion. It comes with a leader's guide and five pamphlets containing more detailed information on commonly overlooked security measures. Additional pamphlets are available for 50 cents each.

This basic tape can be tailored to many situations. Corporate security officers can use it in-house, police officers can use it in community presentations, and schools can use it for older children. It is an effective introduction to a well-conceived training program. C-K is currently planning additional videos on executive protection and drug use following the method used in this tape. Look Out is a worthwhile addition to your security video library.
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Publication:Security Management
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Date:Apr 1, 1990
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