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Lonza launches disinfectant wipe product.

Lonza Microbial Control's Hygiene and Preservation business is launching its new Wipes Plus disinfecting wipes for both household and healthcare environments. Initially developed for the US market, Wipes Plus has been approved for use by the US EPA.

Lonza's Wipes Plus offers three major advantages to customers:

(1) More efficacy claims in terms of eliminating pathogens than any competitive product: (2) Fast, four-minute contact kill time, down from the industry-standard 10 minutes: and (3) the Wipes Plus formulation may be used with many different substrates, including a cellulose-based dispersible substrate that readily breaks down in water, making it easier to effectively dispose of the wipes.

Now available for supplemental registration to wipe converters and wipe marketers.
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Publication:Nonwovens Industry
Date:Apr 1, 2012
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