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Longsdon'sO nefourfunmakesall top roveheisnotthe retiring type.

Byline: Colin Russell

ONEFOURFUN, now a ten-yearold and a horse who has had suchahistoryofproblemsthathe hastwicebeen retired,wonhis thirdraceononlyhis13thstart whenmakingallunder Felixde Gilesinthe2m11/2fnovicehandicap chase.

TrainerCharlie Longsdon, who completed an across-the-card doublewhenNoNoCharliewon at Fontwell,explained:"I'vehad himsinceIfirststartedtraining and in his younger days we thoughthe'dbea130-ratedhorse. But he got a leg and then had pneumoniaandallsortsofother problems .

"Wew eregoingto retirehimto go team chasing, but the syndicate'sotherhorsegotaleg sowebroughthimbackandgave himanotherchance.

"Myfather-in-lawhadhimuntil a month ago when we got him backandsharpenedhimup,so a lot of the credit is down to him."

"I'mdelightedforhisowners [HopefulHalfDozen]asthey 've been so patient. I'd like to get anotherraceintohimifwecan findsomesafegroundinabout amonth'stime."

McCain run continues Afteramagnificentjumpsseason Donald McCain has continued where he left off and added another two winners to his tally, takingtheopeningsellinghurdle with the newcomer Ghaabesh, whoscoredbytwoandaquarter lengths on his hurdling debut andfollowedupwithAmronLad inthe2m4fnovicehurdle.Both wereriddenbyJasonMaguire.

McCain, who had to go to 6,500gns to retain Ghaabesh, said: "He hasn't the best of windandhasalsohasotheraches andpains. Atl easthe'swona race."

AmronLadwasfollowinguphis win at Haydock in March and histrainersaid:"He'sanoviceuntil October and we'll try and find anotherraceforhim,thenwe'll give him a break and he'll go chasingintheautumn."

McCain reportedthathisstar Flatperformer Overturn isinfine nickforhis repeatbidin Wednesday 's ChesterCup.

Hesaid:"Heranagreatrace in the Champion Hurdle and I couldn't be happier with him.

We could stand a little rain, but hewouldn'twanttoomuch."

Handicapper'sh eroics Thehandicappercantakecredit forproducingafinefinishtothe 2m41/2fhandicap c haseasalength coveredthefourrunnersatthe finish.

Plein Pouvoirbattledonwell underAidanColemantobeatIt's LikeThatbyaneck,withBallywatt thesamedistancebackinthird and Bhaltair just half a length furtherbackinfourth.

The winner, whois18hands, is owned by Moira Hamlin and trainedby Venetia Williamswho said:"Iwasworriedtheground mightnotbesoftenough.They all came to beat him, but he battledonwell."

Track returno ncards A returnvisittothetrackin15 daysislikelyforWhatALaugh who followed up his four consecutive wins in the point-topointfieldbymakingawinning debutoverfencesinthenovice hunterchaseunderaconfident ridefromJoshHamer .

Trainer Gary Hanmer said: "He'll come back here for the point-to-point final later this month."
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Title Annotation:Sports
Publication:The Racing Post (London, England)
Date:May 6, 2012
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