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Long-time business continues to recycle tires.

Long-Time Business Continues to Recycle Tires

Name: Davis Rubber Co. Began: 1924 Location: Little Rock Specialty: Recycling tires

Tire recycling has been in the news a lot lately, especially with the legislature considering HB 1170, which would place a $1.50 surcharge on tires sold in Arkansas to help offset the expense of recycling them.

The oldest rubber recycler in the state is Little Rock's Davis Rubber Company, which began in 1924. Brothers Roger and Phillip Davis now run the enterprise, but their 91-year-old father, who started the company, still shows up for work each day.

"We've been doing this forever; we're not jumping on the recycling bandwagon late," says Phillip Davis.

The company manufactures "reliners" for tractor tires that greatly reduce the incident of flat tires in the field. At one time hundreds of firms in the U.S. were making these reliners, says Davis, but now his is the only one.

The company gets its tires from all over the state and estimates it saves hundreds of thousands of tires each year from Arkansas landfills.

Davis Rubber is building a slab for a grinder machine now that will also allow them to recycle rubber to be used in such products as asphalt, mud flaps, and truck bed liners.
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Title Annotation:Corporate Conservation Profile; Davis Rubber Co.
Publication:Arkansas Business
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Date:Mar 4, 1991
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