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Long-term ecological research in Indonesia: achieving sustainable forest management. (Abstracts).

Soedjito, Herwasono and Kuswata Kartawinata. 1995, Long-term ecological research in Indonesia: achieving sustainable forest management. IN: Richard B. Primack and Thomas E. Lovejoy, eds., Ecology, conservation, and management of Southeast Asian rainforests, New Haven: Yale University Press, pp, 129-139.

The understanding of forest dynamics, which is the key to sustainable forest management, requires baseline data derived from long-term ecological studies of all types of natural forests. In Indonesia few long-term ecological studies exist. Because time is limited, conservation efforts must use all available scientific information. The authors describe Indonesian forests, review Indonesian ecological studies, and discuss human resources relevant to ecology and forest management. They also describe how these forests might be sustainably managed: enhanced conservation of biodiversity and natural forests must follow the promotion of sustainable use of forest resources. Process and context should be taken into account; it is the processes that generate or maintain the species, communities, ecosystems, or landscapes, and the spatial and functional context that must be maintained. The Kayan Mentarang Project in East Kalimantan is a good model. Finally, they argue that permanent ecological research stations should be built in Indonesia. Permanent plots for ecological studies differ from other natural areas because they are managed, they can be used as a control for other landscape studies as well as for basic studies on the functioning of ecosystems, and they can be considered field laboratories for experimental ecological research (Youetta M. de Jager).
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Publication:Borneo Research Bulletin
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Date:Jan 1, 1999
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