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Long-distance gigabit comms.

A recent quantum encryption test over Free Space Optical (FSO) links was completed by Aoptix Technologies, an ultra-high-bandwidth laser communication system developer, and Nucrypt, a provider of ultra-high security technology over optical communication networks, for the US Air Force Research Laboratory. Flying in a P68 at 10,000 ft, Aoptix beamed a 2.5 gigabit/sec lasercom link to distances of 20 km with its R3.1 Skyball air node terminal; to this the company has applied its bi-directional Adaptive Optics correction to the inherent wavefront distortions cause y atmospheric turbulence, thereby ensuring link stability. Previous FSO link tests done by Nucrypt exposed dramatic power fades due to turbulence and pointing errors. The combination of these two technologies, [much less than] ... adds to the impressive low probability of detection, low probability of interception that only a lasercom link can provide[much greater than], mentioned Dean Senner, President and CEO of Aoptix. Nucrypt's Alphaeto quantum-noise ramdomised, physical-layer encryption technology provided the ultra-secure, high-data-rate optical communication through a combination of traditional cryptography and physics elements.
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Date:Feb 1, 2010
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