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Long word weaves.

Word weaves were introduced by Steven Kahan in the Feb 2005 Word Ways. When the letters in the odd positions of a word appear alphabetized, we say that the word is odd-ascending and when these letters appear reverse alphabetized, we call the word odd-descending; even-ascending and even-descending are defined similarly. A word in which both the odd letters and the even letters are either ascendant or descendent is called a word weave. Here is a selection of such words of nine or more letters; all are to be found somewhere in the OED or Webster 2 except where noted.

Odd Ascending, Even Ascending

94 of length 9: acheilous, acheirous, bachelors, backdoors, back-entry, back-flips, bedfellow, bedlength, bickerful, echellons, Edgehills (New Zealand,, gallon-pot, half-minot, halfports, hall-moots, heliports, lamentour, Mandrotsy (Madagascar) 12 of length 10: bachellour, bedfellows, half-minots, Landrethun (France) 2 of length 11: A-chin-k'ou-tzu (China, 5022, 12658), Bickenholtz (France, 4848, 710)

Odd Ascending, Even Descending

68 of length 9: Aserinsky (family name, OED), ater-miner, afternoons, aucthores, avengings, axenfelds (eye problem), brimmings, bucklings, bydweller, Cogglesby (proper noun, OED savage), crepillit, cwelleras, Dominguez (personal name), drillings, drinkings, duellings, duffields (type of cloth, OED half-thick), dweller by, dwellings, dwillings, exospores (OSPD), frillings, fumositez (c 1400 q, OED original), grillings, grimoires, grip-knobs, Posht-e Waz (Afghanistan) 8 of length 10: ascriptive, aucthorite, aucthorize, by-drinking, Emi Klingue (Libya)

1 of length 11: by-drinkings

Odd Descending, Even Ascending

184 of length 9: Kailembwa (Kenya), maledicta, Pakefield (England), panelling, ranckling, rape field, reponsive, sarcodina, sarcolema, sarcolite, scriptive, sepiolite, serioline, sermonize, shrilling, shrimpish, shrinking, tapiolite, thrilling, thripling, torporize, varioline, variolite, vestryize, Wakefield, war-engine, water-fish, Waterford (England), waterfowl, water-gild, water-hole, waterline, water-size, wavellite, wave-slope 38 of length 10: malliogres, sarcoglias, sarcognomy, self-fields, sermon-goer, walling wax, washing-way, water-fight, waterflies, water-herbs, waterlimes, water-liner, waterpores, yours truly

2 of length 11: War Boeng Bua (Thailand), water-holing

Odd Descending, Even Descending

54 of length 9: multihead, multipeda, run-rigged, spoollike, spoon-feed, spoonhead (ITIS animal), spoonlike, spring-fed, springled, stipendia, stoollike, storklike, storm-head, stormlike, sufrencia, sun-smoked, suntinged, sursingle, sursolide, symplocea, syruplike, turmoiled, turnpiked, two-thread, unmildjai, unsingled, urophobia, vsurpinge, withseide, wronghead, York pence, younghead

6 of length 10: [Ostrov] Ryponkicha (Russia), springhead, string lead, stronghead, sursingled, [Port Durnford] Vuurtoring (South Africa)


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