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Long reach.

The PG 10 toolholding system, part of the powRgrip system, is suited for small part machining. The toolholder features long, slim contours for long reach performance. Since the powRgrip system does not use heat, the PG 10 can be used for holding small diameters and combined with the PG 15 and PG 25 for longer extensions. All powRgrip PG 10 toolholders are balanceable up to 42,000 rpm and are coolant capable. The powRgrip system includes a holder, collet, and mini-press that generates six tons of force. The system relies on the interference between holder and collet to generate its clamping force. The system uses the mechanical properties of the holder material to generate tremendous gripping force with run-out below 0.0001". Interchangeable collets are available from 1/8" up to 1", including metric sizes, and will hold both carbide and HSS tools. Rego-Fix, Indianapolis, IN

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Publication:Modern Applications News
Date:Feb 1, 2008
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