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Long cellulose fibers tested in thermoplastics. (Keeping up with Compounding).

CreaFill Fibers Corp. in Chestertown, Md., produces virgin and recycled cellulose fibers from wood pulp and paper, mainly to reinforce concrete and thermosets. This year, CreaFill began supplying several thermoplastic compounders that are developing products from wood replacements to car parts. Also, the U.S. Forest Products Lab in Madison, Wis., is testing reinforcing wood-filled thermoplastics with longer, stronger cellulose fibers. Crea-Tech virgin cellulose and Crea-Mix recycled fibers are 40 to 900 microns long. Virgin processes at up to 428 F vs. 392 F for recycled. Moisture content is <7%. Prices start at 20Cents/lb. Tel: (800) 832-4662,
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Publication:Plastics Technology
Date:Dec 1, 2002
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