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Long and low planter along the pool.

Long and low planter along the pool

Flanking the pool in a long, slender back garden, this raised planter performs several jobs. Its low profile adds breadth to the yard, while its change in elevation punctuates otherwise level areas. In its rich, well-drained soil, owners Nancy and Bob Shurtleff grow annual and perennial blooming flowers for display and cutting. Before the remodel, the garden suffered from poor soil with bad drainage, and it lacked privacy.

The planter's 16-inch height raises the flowers so they can be seen from the house above the white dolomite concrete decking that surrounds 9- by 40-foot lap pool.

More importantly, the young eugenias (Syzygium paniculatum, a forst-tender broad-leafed evergreen) that were planted as a privacy screen along a wooden fence get a two-year head start in height. Before the remodel, the view was open to the fence and the house next door.

For poolisde seating and stretching out, a 28-inch-wide bench runs the full 60-foot-length of the planter. At one end near the house, it turns to extend 4 more feet. Here, 4-by-6s rise from the bench to help support a trellis.

The bench also disguises important drainage details. Beneath it, perforated pipe and 8 inches of drain rock help carry away rain and chlorinated pool water. The rock continues beneath the plants, where a fiberglass screen keeps the soil from filtering into the rocks.

Design was by landscape architect Emery Rogers and Associates of San Francisco.

Photo: Extending beyond ends of lap pool, low planter elevates bed of blooming annuals and perennials; young hedge will block view of fence and neighbor's yard

Photo: Bench turns the corner at one end; earth slopes up from path to level of main planting bed. Bench top and face are redwood; supports and planter sides are pressure-treated 2-by-4s, 4-by-4s, and 2-by-8s
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Date:Aug 1, 1984
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