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Lone Star Natural Bock now offered.

Lone Star Natural Bock now offered

Lone Star, the "national beer of Texas," has recognized a bit of German tradition with the introduction of its new Lone Star Natural Bock beer.

The initial reaction to the new product has been excellent, according to Wayne Sindelar, Lone Star's marketing manager, who noted that the brewer has introduced the on-draft brand on a market-by-market basis throughout Texas, and longneck bottles in this month.

"Brewmaster Hans Reuther formulated Lone Star's Natural Bock with a point of difference," Sindelar said. "First, it is brewed naturally in accordance with the Reinheitsgebot, the German Purity Law of 1516. That means an all-natural product. A blending of three roasted barley malts, hops and water, and that's all.

"Then," Sindelar continued, "there's a Texas twist to its brewing. It's brewed in the oldworld tradition of a |Heller', so that it's a paler bock and has a richer, bronze-red color to it."

Sindelar went on to say that Texas' bock beer category is expanding rapidly, with more and more beer drinkers looking for more character in their brew. "Natural Bock maintains the more flavorful profile associated with darker colored beers, but achieves the smoothness preferred by Texas beer drinkers."

PHOTO : TEXAS RECOGNIZES GERMAN TRADITION with Lone Star Brewing Co.'s introduction of Lone Star Natural Bock beer this month.
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Title Annotation:Lone Star Brewing Co.'s new beer
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Sep 23, 1991
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