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Canadian aboriginal youth: social, interpersonal factors are key to sexual behavior. Survey Sep 1, 2009 883
Two community-based initiatives fail to increase breast-feeding levels among disadvantaged women. Jun 1, 2009 1267
Associations between smoking, poor pregnancy outcomes are cumulative. Clinical report Dec 1, 2008 1035
A majority of teenagers who have had intercourse also have had oral sex. Report Dec 1, 2008 970
Frequent male condom use decreases women's risk of HPV infection. Dec 1, 2006 985
Many people with herpes use condoms only during symptomatic outbreaks. Jun 1, 2006 950
Risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes associated with diabetes varies by women's race and ethnicity. Mar 1, 2006 826
Lesbians, bisexual women: misperceptions of risk jeopardize sexual health. Mar 1, 2006 936
Consistent condom use reduces the risk of type 2 herpes virus. Mar 1, 2006 986
Easy access to EC increases teenagers' use, but does not lead to risky behavior. Mar 1, 2006 900
Duration of breast-feeding is up in Swiss hospitals that encourage the practice. Mar 1, 2006 955
Colorado prenatal program targeted at specific risk factors helps reduce the incidence of low birth weight. Mar 1, 2006 810
Infants' birth weight may be jeopardized when women become unemployed or underemployed while pregnant. Dec 1, 2005 1001
Nonprescription access has not raised UK women's reliance on emergency pills. Dec 1, 2005 860
Differences in early romantic relationships do not account for racial gap in youths' marital expectations. Dec 1, 2005 972
Minority women can benefit from ethnically tailored programs to reduce sexually transmitted disease risk. Sep 1, 2004 996
For Finnish women, pregnancy-associated death rate is lower than overall rate, but risks vary by age. Sep 1, 2004 723
Heavy use of tobacco and caffeine are among factors that may reduce a woman's chance of conceiving. Jul 1, 2004 809
Poor outcome in first pregnancy may predict stillbirth in second one. May 1, 2004 759
Source and perceived quality of information are linked to users' odds of discontinuing hormone therapy. Mar 1, 2004 1259
Risk of pregnancy-related death is sharply elevated for women 35 and older. Mar 1, 2004 766
Heavy drinking is more strongly related to fetal growth than is bingeing. Jan 1, 2004 874
Current hormone therapy use linked to 30-100% rise in risk of breast cancer. Jan 1, 2004 929
Despite profile suggesting low risk, Indian-born U.S. mothers have high levels of some poor birth outcomes. Nov 1, 2003 1230
Treating common vaginal infections may lower women's herpes risk. Nov 1, 2003 747
For whites, but not blacks, binge drinking is linked to unintended pregnancy. Sep 1, 2003 881
Reinfections make up a large share of gonorrhea cases diagnosed at clinics. Sep 1, 2003 928
Method-related problems account for most failures of the female condom. Jul 1, 2003 1117
Acquiring a new partner is linked to increased HPV risk among young women. (Digests). May 1, 2003 1054
Some women with genetic susceptibility to breast cancer face elevated risk from oral contraceptive use. (Digests). Mar 1, 2003 891
Cervical cancer risk rises if women HPV also have herpes infection. (Digests). Mar 1, 2003 837
Complication rate is lower for surgical than medical second-trimester abortion. (Digests). Jan 1, 2003 867
Estrogen-only therapy after menopause is linked to ovarian cancer. (Digests). Nov 1, 2002 1039
Refusal to try female condom largely reflects aversion to insertion. (Digests). Brief Article Sep 1, 2002 889

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