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Loma meets the needs of the meat industry.

Loma Meets the Needs of the Meat Industry

The trend towards healthier eating is creating a situation where the public is prepared to pay more for a product that ensures, for example, close control of fat content. Food processors are, therefore, having to make more products in which dietary considerations, such as low fat and reduced calorie content, are important marketing attributes.

In common with other manufacturing industries, the food industry is exploiting techniques of automation, computerisation and robotics to increase productivity. Meat processors, in particular, are recognising that they must invest in automated processing machinery to produce an end-product of the quality demanded by customers.

A typical example can be seen in the meat industry where a visual analyser, now in use, measures by optical/electronic means, the ratio of lean to fat in raw meat. Prior to the introduction of such equipment, meat was processed for the retailer initially using skilled personnel to assess fat/lean content by sight alone, this assessment was subsequently checked by time-consuming and costly chemical analysis after the batch had been produced.

Accurate continuous assessment

Now, Glafascan, a real time video scanning system from the Loma Group is helping meat processors automate that process and ensure that an accurate continuous assessment of the fat/lean ratio of boneless fresh and frozen meat can be made.

Meat passes on a continuously moving conveyor belt, under a scanner which converts the picture image into a digital signal. The system scans product at line speeds of up to 25 metres per minute. The cumulative batch fat result is displayed every two seconds on a digital display. Alternatively, the information can be printed out, or input to processing machines, so that the fat/lean content of the final product can be continuously monitored and controlled.

Eliminating purchasing losses

Glafascan enables users to check independently and immediately that the fat/lean ratio of suppliers' deliveries is in accordance with their specification. Cost savings in this area alone, claim Loma, can be substantial.

Cuts Quality Control and Production Costs

With Glafascan there is never a need to stop continuous processing, a stable end-product is achieved, consistent with the optimum quality/cost specification. In addition, the system allows the processor to adjust his mix prior to the blender, thus maximising plant and labour efficiency. It also saves all those costs previously incurred by reworking unsuitable batches, and expensive down-time during batch testing and adjusting.

Total flexibility

Glafascan is a "stand alone" system which can be integrated with any number of further systems through a process control computer. Skilled operators are not needed, simple training is all that is required.

The system allows the producer to economically control the quality of batch processing so that the end-product can be relied upon to meet the impending EEC directive concerning accurate analysis and labelling of fat content in fresh and frozen products.

Glafascan is the latest in the line of Loma family of products, including checkweighers and metal detectors, which meet consumer and Governmental demands for effective quality and quantity control in the areas of food processing and handling.

PHOTO : To the left one sees a Glasfascan unit in operation
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