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Loma engineering: leading the way in in-line inspection equipment.

With the UK's major food retailers demanding increasingly high standards of quality control from their suppliers, manufacturers now have to follow strict guidelines to ensure repeat business. In order to help the industry comply with these exacting criteria, Loma Systems, designers of in-line product inspection systems, has continued to develop and improve its comprehensive range of metal detectors, checkweighers and codecheckers.

Over recent months the company has launched several brand new products including the CF Freefall and Heavy Duty metal detectors, and a particularly exciting management information system, Computerlink. By understanding its customers' requirements and investing in new product development, Loma has ensured that it continues to provide the best possible range of quality inspection equipment for the industry.

And the company's hard work and dedication to quality assurance has this month been justifiably rewarded, with Loma being accredited with the international standard ISO 9002 (BS 5750 Part 2) -- the first UK company in its field to receive this highly esteemed certification of its quality management systems.

Developing a quality system to meet the rigorous requirements of ISO 9002 has entailed a major investment in time and money by the company. Loma is, however, confident that this investment will pay back high dividends over the next few years, when its customers will not only desire but demand these standards from all their suppliers.

A Truly Integrated Combo

Probably Loma's most successful piece of equipment to be launched on the market to date has been the 7000 Integrated Combo. Combining a powerful microprocessor-based metal detector with a sophisticated checkweigher, the 7000 is a compact, integrated quality inspection device. It features an easy-to-use menu driven set-up, automatic calibration and multiple product memories. Product settings for both the metal detector and checkweigher sensors are stored i n unique product files -- allowing instant access for product changeover, and calibration can be achieved in a single operation, more than halving the time previously required.

A Metal Detector for Those Awkward Spaces

A great deal of interest has also been shown in Loma's new Contained Field detector which allows detection of metal foreign bodies where space constraints have previously made it impractical. Ideal for use between multi-head weighers and baggers, the CF requires as little as 260mm of vertical height for installation.

A unique feature of the CF is the optional reducing cones that can be fitted to suit various sizes of forming tube. Housed within the CF, the cones eliminate the need for any hoppers or funnels above the bagger, and can very easily be exchanged.

During cleaning, the CF is simply swung clear of the bagger, allowing easy access to the head, forming tube and scales. The controls for the head can be mounted remotely, with up to 80 metres of cable, so they can be located at any convenient position on the framework.

Heavy Duty Metal Detection

The new metal detector introduced by Loma for use in harsh environments and for heavy products has been welcomed by the industry. Using an Intralox conveyor belt and with an open form construction, this detector is easy to clean -- even under the most difficult conditions.

Approved by the FDA and USDA, the Intralox belt is positively driven and positively tracked, eliminating the belt slippage/ tracking problems that can be encountered with traditional flat-belt conveyors. Other features designed to ensure maximum life include regreasable bearings and heavy gauge stainless steel construction throughout. The search head and electrical services enclosure are dust and waterproofed to IP 65 standard but can be easily mounted overhead for exceptionally wet conditions.

Computerlink -- the Management Information System

As a natural progression from the continuing development of its comprehensive range of in-line inspection equipment, Loma has launched Computerlink -- a management information system that enables the factory manager or quality control supervisor to obtain up-to-the minute data on any of his Loma microprocessor-based inspection equipment. Already installed in the factory of one of the country's major food producers, the suppliers anticipate a great deal of interest in Computerlink from customers looking for an efficient and cost effective means of checking quality control.

A range of four modular products LomaLink, LomaNet, LomaView and LomaControl), Computerlink enables the user to build up from a simple communications link to a comprehensive data collection, viewing and reporting product, running on a PC linked to a network of Loma devices.


Dalepak Chooses Loma for Inspection Update

Market leaders in frozen grilled steaks and enjoying considerable success with a variety of vegetarian products, the North Yorkshire based-Dalepak company recently undertook a review of its metal detection requirements and consequently placed a substantial order with Loma Systems for a variety of metal detectors and combination inspection equipment.

Almost one million packs of steaks, burgers and crumb-coated products leave Dalepak's Leeming bar factory each week and, with such enormous production being carried out on a daily basis, inspection systems capable of working at the highest speeds are essential for the company.

The company's technical manager, David Bancroft, comments: "The decision to install further kit from Loma Systems has definitely been the right one, with the 7000 Combo meeting all our needs. As it is an integrated system, it saves space on our factory floor and the single operator console is very-user friendly. It copes with our fast production line -- so reducing line breakdowns, and is available at a very competitive price".

Loma Delivers Large Order in Record Time

When fire struck its new factory late last year, David A Hall, the largest meat processor in Scotland, turned to Loma for urgent assistance. With four Superscan Micro metal detectors already on order, Halls needed a further ten to replace those destroyed in the Fire. With the help of some of its major customers, Loma was able to loan Halls the machines it needed, while pushing the order for brand new machines through its factory for delivery in record time.

Loma Takes a Slice of the Sandwich market

Prepackaged sandwiches and ready-made salads have become big business over recent years, with department stores, supermarkets, pharmacies and garage forecourts all looking for a slice of this profitable market. One of the largest suppliers of lunchtime products i n the North of England is Wrights of York and, to help them turn out the thousands of sandwich packs and pots of salad for delivery every day, the company has just installed five Combo's and two bulk checkweighers from Loma.

Innovative Products Win Loma Repeat Business

One of Sheffield's largest bakeries is Hetcher's -- suppliers of bread, scones, buns and doughnuts throughout the city and a large area of south Yorkshire. Continually updating and improving equipment is a company policy that is taken very seriously by Fletcher's, and the recent installation of two new metal detectors supplied by Loma confirms the company's aim to maintain the highest of standards.

Quality assurance manager at Fletcher's, janet Morris, comments: "The discovery of metal foreign bodies in food products once they have left the factory can have devastating consequences for any food manufacturer. With the knowledge that all our products are checked rigorously for any contaminants, our customers can have the peace of mind and confidence that they are not only buying a tasty product but a safe product as well".

Loma Systems is located at Southwood, Farnborough, Hampshire GU14 0NY, tel: 0252 540346, fax: 0252 513322.
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