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Loma Systems launches Sna3 X-ray equipment for snack industry. (Equipment update).

Loma Systems announces the introduction of its latest X-ray inspection unit at Snaxpo, San Francisco, CA, March 15-18, 2003. The Sna[X.sup.3] X-ray systems has been specifically designed to address the inspection requirements of the snack food industry.

The new, larger-sized Sna[X.sup.3] X-ray machine inspects snack products in case form instead of individual bags, cartons, etc.--performing double duty as a contaminant and missing item detection systems. This means that snack manufacturers can eliminate individual inspection devices on each line and consolidate through one case inspection unit to address multiple concerns. (X-ray sensitivity, unlike with traditional metal detectors is not compromised if the products is packaged in foil or metalized film.)

The Sna[X.sup.3] case inspection system can accommodate cases 20 inches wide by 20 inches tall.

For more information call Erik Brainard at 630-681-2060 or fax 630-588-1394.
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Date:Apr 1, 2003
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