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Lollipops, Gum, Patches Sell.

NEW YORK -- Child-friendly delivery systems that address the difficult problem of medicating children with colds and sore throats are attracting the attention of retailers and suppliers.

"No parent wants his or her child to suffer from the discomfort brought on by any kind of sickness if they can help it," says a store manager at a Midwestern discount chain. "However, many people cannot afford to lose time from work to take their child to a physician. That's why products that can help children quickly recover from a cold or sore throat are attracting consumers."

Others agree. "The key benefit that a cough/cold remedy needs to deliver is that of shortening the the cough/cold cycle," says Improvita Inc. president and chief executive officer Tom Klamet.

To help parents administer medicine to children whose discomfort may increase their reluctance to be medicated, vendors today are offering a broad spectrum of inventive systems.

Pops are featured by such vendors as Whitehall-Robins Healthcare under its popular Dimetapp brand and Improvita in its Runny Rhino Cold Relief Pops, Gassy Gator Tummy Pops and Kangaroo Kids Nutra Pops.

"Parents who give a child a lozenge must worry about the child swallowing the product, whereas a lollipop is accepted by children as a friendly system," says Klamet. "Also, a lollipop is larger than a lozenge. The longer a child uses the lollipop, the more coating he or she can get."

Novartis Consumer Health Products Inc. opts for a different approach. The vendor offers Soft-chew tablets under its Triaminic brand that feature a fast-dissolving technology.

Patches, meanwhile, have become another popular, noninvasive way for parents to get children who are ill to take medicine. Among suppliers, LecTec Corp. has augmented its popular TheraPatch line of medical ointments on a breathable cloth patch with TheraPatch Vapor for Kids and the recently launched TheraPatch Cold Sore Fever Blister. The new item comes in small circles and ovals that fit over cold sores and contain aloe and vitamin E to help relieve pain, itching and tingling from fever blisters. Novartis's Triaminic menthol- and cherry-scented vapor patch provides cough relief for up to eight hours.

Long-lasting relief is one of the benefits delivered by Pharmacia Consumer Healthcare's new Pediacare Long-Acting Cough Plus Cold. The product combines a decongestant with an antihistamine and works for up to eight hours.

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Date:Aug 20, 2001
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