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Hybrid Reasoning for Intelligent Systems: A Focus of KR Research in Germany. Brewka, Gerhard; Lakemeyer, Gerhard Dec 22, 2018 2197
Formal development of multi-agent systems with FPASSI: towards formalizing PASSI methodology using rewriting logic. Mazouz, Mihoub; Mokhati, Farid; Badri, Mourad Report Jun 1, 2017 11070
Modeling and language extensions. Gebser, Martin; Schaub, Torsten Report Sep 22, 2016 8288
Systems, engineering environments, and competitions. Lierler, Yuliya; Maratea, Marco; Ricca, Francesco Report Sep 22, 2016 6160
First-order logic with inductive definitions for model-based problem solving. Bruynooghe, Maurice; Denecker, Marc; Truszczynski, Miroslaw Report Sep 22, 2016 8694
A Hybrid Method for Modeling and Solving Supply Chain Optimization Problems with Soft and Logical Constraints. Sitek, Pawel; Bzdyra, Krzysztof; Wikarek, Jaroslaw Report Jan 1, 2016 9619
Semiring-Based Constraint Logic Programming: Syntax and Semantics. BISTARELLI, STEFANO; MONTANARI, UGO; ROSSI, FRANCESCA Jan 1, 2001 17415
Sets and Constraint Logic Programming. DOVIER, AGOSTINO; PIAZZA, CARLA; PONTELLI, ENRICO; ROSSI, GIANFRANCO Sep 1, 2000 36276
A Needed Narrowing Strategy. ANTOY, SERGIO; ECHAHED, RACHID; HANUS, MICHAEL Jul 1, 2000 26833
Incremental Analysis of Constraint Logic Programs. HERMENEGILDO, MANUEL; PUEBLA, GERMAN; MARRIOTT, KIM; STUCKEY, PETER J. Mar 1, 2000 19553
Independence in CLP Languages. DE LA BANDA, MARIA GARCIA; HERMENEGILDO, MANUEL; MARRIOTT, KIM Mar 1, 2000 26807
Constraint-Based Termination Analysis of Logic Programs. DECORTE, STEFAAN; DE SCHREYE, DANNY; VANDECASTEELE, HENK Statistical Data Included Nov 1, 1999 24477
Sharing and Groundness Dependencies in Logic Programs. CODISH, MICHAEL; SONDERGAARD, HARALD; STUCKEY, PETER J. Sep 1, 1999 15219
Deductive Database Languages: Problems and Solutions. LIU, MENGCHI Mar 1, 1999 19588
Optimizing Compilation of CLP(R). KELLY, ANDREW D.; MARRIOTT, KIM; MACDONALD, ANDREW; STUCKEY, PETER J.; YAP, ROLAND Nov 1, 1998 13353
1998 Symposium on Partial Evaluation. DANVY, OLIVIER; GLUCK, ROBERT; THIEMANN, PETER Sep 1, 1998 2870
Partial Evaluation of Functional Logic Programs. ALPUENTE, MARIA; FALASCHI, MORENO; VIDAL, GERMAN Jul 1, 1998 40505
Programs that offer fast, flawless, logical reasoning: confused by too many reasonable conclusions? Sort them out through automated reasoning using special strategies that logically restrict and direct the search for the answer. Wos, Larry Jun 1, 1998 5416
An abstract machine for tabled execution of fixed-order stratified logic programs. Sagonas, Konstantinos; Swift, Terrance May 1, 1998 21382
Controlling generalization and polyvariance in partial deduction of normal logic programs. Leuschel, Michael; Martens, Bern; Schreye, Danny De Jan 1, 1998 23582
Disjunctive Datalog. Eiter, Thomas; Gottlob, Georg; Mannila, Heikki Sep 1, 1997 29984
First specialize then generalize. Cohen, Jacques Cover Story Mar 1, 1992 2261
Logic and logic programming. Robinson, J.A. Mar 1, 1992 15428
The impact of logic programming on databases. Grant, John; Minker, Jack Mar 1, 1992 13063
Logic programming as the integrator of the Fifth Generation Computer Systems Project. Furukawa, Koichi Mar 1, 1992 6239
Memoing for logic programs. Warren, David S. Mar 1, 1992 13727
Notes on implementing sets in Prolog. Munakata, Toshinori Mar 1, 1992 6307
Three new-generation software environments. Tyugu, Enn Jun 1, 1991 6871

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