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Logan's Bookshelf.

2012 Dynamethism

Richard Martin CFO

Outskirts Press, Inc.

10940 South Parker Road, #515

Parker, CO 80134

9780578090184 $9.95

2012 Dynamethism: Our Cellular Vascular Universe Revealed is a brief but eye opening exploration of a revolutionary metaphysical analogy between the universe and a living organism. Could both life and death play a key role in the driving mechanisms of the universe as a whole? 2012 Dynamethism spells out its "theory of everything" in brief, reader friendly passages discussing human life force, Dynamic Energy Particles which in a sense form the building blocks of all reality, even the influence of extraterrestrial life and human worship of God. "Every 7 trillion years or so, our cell estial universe will divide in two. When it has enough matter, energy, and Dynamic Energy Particles stored up ... it will divide into; life starts again in the new cell estial universe. Each one starts with a new Inner Galactic Storm and Big Bang." An extraordinary hypothesis, presenting mind expanding possibilities in an extremely succinct and concrete manner.

Spirit Stones

Dianne Ebertt Beeaff

Five Star Publications, Inc.

PO Box 6698

Chandler, AZ 85246 6698

9781589851986, $19.95,

Some marvels have baffled even modern thinkers with their engineering. "Spirit Stones: Unraveling the Megalithic Mysteries of Western Europe's Prehistoric Monuments" seeks to explain the ancient objects that have only recently been cracked on what their true purpose was. Connecting their purpose to ancient faith and spirituality, Dianne Ebertt Beeaff holds that understanding these stones is key to understanding our ancestors and their purposes. "Spirit Stones" is a choice read for anyone with a strong interest in these pieces of history.


David Korinetz

Privately Published

9780978382421, $16.95,

An act of cruelty must be rectified somehow, often by those far and away from it. "Halfling" is a tale of fantasy from David Korinetz, telling a story of betrayal and abduction, as a wizard and his apprentice find themselves in a plot that is too deep for them all. With a monumental task ahead of them, they may be quick to understand all the plots and betrayal all around them. "Halfling" is an choice pick for choices of fantasy, the first entry into the Chronicles of the Daemon Knights series.

God's Establishment

Duane L. Day

Tate Publishing & Enterprises

127 East Trade Center Terrace

Mustang, OK 73064

9781613460986, $12.99,

Reactionary and fundamentalist Christianity has been claiming many church goers from traditional churches in recent years. "God's Establishment: What's Establishment" is a discussion from Duane L. Day, a pastor of a mainline traditional protestant church, who sees the evangelical surge hurting faith. He asks other protestant ministers and pastors to try to help get their flock back, and presents much information on how they can achieve that. "God's Establishment" is a fine pick for Christian studies collections.

Code Blood

Kurt Kamm

Privately Published

9780979855139, $14.95,

Understanding madness sometimes must be done to find the truth. "Code Blood" is an excellent thriller mystery, following Colt Lewis, a young fire paramedic who discovers his first patient is missing her foot. Diving into the dark work of Goths, vampire fetishism, and much more, Colt finds that much more than one murder was the result of this killer. "Code Blood" is inspired heavily by noir, a top pick for fans of that flavor of fiction.

Sandra's Story

Garret Mathews

Pluggers Publishing

9781105113888, $14.95,

Struggling to get by, you try to claw for the few joys you can. "Sandra's Story: It's Not Gonna be a Very Good Day" is the tale of Sandra, an eleven year gold on the brink of disaster with her family. Author Garret Mathews seeks to share her tale of struggling to get by, of living where poverty is the norm and living in what many would consider subhuman conditions. Hoping that the story will make their struggle known, "Sandra's Story" is tragic in its reality.

The Silk Box

Shirley Mihoko Hairston

Outskirts Press

10940 S. Parker Road 515

Parker, CO 80134

9781432762841, $14.95,

Even as society scorns them and love seems impossible, something beautiful can flourish. "The Silk Box" is a historical romance set after Japan's surrender, ending World War II. A black American and a Japanese woman find romance during the occupation, but events put oceans between them. Through vast endeavor, they will find love can survive time and a long journey, even if the world frowns upon them. "The Silk Box" is charming and heart warming reading, highly recommended.


Colette Brown

Donna Books

c/o O Books


9781846949654, $14.95, www.o

Tarot has a certain charm that brings people to it. "Tarot: From Novice to Pro in One Book" is Colette Brown's guide to the ways of the tarot. Explaining the concepts and ideas behind the practice, understanding the information before you, advocating how to understand the process and the spirituality behind it. For followers of metaphysical philosophy, "Tarot" is a key guide to understanding the processes of the cards.

Dismantling Vindictiveness

Lillian R. Melendez

Privately Published

9781612960647, $16.95,

The roughest betrayal is the one that comes from deep within. "Dismantling Vindictiveness" is a novel following Christopher Parker as he deals with the collapse of his company, and the collapse of his health, leading him to what may be a death of uncertainty. As he struggles to find closure and the one who sabotaged his company, he finds help from the most unlikely of sources. "Dismantling Vindictiveness" is a fast paced read with plenty of twists and turns, recommended.

Heavenly Father My Father

Reed Martin

Trafford Publishing

1663 Liberty Drive

Bloomington, IN 47403

1412041589, $18.95,

Faith comes around eventually. "Heavenly Father My Father" is a Christian memoir from Reed Martin as he reflects on his own search for faith and the reality of his world. As he looks through walks of Spirituality, he comes to his own conclusion that blends traditional Christianity and new age philosophy. For those asking many questions of their own world, "Heavenly Father my Father" is a fine pick for those seeking religious memoir.

Carl Logan

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Date:Jan 1, 2012
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