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Logan's Bookshelf.

The Childe

C. A. Kunz

Privately Published

9780615435749, $9.99,

The teenage years are years of transformation, and Cat Colvin's maybe a bit more literal than that. "The Childe" follows young Cat Colvin as she copes with the pressures of high school as well as the supernatural aspects of the Childe, which threaten to take over her life. A unique coming of age story and of facing one's paranormal calling, "The Childe" is a charming read that will resonate well with many young readers and those dealing with being 'weird'.

Alice and the Quantum Cat

William Brandom Shanley, editor

Pari Publishing

9788895604107, $16.95,

The bizarre and abnormal nature of Alice and Wonderland has more than it could be applied to than coning of age. "Alice and the Quantum Cat" is a collection of fiction, edited by William Brandom Shanley and an assortment of other writers as they use the idea of Alice lost in a strange world and explore many topics of science in general, such as quantum paradoxes and other unusual ideas. "Alice and the Quantum Cat" is thoughtful twist of science and a popular folklore, highly recommended.

The Wimbledon Final That Never Was

Sidney Wood

New Chapter Press

9780942257847, $15.95,

Tennis has gained much ground throughout the twentieth century. "The Wimbledon Final That Never Was. ..: And Other Tennis Tales from a Bygone Era" is a collection of stories surrounding tennis and its history from Sidney Wood, a man who won the 1931 Wimbledon title by forfeit. He writes on the match that never happened as well as countless other stories that happened throughout tennis's long and complex history. An interesting and entertaining collection of tennis history, many a tennis fan will enjoy "The Wimbledon Final That Never Was ... ", a highly recommended addition to community library sports history collections.

When Brooklyn Was Heaven

Stan Levenson

Outskirts Press

10940 S. Parker Road - 515, Parker, CO 80134

9781432769956, $22.95,

From nothing to something is truly the American dream. "When Brooklyn Was Heaven: A Memoir from Brooklyn to L.A. And Places In-Between" is a memoir of Stan Levenson, a man who gained his claim to feme helping education throughout the country get millions of dollars, as well as what led him to that point from being nearly destitute, to military service, to gaining his own piece of the pie. "When Brooklyn Was Heaven" is a thoughtful memoir of a man who worked to make a difference.

Learning Little Hawk's way of Storytelling

Kenneth Little Hawk & Beverly Miller

Findhorn Press

9781844095360, $16.95,

Telling a good story is more useful than one would think. "Learning Little Hawk's Way of Storytelling" discusses storytelling and how its power has been lost but should be remembered much stronger than what it is. Storytelling is an easy way to teach lessons to children, draw people in, and get your message across in a way that plain speaking won't. Storytelling is more than words, it can be tone, pitch, the action of the storyteller, and much more. Blending culture, self-help, and just plain fascinating reading, "Learning Little Hawk's Way of Storytelling" is a must for any who want to embrace the way of the story.

Lemon Gulch

Donovan O'Malley

Lemon Gulch Books

9789197918800, $14.40,

The sexual awakening of our lives isn't usually so cruel. "Lemon Gulch" is a dark comedy novel from Donovan O'Malley who offers the tale of Danny, a twelve year old boy with overactive hormones and finds himself pushed screaming into a very adult world of sexuality. With plenty of questions and not many answers, O'Malley walks sense of decency on a tightrope and occasionally fells off, making "Lemon Gulch" a thoughtful and intriguing read indeed.

The Raven Girl

Kathy Cecala

Privately Published

9781461066378, $12.00,

Heroism is never easy, as it requires doing difficult, perhaps impossible things. "The Raven Girl" tells the story of traveling scholar Aedan comes across an unusual girl with unusual traits. On a remote island, she finds she is threatened by the primitive islanders and must act fast in order to have a chance at saving her, but in his acts, his education and his entire world view will be challenged, as he goes not only against the islanders, but the powerful church of 1488 as well as many European powers around him. "The Raven Girl" is an exciting and fast paced read, highly recommended.

Carl Logan

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Date:Jul 1, 2011
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