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Lofty kitchen replaces the old patio.

Incorporating a patio into enclosed living space dramatically changed this ranchstyle house. Once sheltered on three sides by the house's U-shaped layout, the patio is now a lofty family room opening on what before had been a utilitarian but rather slender kitchen. The combined spaces measure 12 by 30 feet, with only a 4- by 7-foot island dividing the kitchen from the family area.

Owners Linda and Al Arata rarely used the patio but did need an informal place where the family could gather in the evening. Enclosing the patio seemed the obvious thing to do. But to achieve the tall volume the Aratas desired in a new room, the roof over each of the surrounding wings had to come off, In the remodel, one massive gabled roof replaces the three smaller ones.

As the picture at left shows, the new ridge beam runs high above what had been an outside wall. Below it, an 8-foot wall defines a central hall leading to the bedrooms. To unify the spaces, Mexican pavers tile the hall and adjacent floors.

Architect Bob Flurry of Los Altos, California, designed the remodel.
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Date:Jan 1, 1989
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